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  1. I miss Fallen Earth alot. Especially roaming the world with a Blightwolf, exploring new quests and areas full with new mutant types. The deep storyline behind the factions and the beatifull scenery. I left here after Fallen earth stopped being updated and maintained properly; when APB turned out the center of attention (no offense). I really wish to see Fallen Earth with more focus at mysterious wilderness and mutated side of the game, adventure style focus at quests, more interactive roleplay such as roleplay supported pve to pvp player run settlements alla cross the map instead of only a small part of the map. The beatifull virtual world and awesome music, free roaming the world. I hope it gets back soon. Ready to support; eventhough we are having hard times, no thanks to pandemic.
  2. I miss Fallen Earth. I can not find anyother game like it. What I would like to see when it gets back as reneweed would be strengtening mutations, the mutant story lines and dropping the boring weapon and technology based portion of the game. (I do not mean superpowers here; or X Men parody; but balancing how the mutations are used) There is a thousand other games that has high tech and spamming pistols and machine guns all acroos the net. It is a cliche now. Hi sci-fi, western wannabe and rambo wannabe characters and environment is truly boring. The stronger side of Fallen earth was the deep storyline, improvised tools, deep crafting system, beatifull virtual world (for those days standards) and mutated specialties at characters and npcs is still a very rare thing to see.
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