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  1. The Joker pistol is better than the dang yukon.
  2. We're not the best you just have to put up with everyone here
  3. Holy shit I have to say that's not a bad idea! I wonder if it's possible with Battle Eye if it is that would be awesome if it could be a thing.
  4. What if the reason Matt told everyone that BattleEye hasn't banned anyone is because he's just waiting for judgement day where he flips the switch on the bans without notifying the community, and all the cheaters are gone.
  5. Is Battle Eye actually on or is it just sitting there getting fine tuned or something like that before flipping the "on switch". I've been seeing people talking about cheaters are still not getting banned and there's no manual bans happening as of right now as well. Just a question to see if it could hopefully quiet the naysayers.
  6. A clan member is still blocked and it's due to him trying to sell his account. Most people who are still blocked must have done something to make G1 to a manual ban on them and that's the reason you guys aren't banned that's my only guess.
  7. The current instrument selection is awesome don't get me wrong, however it would be amazing if Little Orbit would eventually expand upon this and add even more instruments giving us that create themes and song a even better time at getting the right instrument or sacrificing because there's no Brass instruments,Wind Instruments,etc to fit the song/theme we're making. It would be awesome to see a wide selection of instruments make an appearance in the future. List of possible MIDI instruments that could be added to the game eventually. I think this would be one addition to the game i think quite a few of us would like to see possibly ^_^!
  8. Hey Matt, Will we be getting a roadmap by any chance sometime in the future? Thanks!
  9. So i was getting errors but i just went ahead and deleted a few of the files i was getting errors on which were a few of my AlienFX files and it turned out to work perfectly sorry for the delayed response ^^. After i did this i checked the forums for anyone else having these issues and it may be a decent idea to make a sticky topic for Alienware users. Either thank you for responding so quickly :D!
  10. It keeps saying this after i've repaired the game twice and uninstalled and reinstalled battle eye via the batch file in the game folders. I have no clue what to do next and would like some input. Plz Snd Halp
  11. Can you give an exact number on how many people are going to get unbanned tomorrow Matt?
  12. I don't understand would you rather let them leave your accounts banned? You're getting unbanned be happy about it you have to pay a small price for it! If G1 was still in control you would still be shit out of luck on getting unbanned.
  13. It wasn't just this that made me think it's broken this kinda caught me off guard not knowing that you can keep trainee rank doing what BXNNXD said. What i thought was the case is he just kept either purposefully loosing or DTing down to trainee when i thought the furthest down you could go would be green threat like meowsepad.
  14. https://imgur.com/FEeKktz it's stupid that you can go back to Green or Tutorial. I've seen max ranks 255's that are green threat...Hopefully we see some changes to threat sooner rather than a lot later.
  15. Is that a shadman avatar i spot.
  16. Can we please get an official statement on if gifting is perm removed or temp removed?
  17. There might have been an exploit so you can just keep sending like lets say joker boxes over and over without paying any money. That's my only guess on why they disabled it temporarily. If you really want to gift someone an item just gift them a steam card via steam and have them buy their own G1C. That or they did this because people are trading legendaries for G1C.
  18. I asked Ritual if they will be upgrading the VOIP system in the game, and he said that it is not on the main priority list which is understandable. The VOIP in this game is utter trash where i have to turn up my sound game to max to hear anyone but then everything else in the game is 100x louder then before.
  19. Better off assume it's going to be a year from now rather than expecting it soon. We have lived without any sort of updates for so long we don't need them right now. We all need to be patient and pretend that Little Orbit didn't acquire APB:R.
  20. They will not be giving any ETA's out because if they do and they miss their ETA the community will be become furious at them for all sorts of reasons. It's understandable that they will not release at ETA until they have everything done and know 100% when they will release it. I suspect we will here something a week or a few days before BE is added.
  21. Gun - Raptor 45 - Love how it shoots and the accuracy of it Car - Vegas V20 - Cool looking car and just inlove with the sounds of it.
  22. I don't think you understand what they're getting at while you're saying that APB is unplayable for desync reasons; You also deal with desync and lag all the time in PUBG. We wonder why PUBG became the lesser game of the BR genre when Fortnite released their BR mode. Both games APB and PUBG are unoptimized to hell and are messes is the general gist of what people are trying to get at ya with.
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