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  1. Can someone make this beat? I pay 1M $ to whoever can make it as close as possible. Or if you can improve the beat, (and if I like it). I pay 1M and 200K. This is the song, from second 0.13 to 0.18.
  2. /facepalm You're seriously telling me to check the definition of discrimination. This is starting to get surreal. Where are you from then?
  3. Some of ur posts: "I don't want to play with Europeans, because I don't like them." "I just don't wanna interact with Europeans. Simple as." "NA culture is better." And that superiority you think you have. You know, there's more world outside of America. Now you are saying that you are not discriminating. I'm just curious, how old are you? We are here to enjoy this game. That we all like so much. How about if instead of thinking that we are superior, we help the new players, or try to help APB in any way we can.
  4. all cool. But why do you need to share it with others?
  5. Why do you hate Europeans so much? I have already seen several posts of yours where you talk bad about Europe. Are you ok, did we hurt you or something?
  6. Nope, check it in wayback machine. They started it in 04-Apr-2022. https://web.archive.org/web/20220212034831/http://www.littleorbit.com/
  7. Just calculating since he stopped being active in the forum. Until the recent war in Ukraine started. Hmmm idk....
  8. What if someone else is interested? In Matt's thread, he only talks about progress, he doesn't say an estimated time. What's wrong with asking if he could tell me how much time he thinks he has left?
  9. Thanks, clap clap I already knew that part of the forum. But I wanted to ask Matt directly, if he has a time estimate.
  10. Hi @MattScott, I wanted to ask you about when you estimate engine upgrade to be finished?
  11. It's fine for me. The problem is when that player that you have crashed, reports you, with a simple photo or video, also asks his 4 friends to report you too and you end up banned.
  12. They should also remove the gold rank, so people don't know what rank you are in, and play differently. This thing is mental.
  13. The permanent ban for players who interfere with a mission is an incredibly stupid idea. Let's talk about the following example: Player 1 plays against Player 2 in a car detonation mission. There is 1 minute left for the mission to end. Player 1 manages to kill Player 2 and starts to put the bomb in the car. A random player who likes to drive his Vegas 4x4 unintentionally crashes into the mission car. And interrupts the process of planting the bomb of Player 1. Causing him to lose the mission. Player 1 was recording his game and reports the random player who hit the car. With video evidence. Another case, new players even some veterans don't know how to distinguish normal parked cars from mission cars. There needs to be a way to be able to distinguish mission cars. Wouldn't it be more logical to make the mission cars not have hitboxes for players outside the mission? Instead of looking for the easy solution and permanently banning players who don't even know what they are doing?
  14. Why u need threat based districts right now? For play vs your shadow?
  15. why is it a bad decision? It would be a bad decision when there are new players in the game. But if there are 4 left... let them play together. /facepalm
  16. You Israelis do strange things. Last week I was hacked by a person from Israel. So anything coming from you guys seems shady to me. First of all, why is your ISP banned APB? Don't you think it's a better idea to solve that problem? which is more important. Instead of bothering apb developers?
  17. Roxane

    Resolution change bug.

    1 - Change the resolution to 1600px. 2 - Change to full resolution. 3 - Change back to 1600px. Booom black screen videogame. I have restarted the game 3 times. I also repaired it with the repair button. And I still have black screen. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  18. Every time I play APB. I have problems with my right click. When I point, it makes me double click randomly. This problem happens in my 3 mice. So I think it is a problem of APB. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Or do you know a solution?
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