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  1. No, the very first time u log into account, trade lock system doesnt work, it works when u log in the 2nd time. Thats the main plot of this topic.
  2. We even have his IP now, he tried to log in into mail, but unsuccessfuly
  3. Idk, he's just stupid. The main thread, that trade block system doesnt work properly.
  4. No No, he downloaded APBLauncher from youtube and got stealer from it, genius.
  5. Already, its just a public treatment, for everyone to know.
  6. Hello, Can u guys please tell, what is the point of ur 3 days trade lock after login from new PC, if the first time u log in, it doesnt work? Yesterday, my friends account was hacked and everything from account was stolen. Update this new trade block system, it doesnt work properly!!!
  7. U can also OPEN UR EYES and read first post that im already contacted support and got an answer. I see you're a fan of writing messages about nothing, please stop composing message statistics in my topic, thanks.
  8. Nah, I just dont want random ppl discuss, whom it doesn't concern. I mean, this trouble are between LO and exInnova players, why random guys start spamming their opinions, which are not interesting to anyone here. We all want specifics here. So probably u can help me to find differences, if you're so smart, and writing things about which you don’t know and don’t understand. I can help u, for example OCA NANO from innova compared to OCA NANO from EU: 1) https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_OCANano_Connoisseur_ArmasJB 2) https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_OCANano_Connoisseur_RUSJB
  9. How am i tired of those people like u, spamming bullshoot in every topic upping self forum stats, how do u relate to this topic? My treatment was for Matt and other Innova players, so stop discussing someone else’s tragedy. Nobody told that we want back our guns with same stats from Innova, give us same analogs with EU stats. He had there all the same, but in some boxes there were non-trade guns, so the box was cheaper. For example: Box with trade gun costed 29 RUB ~ 0,45$, non trade box costed 9 RUB ~ 0,15$. So as u see, its like 50% difference in tradable guns, BUT, as u probably know, Steam also has same lowered priced for RU region, also like -50-60% of EU prices. So can u say that Steam is selling different games as they have different prices? Dont think that ure right.
  10. I had, OCA Nano from box, FFA 3 slots, Ntec7 Ursus, no even need to change percs :<
  11. Hello, Matt. Thanks for such a good migration, ppl got a lil bit more that u promised, but, a couple of things are still behind the scene. From the very beginning, it was said: "Legendaries that are from Joker Boxes will be brought across with the character they are currently on as long as they are those exact weapons. This does not include any items that are limited by a lease time. These items will also be trade locked.". Now after migration, the most valuable things from my account disappeared. I packed my weapons on Innova server from boxes, which i bought for my money and also can back up it by proofs. Then, i contacted support and got a final answer like: "We are unable to restore any of the listed weapons to the account. Our logs did not register any of these items on the account and this is due to the fact that they were bought on Innova (4game) and are versions that are not restorable in the Citadel(EU) server." So, where is the truth? I had big hopes, that i will still have my weapons, that you promised, and now im so upset. Also lost my Nano from contact mission, that is very sad. Comment this somehow, ty. @MattScott
  12. Btw, Head GM of Innova, aka FakeOFF confirmed in his blog 5 monthes ago that they gave all info to LO, so whats the problem? I also dont want to loose all my 30-40k rubles donations that i can proof. Link to his post - https://vk.com/gmfakeoff?w=wall106869797_144
  13. Are u serious? ~ 20 of my perma guns are going to be lost, and ure going to give me comp 2.5k G1 that is enough only for 1 perma account weapon? I understand that Innova are fu**ing bit**es, but as i see u dont respect players with their spent money by this pennies. Also i understand that Innova could giveaway some donations, why u just dont check db and see who is VERY RICH, or why u just dont make those weapons only CHARACTER WIDE. Please dont mock us and enter our side. THANKS!
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