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  1. So quick update, spending many days I just completed Car Thief Achievement that requires you steal 1000 cars and sadly it did not unlock on steam very sad and very disappointing that after all this years they still haven't fixed the steam achievements like it was 5 years ago I played this game and then quit and now 2021 the steam achievements are still broken lol.
  2. Thanks for all replies =D hmm I guess its really rare then I have been playing few days pledged to Jawez only had one mission like this pop up lol. I guess one way to promote higher chance of getting this mission is to have a group all pledged to Jawez so you minimize the chance of being called as backup ? On a second note do anyone know how I can get the unobtainable achievements like "Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2015" etc ? im 100% sure ive done it in the past but weirdly it has not unlocked ?, someone told me if I find someone with Secret Santa Gift Boxes left I can complete this achievement. I have like only 3 achievements missing that is unobtainable able =( so sad and that is funny because im sure I shot and got killed by a player during the 45ap infected event
  3. Hi im trying to complete the last few achievements I have, I came back after like 5 years brake from this broken game only to complete the last 5 missing achievements I have, one of them is called Hooligan and it says "Earned by completing 100 mission objectives which require vandalizing a target." I been playing few days doing all missions my self but its still at 37/100 lol so what missions is vandalizing a target ? or is it just that progression in game have stooped to work and noting is counting now ?
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