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  1. Considering LO had only purchased APB in 2018, I don't understand why you're blaming Little Orbit specifically for not delivering on something that was promised about over half a decade ago, by different leadership, long before they had any say in the game's development.
  2. I would consider this sentence here the key part in all of this. The best treatment we could have hoped for from GamersFirst before Little Orbit was the cold shoulder - and that was if they didn't opt for radio silence altogether instead. Though obviously things are far from perfect right now, I would take the current state of things over pre-LO G1 any day of the week.
  3. Wait, we had an election for a Spokesman for the Whole Community? I don't remember voting for you — or appointing you to speak on my behalf.
  4. Kill-steak? Clearly this is a teaser/hint that we'll be getting a piece of steak as a throwable Half-Brick reskin once the Engine Upgrade drops! :^) Thanks for organizing a bit of something inbetween the 2.1 development!
  5. That would make sense, but I don't think missions are tied to map areas (as in, On the Fence only being able to be started and take place within a specific neighborhood); this would mean that learning one mission would still require the knowledge of all possible objective spawnpoints, not just a specific set of them that is correct every single time. Feel free to correct me on that one if I'm wrong. Either way, this only proves OP right on the assumption that some people with thousands of hours in the game (a small subset of veterans) will have individual spots memorized. The method of resolving this issue is adding more possible map items for mission interactions, not changing mission names and descriptions as OP suggested.
  6. Here's a fun piece of information: saying something is a fact more often than not makes people more suspicious of what you're saying. No. Knowing the objectives in a mission does not give you the knowledge of where the objectives will actually be located in advance. This should be fairly obvious from just playing the game. IIRC mathematically speaking, it's 25 missions for Crims and 25 for Enforcers. Considering that each contact already has a pool of missions they can give out, with those 25 missions appended to various contacts, it's a given that you may not see all of these missions right away. Remixed and reevaluated? Decent idea, actually. I think there are some missions in the game which could use an overhaul. Renamed? There's no real change this would bring about — and given the existence of localization configs which directly display mission objectives (because mission descriptions are replaced by just the objective list), the "issue" would still be there. Hell, if memory serves me right, LO has expressed interest of integrating "simplified" interface elements like those localization configs. Targeting specific groups within the playerbase is a great way of alienating support of your ideas. Not to mention, all groups and skill levels should be taken into account. Not just lower threat players, not just highest threat players — we either listen to everyone who speaks up, or we don't listen to anyone at all. Disagreement is not automatically toxicity. Saying that you're "speaking the truth" doesn't automatically make your words the undeniable truth or anything like that.
  7. I can see inspiration here from some of the Call of Duty games which have had character perks that allowed the player to substitute their secondary with a primary, with (if I remember correctly) only a part of the second primary's ammo capacity. The way I see APB's gameplay loop work, a primary is your main "role" in the team, while a secondary is a weapon that lets you cover up the niches your primary underperforms in. If you are interested in a secondary OBIR, the RFP-9 is your best bet (though that's a bit of a stretch). If your primary is a shotgun, you can make yourself a bit more viable at long ranges with an ACT 44. Honorable mention is the FBW, which does just fine at all ranges sans long, where it will flat out lose to the likes of the N-HVR. APB is not supposed to be a game where you turn yourself into a one man army. You take specific primary weapons with the knowledge that you will not be 100% effective at certain ranges, leaving you to rely on other members of your team. Even if we were to consider adding such a character mod to the game, I don't think the penalties you proposed are deep enough to offset the sheer power the player gets from having two primary options at their disposal. Plus, which colour would it even occupy? Blue or green? It's nice to see people still come up with ideas for this game, but about this one... I respectfully disagree.
  8. No, most people disagree with you because your approach to balancing has historically included ideas such as making the N-HVR a one-hit-kill, making changes based on calculations which only account for individual cases and ruin the balance of things outside of those individual cases, straight up complete removal of a specific type of grenades (conveniently, the ones you don't use) or nerfing OCA Nano because you can't land your shots against it with a 'Bloody Mary'. This topic that you're trying to discuss in this forum thread, we've gone over this already, almost literally a year ago - hell, I had already made the exact same points back then... you simply refused to acknowledge them. I hate to be breaking it to you, but changes are not made by pestering people with the same flawed logic over and over until they relent and give in.
