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  1. Both aren't allowed. Maybe report again? Is your reporting format proper? Did you upload the file onto youtube for quick viewing? Best of luck.
  2. Sacre bleu, this is sacrilege. It always trade lock me whenever I log into an account for the first time. This is blasphemy.
  3. Highly doubt he was "hacked" as that would be deemed pointless due to the value of the account. Most likely he tried to download some "files" from a unknown source and got infected. Trade lock activates every time a new "entry" attempts to login and since this is automatic feature using algorithms, it's impossible to not be flagged for trade lock. Someone isn't truthful, but best of luck. Support is your best bet.
  4. iAdoreHer

    Mailbox of Death

    1 Login to district 2 Select Social 3 Go to mailbox 4 Mouse pointer moves to select a item 5 Game Freezes 6 Computer crashes i7-6950X CPU @ 3GHz 64 GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  5. I'm sure they are manually sending it to everyone. I received mine earlier.
  6. Server did lag a few times, then EAC would kick you with a "Connection timeout" message. It was especially interesting when one of the GM was lagging in front of Double B during the event. *cough* Overall, great improvement and noticeably better than before.
  7. Do I get anything for getting the first blood? (first kill.) :B
  8. USA banks allow any amount even a penny but some merchant dislike that notion due to paying a fee per transaction. Unless it was a new policy enacted this month, there was no issue last month.
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