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  1. Console version is a failure . So in other words they are trying to patch that failure and call it EU. oh yeah big upgrade from 3 to 3.5. or its just
  2. after seeing the UI it feels like the console version of APB guess that was hard work
  3. The false hope is they started with the ad "Engine Upgrade Project" and still stuck , in between they diverted and brought huge budget loss with RIOT mode. The valid reasons made them at loss and I believe still is lol. The weapon balance is a joke , Anti- cheat still fails but better than what we used to have and matchmaking is still bad. Oh yeah . the server still lags even with the population dying lol . LO is nothing but failure in all aspects so far till now but loyal people like you can blindly claim and cling on the hopes. The game is still dead and all is left will be people like you, who cannot move on from a sinking ship.
  4. I respect that you are being loyal to LO. But nothing to show other than some updates that in a week you see a leap and next week you see that is reversed, this has been going on since the start when LO took over . The worst idea behind launching RIOT mode prior to release of EU , the failure to balance weapons etc. There is no assumptions , I only believe in results and so far its mostly failures.
  5. what about those false hopes lol
  6. you cannot improve on a broken game. If you think you have improved , then you are definitely delusional. It is only fun because you are used to this shit hole. If you look through a newbie perspective, they have to play in this shit hole with experienced players that group up ( mostly premade gold try harders) who thinks farming on these newbies is "fun". Currently there is no threat divided districts nor a fair matchmaking system to make the match fair lol . This is one of the main reason APB is dead , no new players who have enjoyed other games would be wiling to sacrifice their time being a tryhard farm victim. Congrats to LO , this game has no hope of population going up nor being able to resuscitate apb.
  7. looking forward LO selling this game to another Asian Company and betray the player base again with unrealistic hopes.
  8. This game only needs low threat farming golds and cheaters, where match making is a joke. YOU DONT BELONG IN APB RELOADED !
  9. if you can go to armas page select a character on the armas page, there is a chance that you can log into the game. For me I cant even get armas to load properly and even select a character, hope that helps
  10. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes based on this its showing pc servers are offline so gud 4 u
  11. I live in New York and cannot pass the error 9 lol https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes
  12. Dead_Game


    I wish I was. You can hide cheats while streaming and unless it obvious LO wont move a muscle. Then again LO unbanned you, so I respect the loyalty. So far LO approach to cheaters can be explained in the gif below.
  13. Dead_Game


    LO needs cheaters. The game is dead. They want the cheaters to stream thinking that will bring the population up. So you are right they do not ban cheaters who can hide the cheats while streaming.
  14. all you have to do is challenge their egos and lure them into financial
  15. postponed is another word for "we dont have it but we give you a false hope it will happen soon" and truth is none of the postponed crap is happening. ALL THEY DID SIGNIFICANTLY WAS FIX ARMAS AND ENCOURAGE CHEATERS TO STREAM APB WITH THEIR CHEATS.
  16. Nothing significant to the game is gonna happen is the actual truth. This game is dead and LO is just baiting for last chance revenue to call it quits. Just stop being a sheep of their lies and admit the truth. Every plan that will significantly change the game has been postponed or in other words a fabricated lie.
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