  9. Just out of curiosity - do you ever consider the possibility that if everyone around you keeps disagreeing with you, it's not everyone around you who's wrong? I've lost count of how many threads you've created about this specific topic, and every single time people tell you that no, Clotting Agent is not overpowered - it's you who's gimping themself by opting to use Kevlar Implants 3. Once again, from the top (not that I expect you to actually take any of this into consideration; if several threads later you're still holding the same opinion, you won't change it no matter how much time someone spends on explaining this to you): CA3 is meta for a reason - its health regen delay decrease lets the user dive back into combat earlier than if they were to sit for the default 8 seconds before their health starts regenerating. The actual delay takes more time, but sometimes regenerating just a small part of the lost health allows the player to resume combat. KI3 is out of the meta because it's a decrease to player speed in a game largely based around mobility. Its health benefit is not meant to let you tank three SHAW mags - it's meant to be a slight edge for specific situations. You get slightly more health, but the cost of it is that you move slower to the point where other players could literally run circles around you. I'd risk saying that it's Kevlar that's underpowered, not Clotting Agent that's overpowered. Have you considered evaluating why you keep losing fights to other players? Have you ever considered that it's not other people's equipment that is at fault, but your playstyle? You're describing to us that you can't kill people with a single shotgun pump and a percussion grenade anymore, which really only makes me think that you expect to be some sort of an unstoppable force capable of just moving forward and effortlessly killing everyone while they deal scratch damage - in which case I can only recommend that you play a singleplayer FPS game with an invincibility cheat. Those are more adjusted to letting players stomp enemies.
  10. Upgrading the engine that APB runs on will allow LO to add more content to the game in the future. The engine upgrade serves partially to allow for adding more content to the game instead of slapping more meatballs on the spaghetti code that is APB. No, because the codebase is a mess and the engine upgrade is meant to fix that, among other things. Four, if you count this made up quote.
  11. I've been in this game since 2012 and I certainly don't feel stomped on when content becomes more accessible. My only advice is to try and have a less elitist/exclusionary attitude.
  12. ...I'm actually surprised you've managed to spend over 7k hours in this game and through all of that time never once did it occur to you that for all of its existence its world had been one massive "what if" political scenario revolving around legalizing vigilantism and the natural consequences thereof. This is the same trail of reasoning as "I can divert the trolley at any time and prevent it from running over those people tied to the tracks, but that would be unfair to the people that the trolley had already run over". Alright then, quick question: exactly how many players in the live branch had used the 'New Glory', the Showstopper (both the regular variant and 'Thunder') and the 'Corsair' before their official releases?
  13. So, respectively: - you think making customization items more accessible is bad - you think you're an authority of what counts and doesn't count as content - you think specific groups of players are not allowed to have an opinion - you think improvements in fields you don't use don't count as improvements - you think content previously not available to players doesn't count as new content I ask again: Why are you and like two other people (to the surprise of no one, it's the same people who always complain about everything again) only being outraged about it now and only bringing it up now instead of two years ago? The sole fact that it took two years for someone to even notice the removal and care about it enough to bring it up here shows just how important that item really was. Hell, it still isn't important, seeing as it's getting brought up just for stupid made-up controversy. Though to think that all it took to absolutely detonate some fragile little things on this forum was to remove a likeness of their idol from a game... absolutely priceless.
  14. Oh I'm so sorry, I must have skipped the introductory course where we got told that we're only allowed to speak up if we're popular enough. That isn't really for you to decide though, is it? Between overhauling Armas, overhauling the Joker Store, overhauling the legendary weapons system, giving us official events such as the Joker Employee Contest, letting GMs help out in community events such as the recent Community Events Team tournament, letting the community feedback influence further balance changes, having customer support blow through a mountain of tickets and finally respond at reasonable times, getting rid of Joker Mystery Boxes, giving us three new legendaries to mess around with, lowering orange mod cooldowns for everyone regardless of whether they have Premium or not, running a free Premium period throughout the pandemic period... yeah, I don't think I agree, bud. I would love for you to tell me how bringing up the removal of a politically charged item (created by people who no longer run the game) from sale two years after the item's delisting from sale counts in your head as "constructive criticism". I think that if you had said "everyone who disagrees with me is a stupid doodoohead" instead of this last sentence and the image you added in with post editing, you still would've looked a bit more mature than this.
  15. Hello, i think and speculate that a certain few people on certain forums somewhere have something against a certain company somewhere (which is responsible for a certain game) for some reason, is it just me ? share your thoughts.
