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  1. Well I'm glad someone at least tried rather than leaving APB for dead until nobody bothered to pay the server costs any more. It makes your last sentence all the more ironic, considering APB likely wouldn't even be around at all now if it weren't for LO and MS. I swear none of you complainers know the first thing about the complexities of game development, especially ones in such poor technical state as APB.
  2. A lot of these look absolute amazing! How the hell do you guys pull these things off?
  3. Seeing as Armas prices are being reworked, I highly doubt there's going to be any sales or promotions before the new prices go live.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy. I play many newer games that strain my PC more than APB does and I never have issues with those. Extra ventilation doesn't seem to make any difference. I haven't tested my RAM recently, but again, I'm not getting any kind of memory or crashing issues in any other game I regularly play or daily PC use so I have no reason to suspect it. I just did a test with hwmonitor running. The game started up okay and I joined a Waterfront silver district with 3 empty player slots. I got into a mission, died in a fight and the game crashed again before my body even hit the floor. There was about two minutes between my first in-world spawn and the crash. Here's the average temperature stats hwmonitor recorded: Idle: MB: 56 °C (142 °F) CPU: 59 °C (137 °F) (All cores) GPU: 40 °C (104 °F) At crash time: MB: 65 °C (149 °F) CPU: 73 °C (163 °F) (All cores) GPU: 58 °C (136 °F)
  5. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition GPU: Radeon R9 380 4GB RAM: 8GB I know my CPU is stable, if a little outdated, graphics drivers are up to date and my RAM isn't faulty. I'm going to test some more as after I made this post, I managed to play again for an hour and a half without issue.
  6. As title says, APB keeps crashing infrequently. I've just tried to play 3 times and I can't even complete a mission before I get a CTD or the program becomes non-responsive. However, I played fight club last night for about 3 hours with no problem, but mission districts keep crashing me within minutes. I have checked the APBGame logs, but I can't see anything useful for telling me what's going on. One of them from today ends with "[APB Catcher] Out of memory!", but I don't understand why as I had at least 2GB RAM not being used. I've had this problem continually and have changed nothing about my PC since before it started happening regularly. Using the launcher repair option and reinstalling seems to make no difference whatsoever. I've looked around for other solutions but so far nothing helpful. Anyone else had this?
  7. To be fair, the amount of money you get from criminal activities is pitiful and you need to grind to get a significant amount. LTL is an entirely different method of combat for one faction. I don't think crims should get LTL in the slightest, but I don't think the two features are comparable at all.
  8. I think I took a wrong turn a couple of times and ended up skipping parts of the circuit, but I took myself out of the races I realised I had. Also, I didn't realise people were voice chatting too. Is there a discord or something?
  9. I would really like another performance car based on a Nissan Skyline, like we have with the Supra/Rapier. I'd also like to see some cars based on European sports/performance cars. A competitor to the Mikro wouldn't go amiss either.
  10. It's been a long arse time since I've actually done any artistic stuff and I haven't done much. I was only really just getting into it when I stopped, but here's some stuff I've done while dabbling: First attempt at drawing on whiteboard. Sort of gave up halfway through because the proportions were off and the board needed to be used again anyway. One of my Second Life avatars and was my second attempt at doing anything serious in photoshop with a tablet. For a birthday card I made for my mother last year. Was trying out some painting styles in photoshop. Some Tribes Vengenace fanart. Literally made in MS Paint and as-of-yet unfinished.
  11. I just want to say that I love your designs so much. Even the SFW stuff is just top notch. Can't wait to see more.
  12. Can't remember if it's already in the game, but peaked caps would be swell.
  13. Rhiza

    Post your cars!

    A rough-around-the-edges 1995 Nissan Skyline Not bad for what she is, but I want to do an engine swap and wide body conversion as soon as I get another daily car and somewhere to work.
  14. He and Genna said they had plans to, but with this as well as Dodger being out of the picture for a while with her baby, I'm not sure Genna and Jesse will pick up the momentum again. Can't really blame them if they don't.
  15. Sorry, no; I mean they get banned from Twitch for looking at/hearing stuff in VRChat. It's made a lot of streamers incredibly jumpy about all sorts of things.
  16. Not necessarily. People still get banned using VRChat and accidentally livestreaming all kinds of things created and enacted by others, even if they are against the TOS.
  17. Isn't that a risk you run if you livestream any game with a significant amount of customisation though? I don't see the presence of rules changing that risk.
  18. My bad, misread "freedom of expression". Sorry, tired from a long work week. I agree with the rest of your points though.
  19. I kind of agree, but I would've been way more tactful about it. G1's stance on nudity seemed pretty reasonable to me. The line "This is a game. Nudity doesn't have a place here, and it's not allowed." really irks me because the two aren't mutually exclusive. APBR never had a "nudity problem" and is still a far cry from stuff like Second Life, Saints Row or even the emblems that people make in CoD and Battlefield. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It may have differed between servers, but people cared far, far less about seeing some 2D nipples, vulvas or dicks on outfit designs and symbols than the frequent Nazi cosplayers and shittily designed customisations in general. It was a refreshing change to have a dev's attitude about adult themes more relaxed than most. I'm also not content with the "use common sense" line. For something that can apparently easily get you banned now, that is faaar too vague for comfort. I'm someone who enjoys putting borderline-to-blatant nsfw stickers on my car IRL, I have Bad Dragon miniatures on my keyring and I'm in Europe, so my idea of "common sense" in regard to bodily exhibition is obviously different to someone else's. Now I'm going to be worried about how far I can go with my designs without risking a ban - something that stifles creativity - hypocritically in opposition to the sentence immediately before it. Ultimately, I just don't see the reason for this change. It harms no-one and has never been an issue in the game's long lifespan. I guess it's about appealing to a wider audience, but the stifling of creativity on any level that doesn't hurt anyone is disappointing. Some of the best emblem customisations I've seen were "18+" works and did have a level of quality to them that put them far above most in the game. That said, I'd rather have a better APB with stricter policies on adult themes than lax policies and a dead game.
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