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  1. I really like the design and stuff, but... ....needs to be fixed
  2. So what are going to be the next weapons ? SLR-762 ? SNR 850 ? People allways tend to complain insetad of trying to get better anyways.
  3. Do whatever you want, but please change this super clumsy looking female idle pose
  4. First I thought its because of my clan name But the most "I like Ursus more"- posts are getting downvoted here...
  5. If I'll be forced to change my nick, I'm done with this game and will never touch it again.
  6. Ye there ain't actually a proper or "fair" solution for this. I've started playing APB back in late 2015 (which is nothing compared to the most veteran players, who started back in 2011 ) and have actively playing the game since then. Also got the perfect nickname, that I ever could imagine. I'm going to be completely honest: If I'd getting forced to change that name, its almost the same like banning my account and I'm 100% sure, there are many APB player who also think like that. Fact is: When they "merge" the server, there will be key(name) collisions and whenever someone is able to keep the name, there is another one who has to change it. The main goal should be to keep all the names, even after the "merge" and one of the easiest solutions is still to work with prefixes. Let's just not let them force us to change our beloved APB nicknames.
  7. I don't think "the oldest character gets the name" route is a good idea. Just imagine there is someone actively playing since 2015 and another one with the same nickname just created his/her account a few months before and comes back to the game in a yearly routine just in order to check if "there is sth new in APB". Using the actual ingame time would be a better solution to be honest.
  8. Hi all, we're all super excited for the incoming server merge, but this also goes along with some certain problems especially when it comes to our nicknames. It's not a secret, that APB got a serious nickname problem. I don't want to go further into details here, but to make it short: Pretty much the majority of decend nicknames are already taken especially by all those inactive and unused accounts. This is going to be a serious problem for all the new player, that kinda want to keep their names without using random numbers instead of letters and stuff. After the merge the pool of taken names is going to increase even more, which is going to make it even harder for new player to use their names. I've started this thread, that people can come up with some suggestions which is going to make it easier to find a proper solution for this problem. My suggestion are: Wipe all the old and inactive accounts in order to free some decend, but actually unused, nicknames Using hidden prefixes like the #number which is used in Discord for example. (Any key, value based database should be able to implement this ) At last but not least I also have a question: What is going to happen with our nicknames after the merge ? And how exactly are you going to handle name collistions, since I don't really want to loose my APB nickname just because there is an inactive account whit my character's nickname somwhere in the deeps of the database. Greetings
  9. I can't agree more and thats exactly the point. Citadel is the home for the entire greater continent with so many different nationalities and languages, which is really cool since we, as the player, have the opportunity to talk and play with many different people, but that only works on a level of basic english communication. And this is allways neccesary when people from different countries come together especially in videogames.
  10. Complaing about this ain't racism at all. Its just pretty egoistic from those guys who keep writing in cyrillic on a server, that is supposed to be an english speaking environment. And in my oppinion this goes for any language except english, but the amount of cyrillic spam in the /d or /yell has become slightly over the top. I'm not blaming the russian APB comunity here. Only those kind of player, that constantly spam the chat with any other language than english.
  11. Allright, sorry for the wrong information. Its still weird, that so many old player have this gun even tho it can't really compete with the regular ntec 5.
  12. Damn I really hate it, to hate you not xD ...but ye I also really miss the good old open conflict times. It was like a little community where everyone knew and hate each other which was really fun tbh.
  13. We are talking about permanent weapons, that used to be only available on armas where you have to pay like 20€ for each gun... I don't get why people are never pleased about sth.
  14. It also happend to me after I swichted to the windows insider program...really annoying.
  15. The LCR got more range than the N-TEC 7c. ( Let's suppose those stats are up to date ) EDIT: The stats of the N-TEC 7c ain't up to date, but it seems to be the same range like the normal N-TEC 7
  16. Thank you very much for your reply An idea in order to avoid this "base stats design" issue would be to let the gun come with an unchangeable Hunting Sight 3 and an additional empty slot. The stats would stay the same except +5 degrees zoom level. [Source: https://apbdb.com] Talking about the New Glory: Without going too off topic now, but in its current state it can't really compete with the most other weapons of the game.
  17. Here are my suggestions to extend the list of permanent Joker Store items: - VBR 'Temptress' ( Since there is no way to get this gun nowdays ) - N-TEC 7 / N-TEC 7c with 2 open slots Why the N-TEC 7: There are already other 'non legendary' versions of Legendaries in the Joker Store ( like the Raptor ). Besides... An N-TEC 7 without that sight would be neat
  18. I think this post is hopefully supposed to be a troll, ...isn't .....it ?
  19. Donjae... Do you really think, that such threads are the way to go or what exactly do you expect after writing this ? ..Attention ? ..Reputation ? Its already sad enough there are people, who are getting influenced by your post which neither helps the game in general nor Little Orbit to make progress.
  20. Ye I also hope so. Well, at least we officially can call it "The walking thread"
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