  16. Exactly which part of playing APB requires you to wear a mask of that specific person? Where were you when Obama didn't get his mask? I certainly did not see you complaining about a lack of his mask during his presidency. Surely if you want POTUS representation in customization, you should be equally rooting for all options. "This game should not be political"? Do you realize what game we're talking about? APB is placed in an alternate reality where a city-state enacts a controversial act that allows anyone to act as an officer of law, with no prior training required. The federal government and the entire world, instead of acting upon it, decides to simply sit back and observe how the situation develops. What follows is: San Paro is a literal hellhole where civilians get run over by both Crim-owned and Enforcer-owned cars on the daily, corporations and criminal organizations practically run the city. Gameplay-wise there's very little difference between Enforcers and Criminals, as both perform very similar tasks. Lore-wise, the similarities only continue as both sides include organizations with corporate funding (Praetorians, G-Kings) and ragtag alliances with a dress code and a gung-ho approach to getting stuff to go their way (Prentiss Tigers, Blood Roses). All of this game is a political statement. You should be able to realize things like this by yourself. Realistically the only discussion that needs to follow here is whether APB should hold a required IQ check upon registering an account. Considering that the thread we're in is basically three people raising a stink about an item that has been long gone from the game (making it fairly obvious that they only really care about causing trouble to the developers), I reckon a fair chunk of the playerbase would fail that check two questions in (after getting a lucky guess on the first one).
  17. Kinda pains me that no one else submitted in this category. Thought I'd chime in so it's not entirely empty! (Just, you know, filled by a subpar entry :^) ) Like I've hinted at in the main thread, this is mostly a resubmission of what I've already created in the past, with some minor tweaks here and there. This rendition of the Oculus screams "edgy", as you may be able to tell by the increased amount of veins on the... head... eye?... the, uh... yeah... and the red iris instead of a blue one (though I still do have the "blue iris, less veins" version too). The backstory also saw minor tweaks (and the name isn't a terrible in-your-face pun anymore). I wasn't sure if supernatural entries were alright, but I assumed they are since we do have Trick and Treat in the game, so yeah, I thought I'd come up with another "urban legend"-type character. The character's "meant" to be called as he is called in the backstory - the Oculus - but if trademarks get in the way, a rebrand is always possible. Y'know, something like Ocular, Watcher, Seeing Eye, Surveyor, anything goes I think. One fun thing I've noticed is that somehow (by sheer accident; I was not going for that effect) I've managed to place the pupil of the symbol in the exact spot where the Dog-Ear's scope goes in the aiming animation. Character name is Martinz, server is Citadel (EU). So yeah, that's my submission in this category!
  18. Any rules against resubmitting past content? As in, made before this contest/event specifically.
  19. The descriptions have already been fixed not to include that perk anymore - so the thread has run its course.
  20. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1214 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1884 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1885 All of these pages mention the removed "50% faster orange mod cooldowns" perk of Premium. Might be a good idea to remove that since nowadays everyone has these "faster" cooldowns by default.
  21. These are Baggy Jeans, which are currently only available from the Armas Marketplace. There are a few ways to obtain them: by purchasing the Street RX Outfit pack for 476 G1C (or 381 G1C with the Premium discount). This will give you the Baggy Jeans for the character you log into Armas with. (Pack contents will vary depending on the gender of your character.) by purchasing the Urban RX Bundle for 3,084 G1C (or 2,467 G1C with the Premium discount). Click this --> Enforcer Urban RX Bundle <-- to see the store page for Enforcer characters. Click this --> Criminal Urban RX Bundle <-- to see the store page for Criminal characters. This will give you the same clothing items as the previous option, but will also include a 4-slot Charge Mikro with cosmetic kits, and the ISSR-B "Wisp" sniper rifle, permanent for the character you buy the bundle for. (Pack contents will vary depending on the gender and the faction of your character.) by purchasing the Key to the World bundle for 15,999 G1C (or 12,799 G1C with the Premium discount). While this is hands down the most expensive option on the table, this bundle will give you exclusive 3D Glasses, three guns, two cars with cosmetic kits, two clothing packs (Street RX Outfit included), all Country Flag weapon skins and the Gold weapon skin — all of it account-bound; you will always have these items on every single character on your account, including the characters you haven't even created yet. If you only have one character and you only want the pants, I'd say the first option is the cheapest and the best.
  22. You could look at raw stats and get no causal information out of it... or you could ask people - actual real human beings - directly and find out what they like and sometimes why they like those things. Tends to be a bit more illustrative... and it gives a better idea of what people might like. I reckon it would help with adding future content, since LO will have things to work off of. Plus, it's fun to talk about things you like about the game for a change. APB's community tends to be really negative, so talking about positive stuff feels... refreshing? in a weird way. === Can't believe I hadn't added this earlier, but... Desert Scarf. Not the mask variant. I can never come up with any intricate designs to put on it (since all the folds make symbols look odd to me) but Goddamn does it look very good even when it's only recoloured. I've got a male character whose outfits include one with a black Baseball Cap, a gray Desert Scarf and a white Ringer T (which is still one of the best clothing items in the game, fite me) and I have to say I really dig the look. There's also plenty of fun designs you can put on Over-the-knee Socks — though we could really use legwear of other lengths and of more types than the ones we currently have in the game. So yeah, OTK Socks all the way. Might be worth it to also mention that I like Tactical Trousers. They're like Combats but even better. Cargo Capri Shorts are also pretty decent-looking options for bottomwear — the only real complaint I have about them are the weird sunglasses tucked into their waistband or pocket or whatever it was.
