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  1. Kayleigh Stanway

    Fallen Earth is Fallout Multiplayer.. hmm??

    Are you okay?
  2. Kayleigh Stanway

    The Awakened Order (T.A.O.)

    TAO are great people!
  3. Kayleigh Stanway

    Is it possible?

    Hopefully it's added. It's quite an unfair advantage, lol.
  4. Kayleigh Stanway

    Gamersfirst Support

    Great news! Yeah, they're much better than the previous.
  5. Kayleigh Stanway

    LA dangerous

    It's not a joke !
  6. Kayleigh Stanway

    Is it possible?

    Even players with experience would probably have a hard time telling who's using a macro and who's put thousands of hours into practising.
  7. Kayleigh Stanway

    LA dangerous

    You're the scrub! You cannot kill me!
  8. Kayleigh Stanway

    Detect THIS, battleye.

    CS:GO only works on console. What are you talking about.
  9. Kayleigh Stanway

    New in game gms suggestions

  10. Kayleigh Stanway

    LA dangerous

    LA is a safe place.
  11. Kayleigh Stanway

    Gamersfirst Support

    You're welcome! Good luck with your support query.
  12. Kayleigh Stanway

    Gamersfirst Support

    There is a way of doing this. If you go into support, your activities shows the messages that you have sent and received regarding both tickets.
  13. Kayleigh Stanway


    I was told that battleye won't pickup the cheats / bugs that are in Fallen Earth as it is.