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  1. Balant cheaters(no recoil twitch streams and you-tube videos) are accepted by the forum kiss asses . So far their views matter not the rest of the community.It is better that you send a ticket to them directly ,even though the probability of getting a considerable response may be poor. Based on this unfair bias , its absurd to post anything on forum. Good Luck to you mission to get the balant ones banned.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/1733207382032831332/ Keep the a** kissing. BE is WORKING lmfao.
  3. I am pretty calm. I will be waiting. Otherwise no point in playing.
  4. I personally own a yukon so , nope. And I do not spam /report , but you can assume anything. I found it little calming with /report even if it barely does anything. Oh yeah it was better than nothing. Wouldn't that classify as stalking but who got time for that man? I trend to use /report function rather than whispering them or calling them on district chat which never ends in a positive way , it will be either his friends defending them or they replying the classic "git gud" replies , who needs that ? Ah didn't catch that , but how can we assume its "BE banning" or something else. Sorry, I don't believe in assumptions.
  5. It is better than before but lag still favors to be exact with delays , I use obir , instead of 3 shots it takes 5-6 shots. Proof, I will post one later how bad the delay is .Unless u r using a tweaked config for APB:R to reduce everything , it is not fun to play for the in game settings there is. But LO is not God, seeing is believing, not some words. I did not mean the criticism as being toxic but you know , saying something totally unrelated to the post or anything , so that any topic discussed lose their primary purpose. I am only accusing them mainly on how I am supposed to report if suspected cheaters without using a capture to record the game play, as you know, it not always practical to play a game to record every-time you play and nor that I frequently spam with reports , playing against some , it felt like obvious ESP. And when u type "/report " nothing lol even if its a placebo , a placebo is a placebo. They are fixing the website prior to fixing the lag , which means its gonna be longer to get an actual stable fix for the lag since , website plays a major role in APB:R. Prior to all of this , TOS is gonna be updated. Yes but now its worse , its becoming more frequent.
  6. So LO's new strategy is to promote cheaters wow. So change the name to APB Cheaters Reloaded cause its that bad and obvious. Also I do not care , LO kiss asses denying and feel free to reply this post with nonsense memes , cause that's getting old. Cheaters and lag has been Exponentially Tripled, if BE was working , you would have been able to release some statistics. Seeing is believing. So far: Previous cheaters unbanned No Proof BE is working , only your words against ours rather than its kicking some third party programs which may or may not be used in APB Reloaded /report function removed , so that any cheaters getting reported can be stopped, aint that convenience. Hit Registering bug is occurring so frequent, most missions feel one sided. LAG is horrible and its weird that APB :R is getting DDoSed compare to other games. Anti-DDoS measures seems to be shown like a Pentagon job, why is it taking toooooooooooooooooo long to fix this. With all that said , I was happy to recommend my friends to play this game again and now I have to discourage them to even install it , since this is the present situation and they are not "cheaters". If this post has been read by the respective LO's Staff, the purpose of this post has been fulfilled. Feel Free to remove this. I do not want forum toxic community defecating with replies to this.
  7. I figured the problem was that vivox was running and it was not getting updated so after restarting, that is gone.
  8. I always or it automatically runs as admin.
  9. Time to do the 15 hr waiting. All the cheaters gonna be full grinding with their cheats since its their last day.
  10. Feels like everything is getting worse , rubber banding pings at its maximum (feels like server is crashing) and teleports on full pop districts. This lag happens to some people and at particular times.
  11. All scientific theories are absolute truth
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