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  1. A simple opening of a slot on the starting star 556 or giving lease for 7 days of the one slot ver.....could be really beneficial to the newbies in understanding mods....i think perhaps is the mods that create the existing disparity. Maybe add in a free trial on the mods in jt store.
  2. Rip.....i just wanted the gold joker box loyalty award....just 1 g1c away.
  3. ....i don't think a gun so troll drops from a gift box....u know the one u equip from events and gift to players....last Christmas it was santa's gift box......but u made my day hats off to u
  4. Certain NPCs marked by a joker crown and a gold cane(optional....would be funny) will have a 25% or 35% chance of spawning and 100% chance of dropping a deployed gift box to open once killed.....it'll work like a regular gift box on the receiver end afterwards. Update: maybe in the future when there exists joker car gift boxes where u can get joker store cars leased 3 hrs to 6hrs one at a time. It can be added as 1% chance of dropping with the reg. gift box stated above.
  5. Killing an enemy player (alone) will drop a copy of their primary gun (mods equipped included), Only the player that landed the kill will have the option to go pick it up where the opposing player died....you will have two minutes to use it and three minutes before the drop disappears. Once picked up u won't be able to change your primary or drop it until the duration is over and the gun may or may not be equipped after match in duration (up to LO). This would help in noobs fighting de-threaters, somewhat bridge the gap in threats and emphasize teamwork and allow players to see primary weapon (popular) mods in action. Only problem is gold or hardcore players seeing it as a quick supply box to change their range and cancel their reload mid combat.......so the gun you have equipped before must be reloaded to pick up the drop or it takes 0.35 sec delay to pick up the gun or/and instead this privilege can just be for bronze alike.
  6. Theronguard

    Weapons on Armas

    Thought it was only me that didn't like the piece of wire for a stock on the n-tech 5 (but i would still go for joker cr-5 since its half the price.')
  7. .......when toxicity is envolved i doubt.....
  8. I fought a de-threated gold/silver enforcer that was hellbent on obstructing bronze crims (actual bronze) from ramraiding..........the silver had legendaries (notable ones)........I'm also curious.....
  9. As the title suggests Cooling Jacket 3 ruins the Janitor. In breif, I propose it be upgraded to Cooling Jacket 1 ( it is more workable: makes the spread 180cm oppose to 225cm (currant) ) i doubt any one would miss 0.02 ttk. XD
  10. I theorize it must be car music........... I do notice some lag when i play it.......imagine times 10
  11. Theronguard


    But u would have a fridge to save it (not for long though the burrito spoilz .'). ..... Onto the other positives....we got easter eggs scattered around the map....npcs got that goku hairstyle.....we have free trials in the jt store......legendaries to grind for,in which premium will help.....and of course noobs to help so they can bring there friends.
  12. Theronguard


    it has free premium though.
  13. How?...........0_().....which controller ......must be the Japanese writing he wrote it'll work like a character's deployable shield mod....u have to cancel it to go in a car.........u can open doors with it.....and its 35% faster than sprinting and cooldown timer......but ephrine injector already exists..........so i don't see the point other than a broken ephrine injector tbh.......As an emote it would work......but the board will just be one way and it wouldn't have any combat use unless ur a gold flexing.
  14. and they would need an ammo box...............On a personal note Im thinking about getting a shotgun from JT store.....Nfas 12 has the longest range, base judging from the database. Should i get the janitor ver. or the Dvah.........with the Dvah i can put on IR 3 for more range and have more versatility....the only thing i dont like on the Janitor is the CJ3 for me it increases the spread and it is kinda useless ngl and maybe the name (but i can't complain). The Dvah costs 4500 JT more, is it worth it? The true ogre is somewhat expensive and i like the extra slot/equip time on the reg. versions.
  15. i like the sprinkle of realism.....the premium boosts their color so a bronze could be a tutorial or green ur fighting. But onto the silvers. What's a silver's favorite gun. ....the silverado (pre-nerf) (I never used it tbh) The gold: What's a gold favorite weapon. .......ammo box and field supplier.
  16. .......Not yet i still have some minecraft jokes and Apb puns in my hazardous.....XD Why did the M.C. player mine to bedrock......... ...............because he was looking for a bed to sleep at night. What did the villager say to the pond.... Ill trade u a grass for that book of protection IV and silk touch II.....ill throw in some seeds too. (if u don't fish in minecraft u wont get it......but at least ur not the only one getting waterdown prices. .') Why does the iron golem has grass growing on his chest? ............Because he's doing it for the vine. P.s iron golems have a vine on their chest. Whats a bronze favorite gun? .........their car
  17. I've seen much worse in evidence of other games being let to die. Apb isn't on that list. But ur opinion is noted.
  18. I waited 5yrs for guns to be abled to be purchased permanently (with jt tickets since i found they existed) other than Armas marketplace making the game finally f2p and ill do it again with the engine upgrade . LO isn't really dead set profit oriented like Gamersfirst or EA....(i thinks) even if the pop. reaches an alltime low the game would still be running because of its massive potential and uniqueness plus it did take 100mil to make.....imagine now. Your not really helping if LO really is at max capacity on the engine upgrade bringing up things they have documented to work on after TBH.
  19. Your welcome, I think the vas c2 troublemaker is a good alternative to the oca whisper, the silverado and iron reaper since those excluding the whisper are not on the market. The vas TM has double the range of an oca 17.5 by 2 and 0.63sttk, only drawback is the small reserve and feels kinda slow since it takes pride in damage not firerate. Lol Indeed Agreed.
  20. For the Whisper variants ...... the oca ew 626 SD is just an oca with a silencer same 17.5m.....says the database. Apb.db Interesting.......im thinking about how im gonna compete with the next gold i fight and ppl talking bout wheelies ....whats an SPCT btw.
  21. More importantly am I the only one questioning the oca whisper. I mean an 8 times on a mp5 smg.... Like: Smokes flour, looks through 8 times.....slaps teamate....see that enforcer over there. Teamate/lil crim: wh....where? That.... (points at moving pixel in the distance) Lilcrim: *struggles with iron sight*. Forget this, pulls out mp5 smg/oca ew, attaches 8 times (deforming the picani rail).......empties a magazine......there! Oh...wait!....theres a piece a ash on my scope. (From then on lilbunt and his teammate (lil crim) would face their biggest opponent yet) As lilbunt turned a corner an enforcer badge glisten in the sun. He quickly took aim and released a barrage of bullets from the 8times oca. A bullet riocheted off the silver lamp pole he was aiming at. His death brought with it the oca whisper and a var. With a reflex 8times hybrid by lil crim.
  22. Update (final): ill just take a preset 3 point sling 3 or 2 on the hazardous, versatil. would be appreciated....forgot about the mob. Sling version.
  23. The rodevue point guard what else XD....but jokes aside its a gears of war 3 reference i like thé description behind that locust var. Well at the time. But more importanly what did snail on the race horse say ....slow and steady wins the race.
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