  23. I'll admit, I'm definitely guilty of using High-Top Shoes in most of my outfits. They look heckin' good, what can I say. Skate High-Tops look pretty alright too, but I've always found it kinda weird how their model actually makes your character's feet shorter; other shoes don't do that. My outfits across both genders in the game more often than not include the Ringer T, though recently I've been using long-sleeved tops on my female characters - so the good ol' Long-sleeved Shirt, Hockey Jersey, or the Turtleneck. The only thing I dislike about the Turtleneck is that wooly texture/shadowmap/whatever you're supposed to call that. The Turtleneck Minidress doesn't have that, but you'd probably sooner catch my characters dead than wearing that overly short mess of a clothing item. (Seriously, the "Nouvelle Chinoise" preset clothing set for female Enforcers suffers greatly because it's pretty much just the Turtleneck Minidress and Flower Stockings, and having the stocking tops (garters?) be plainly visible on an outfit is really tacky.) Since we're at the topic of clothing — I'm actually not a fan of too many Armas items, personally speaking. The notable exceptions are the aforementioned High-Top Shoes and the Hockey Jersey — mostly because they're a bit more versatile. It really feels like a lot of the clothing items on Armas flat out don't work with anything else. The Long-sleeved Shirt from the base game is great and fun to use because you can wear it under a Ringer T, tuck it into your pants or skirt, and because it's mostly skintight you can even fake the skin colour on it and have your own "custom" sleeve length... but the Nylon Flight Jacket from some pack on Armas? I've never seen anyone wear it with anything else or customize it visibly. I'd love to see more "plain" and customizable clothing in the future. Flashy and intricate things with lots of parts are cool and all, but they don't work too well as canvas for customizing.
  24. Specs (hope I got these right, I'm just copying what my PC says): CPU: i5-6500 @ 3.20 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 Graphics RAM: 8 GB Mostly played on Medium or Low quality settings. Kudos for making them actually look pretty alright. (Aside from that one time when I switched to Minimal and had literally no shadows anywhere as if the game was a Source engine map put into mat_fullbright 1. Is that intended?) My experience with the beta was... interesting. I've spent first 15 minutes of it trying to get around a pesky bug that I don't know where it came from. In old APB I occasionally have that thing where I get massive drops in FPS for 1 second every ~8 seconds if in that session I've switched characters or resolutions too often - but in the beta that kept happening from the get go, even without changing the resolution. I don't know what I did to fix it, but after switching quality settings it eventually worked and I could play without FPS drops. Once I got into actual gameplay, I got struck by the usual downfalls of APB's UI - 120 FPS when standing at the edge of the map looking at the ocean, ~55 FPS when looking back at the Asylum itself and all the nicknames moving around. In combat my FPS would dip below 60, but never below 30. I could barely kill people in a populated instance for some reason, so I switched to a less-populated one just to mess around and look at the map - and my framerate improved. Social was miserable though - if I recall correctly, I was at 45 FPS with dips to 30 due to all the players moving around and generally messing around with their characters and such. No real complaints from me though. I understand that this is a beta, so the original product will hopefully iron these kinks out. Speaking of kinks in the design, here's a few problems I've noticed: - Switching quality settings too many times within one session yielded rainbow grass. - Also this weird lighting on the building for some reason? - I don't have a picture of this, but ceramic tiles in the big room with a staircase, east of the Chapel, were reflecting an odd shade of blue. - Similarly, no picture, but the east side container in front of the Asylum had its walls be transparent when I changed quality settings too many times. At this point I'm not even sure if this is an error of the game or of my PC's components dying (since I've heard that a dying GPU can produce wonky results). - I think I've seen this stuff on pictures of Hiroshima after the nuclear bombs dropped, where people's shadows got burned into surrounding buildings. Seriously, how is Pagan even casting this "shadow"? - Sloped surfaces, like the dirt hills on the east edge of Asylum, weren't slopes. My camera and my movement were jittery when moving up these slopes. So yeah, that's what I've been able to find. Sorry I couldn't find more stuff. Looking forward to future developments though!
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