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  1. At this given point I'd rather have the servers be down rather than to deal with this atrocious lag that happens every minute or two.
  2. I absolutely get fucked up in silver districts and win maybe 20% of the time, However when I'm in bronze I win maybe 60% of the time and loose 40% of the time give or take. It either needs to take a lot more time to go from Green>Bronze>Silver>Gold or they need to add a rank between Silver and Gold. There is a major issue with the matchmaking/threat system when you see a rank 255 as a rank green personally talking about the enforcer MeowsePad.
  3. I'm assuming it's one of the handful of buttholes who have DDOSED apb in past is doing it right now.
  4. Uhh tiggs is apart of little orbit she's just no a community manager. Also they hired back a developer from G1, and another thing if you haven't noticed the forums is still forums.GAMERFIRST.com .-.
  5. As it was said yesterday in the live stream that legendaries in the future may become untradeable would make this not possible. It was said once you let somebody pay for something with a random chance at everything you get then start selling said items it becomes gambling. With the EU putting laws into place where it prevents games from either having loot boxes, and in some cases forces certain devs to show all the chances of obtaining said items i doubt that it'll eventually become a thing but it would still be pretty neat. We just have to wait and see because the US are also forming legislation about loot boxes in games so no one knows which way this will turn out :/.
  6. I mean this is a very very minor thing to "update/fix" and might not bother the majority of players to even be put on the radar on possibly updating in the future. I personally don't care what the weapons look like and i mean from my view they look like they would function without a problem...
  7. Not sure if already a thing, but some booty shorts for the guys would be neat.
  8. Can we expect new midi instruments in the music studio ex. Oboe,Flute,Trumpet,Chimes,etc. I know they wouldn't be in at the forefront, but in the later future.
  9. Yes she is. She now trains people over there at Little Orbit because she stepped down from community manager.
  10. I honestly hope they add some sort of mechanic like it is in Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch. Where you have certain "zones" (not too sure what to call it like 0-1000 in overwatch would be bronze) in which every time you win or loose you gain a certain amount of points to the next ranks or in this case threat. So 0-500 is bronze 500-1000 is silver and 1000-1500 is gold. All in all i personally think it's going to be tough to combat dethreating.
  11. It would be really hard to enforce a rule against dethreating i assume. What i believe they will do is fix the current threat system and make it actually mean something when you hit gold. The way i play I'm 110% a silver player. I'm not bad but i'm not great either when it comes to playing this game. When i personally join a gold server i will get stomped on constantly to the point where my rage gets the best of me. I would say i win in gold districts maybe 30% of the time and loose 70 percent of the time. Now when i play on a silver server it's much more enjoyable that the fact is I'm usually playing against people at my own skill and it seems to me that there's a bit more casual players on bronze districts. When i personally play on a bronze district i say i win maybe 50% or 60% of the time and loose 40% or 50% of the time and i'm absolutely fine with that. I'm curious if they will just push out warnings to people who do dethreat or will they just wait until they have more of a concrete idea on how to fix this issue rather than just tossing out bans. Personally i don't believe that tossing out bans for people dethreating is such a great idea at this given moment knowing the state of the game and how new Little Orbit is to the game, but that's just my opinion of course.
  12. I'm a bit sad that they're not pushing any events out until the future to be honest. I was hoping that they would just push out an event for the summer just to welcome back returning players or something stupid like that. All in all I'm excited that they'll be continuing to do events in the future i just wish it was sooner rather than later >_<.
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