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  1. *glances at title* *scrolls down and sees charts but keeps scrolling to the submit reply box* There's no need to fix what is not broken. Let Little Orbit focus on more important priorities.
  2. BE was implemented follow by a follow up patch. It's progressing steadily so far with improvement. I rather they continue this trend with open communication and finish what they stated, then eventually get to events.
  3. Communication > Action > Communication Good stuff.
  4. Since this is pinned, are the devs going to take a look and update Battle Eye? "LightFX and CC for AlienWare products" Deleting and uninstalling is not a option for me.
  5. Did someone make a ticket yet so LO is aware of the situation? They need to update BattleEye.
  6. *reads pinned threads* Mmk, let's make another thread and ignore those other threads.
  7. On the next level up, they will be adding to defense in order to implement BattleEye. That doesn't mean the bonus points aren't going into internal infrastructure strengthening.
  8. GMs are on from time to time and volunteers can only report but with a faster response / ban rate from GMs. Cheaters are still being banned but not publicly shamed.
  9. Can't wait until they review Armas and modify it. Next loyalty reward please.
  10. Support is doing their best to contain the influx of tickets and fixing the chaos G1 caused. I created a ticket on behalf of my friends with details and they were resolved within a few days. Did you create the ticket in the right category? If so, maybe they are investigating or need time. Try to be as concise as possible with your ticket and add screenshots, if possible. Time will solve all issues.
  11. Go on a alt account and start playing matches with random players. Then group up with your friends and compare the two situations. Are you the top fragger, a support that assist, a objective taker, a meatshield or just a filler that gets gunned down and ranted on. Based on that experiment, improve on the role you excel in. Practice by simply playing the game, each scenario will result you having to improve on what you have to offer.
  12. As said previously, wrong forum section. As for your question, all purchases for account bound can be used in other servers. All purchases that are character bound will be locked to that character in that specific server. Account bound can be used in other servers because it's linked to your account, so any character created in any server will get the items.
  13. If you log back in and don't see your district. It probably crashed from the recent mitigation. If you still see the district, then your router/box probably went offline and/or restarted. As the message says, connection lost. Make sure your firewall and/or anti-virus isn't blocking APBr.
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