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  1. Kayleigh Stanway

    questions about the possible future of the game

    Only playing if Sloth pets are added.
  2. Kayleigh Stanway

    MattScott Q&A Sep 8th Overview

    Sloth pets FTW.
  3. Kayleigh Stanway


    Where's my money!?
  4. Kayleigh Stanway

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    YY and Nysek, perfect nerd couple! <3
  5. When are sloth pets/mounts being added?
  6. Kayleigh Stanway

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    When are sloth mounts or pets coming to the game? That's the most important thing that needs to be addressed.
  7. Lots of people fight eachother, while being the same faction.
  8. Kayleigh Stanway

    Support ticket response time?

    There's a lot of tickets to go through, and they're not going in order of the tickets either. But your ticket will get looked into it just will take some time. My tickets were in the early 200 and it was a month before action was taken / a response was given.
  9. Kayleigh Stanway

    Some idea's

    One idea that I've seen that looks quite interesting that I was told about is about at weekends, there would be an increase to deathtoll,XP gain, and crafting times. Kinda like GTC for your faction but throughout a the weekend. I think this would be a really cool idea to be added!
  10. Kayleigh Stanway


    They should try and fix the CTF bug where you can get out the spawner before the match has started.. It's op!
  11. Kayleigh Stanway

    What happened to tradable premium?

    Didn't even know that was a problem here.. Wow.
  12. Kayleigh Stanway

    Dear LO Staff

  13. Kayleigh Stanway

    Dear LO Staff

    I do agree, but every unban includes unbanning someone who broke the rules one way or another. Alot of people think if you're unbanning one person you might as well unban the rest.
  14. Kayleigh Stanway

    Sooooooo much {salt and trolling} these dayZ

    You're very confusing