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  1. @Vít Eliášek Its a fair point but if they are already fixing the dupe methods then it will also stop them from selling to npc's too.
  2. Hey @cowhorseman The developers and staff are well aware of the situation and any new idea's to the table is always appreciated, they will listen to you, it may not seem like it sometimes, but they are there, watching over forums and listening to what players like us have to say. From what im aware though, its a great idea but they are working on a fix for the clan vaults / splitting so they can bring back splitting for everybody. Once this fix has been put in place, splitting will most likely be re-added and the dupers wont be able to use the clan vault / drag trick to dupe items. Hope this helps.
  3. @WilksCheckov Do you remember the email that was used to sign up on the account by any chance? because you can login with that too. If you are unable to find your email as well then when support gets back too you, they may ask you some questions associated to your account before giving out the email address and assisting you further. But with the response time, yeah its a little slow atm but I think they have over 90k tickets to work through or something so the response time will take some time for them to get back to you but im sure they will when possible.
  4. @FlyingPizzaSwag Try to login on the gamersfirst website with that username and password, then grab the email to the account if you dont know it from account info and use that. If you do know the email to the account, you can use that too on the launcher instead of ur username.
  5. @UndeadOwl1911 Normally you login with either your username or email address. If you used to login with your username, you can login to the gamersfirst portal website and go to your account info to find your email address associated to the account. You can also reset your password there if your having issues with your password. What error u getting when logging in ?
  6. You have me soo wet rn
  7. Looking swagger, very dank. Good Job.
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