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  1. I think making the in-game cash account wide is actually also really important. Since you can "bypass" it with a 2nd account anyways. Oh and we should be able to edit certain items like symbols, clothing and themes with each account's character.
  2. The fact, that I actually removed you from my ignore list in order to get space for other ppl, is clearly enough to implement more space to the ignore list. Joking :P My ignore list is empty like my soul and we don't need an extender either :) The only reason for me to use the ignore list, is to disable some certain themes of the player temporary.
  3. Have the same problem. I guess there is sth like a cooldown, since it doesn't work for one certain character, which I renamed recently, as well.
  4. Yes you are right, but there is clearly a difference between utopie and reality here. Especially when it comes to the .45AP. Even the best player can't consistently land every single bullet all the time. Not to mention that some certain game mechanics don't really work for the .45AP ( like pre fire ). And well... its pretty much the only gun in APB that can't kill 2 ppl with one magazine. There is a reason why the most player rather go for the FBW. greetings
  5. It's insanely good indeed as soon as you are able to land 5 out of 7 shoots. Which requires a decent aim and stuff. The FBW is therefore more reliable in most situations, since it's more forgivinable when you can't track properly. And well...the rfp is just slightly over the top
  6. Do whatever you want, but don't even think about touching my beloved .45AP !!
  7. Since there are already certain legendaries available as Armas version ( Raptor 45, M-1922, N-HVR 243 Scout ), I'd really like to have an armas version of the N-TEC 7 as well. It should come with two open slots, the default crosshair and a slightly adjusted model (without or with another sight) in order to keep the "Ursus" as unique as it is. Edit: It should be available, like the other armas wepons, in the joker distribution store as well. Greetings, Mika
  8. So the additional stamina dmg is cumulative with the dmg, that already exists ? Concs would stun certainly with your idea, since they already deal stamina dmg, even tho it ain't that much. As result...flak jacket would be completely useless.
  9. So concs most likely will become a one stun granade as well
  10. Hey RyunZakki, First of all I have to mention, that editing games files is against the ToS and is possibly bannable. Anyway, here's a step by step way to add hold-to-crouch in this game: go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config\APBinput.ini replace Code: Bindings=(Name="Duck",Command="Button m_bDuckButton | InputToggleDuck") with code : Bindings=(Name="Duck",Command="Button m_bDuckButton | InputToggleDuck | OnRelease InputToggleDuck") Enjoy :)
  11. Gibt ja schon mehr Ränge als 255 Starte nicht über den APB Launcher, sonder über die APBprogram. Die befindet sich im "~\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries" Verzeichnis. Kannst diese Datei auch als Steam-fremdes Spiel hinzufügen. Musst dann nur ab und zu den Launcher starten, wenn ein neues Update raus kommt
  12. Neue Gegenstände und Content gibt es so weit ich weiß erst, nachdem sie das Spiel auf Unreal 3.5 bzw Unreal 4.0 gebracht haben. Wenn LO jetzt neuen Content raus bringen würde, dann müsste dieser erst mal mit der aktuellen Engine kompatibel sein. Da man die Gamersourcen nicht so ohne weiteres auf eine aktuellere Version der Unreal Engine rüber kopieren kann, ist es ziemlich sinnfrei jetzt noch vor dem update was zu releasen. Es gibt keinen direkten 'upgrade path' von UnrealSkript zu UnrealBlueprint. Ergo muss LO rein theoretisch das komplette Spiel neu implementieren. Aber sie könnten zum mindest die aktuellen Preise im Armas etwas anpassen
  13. I really like your idea to buff the STAR to make it more comparable with the N-TEC. But the main problem is, that the N-TEC is clearly superior compared with any other assault rilfes. So don't you think its more reilable to nerf the N-TEC and put it on the same level as the other assault rifles ? Your idea might solve the "star ntec- problem", but on the other hand you'll keep the problem, that the other assault rilfes are still inferior.
  14. Or make the game compatible with nvidia freestyle
  15. Thanks for the hint, imma do that Just didn't want to waste a ticket for sth, that might have been clarified already
  16. hoi, is there anything new concerning the usage of the "Borderlands" shaders ? I really like em, but don't wanna risk anything greetings
  17. It would be so nice, if they'd actually implement Nvidia Freesyle to APB.
  18. Guys, thank you very much for the fast replies. I'm clearly not gona use them
  19. Hey Short explanation: The tool "ReShade" allows you to adjust some filter settings like Saturation, Contrast, Bloom and stuff like that. It also comes up with an integrated ingame overlay. ReShade doesn't change the game files it just adds some confg. files into the main folder of APB: Reloaded. https://reshade.me/ My question: Are those filters and the tool at all bannable ? Greetings, Mika
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