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  1. We are the same if you think about it. Our levels of ignorance will never find balance. Where I pick and choose my behavior is the same as yours. To that end, it's better if we stop before I type a paper proving to you otherwise--which we both know will just lead to the same outcome the last time I decided to be somewhat formal. seems LO is allowing it too. Thonk 4Head
  2. because i still enjoy apb? or is that not welcomed. if it wishes to grow, posts like this need to go. nah mean, jelly bean? Controversial you mean? Sometimes it's unclear to me whether we speak the same language or not with the way you speak and seem to perceive whatever is written. You assuming I couldn't "compete at this level" implies your statements thusfar have made more sense than my own. I fear the judges of that as of yet, are only you and me, deeming any conclusion made irrelevant since it is only your word against my own. I stated you are losing my interest, and that you make me feel superior over you in the sense you try to claim superiority over others. I am sorry if me thinking I am better at what you're trying to do come's across as offensive to you. imitation is the highest form of flattery. clearly you are interested if you keep trying to re-engineer the same replies i already gave to you. while i am not into your reverse roleplay and your need to wear the pants in our relationship, what do you say we talk this over coffee? it is not controversial, it is just your inabilities to comprehend at this point.
  3. im sorry. i have no reason to poke you specifically but rather my resentment to this whole charade this whole "new" forums turned into, in the end i get to know you potentially as a martyr. on the bright side, your thread became less than an off-topic discussion. yeah, most people give up the same way you do. outside the contradictory statements in your reply, im sorry you couldn't compete at this level. fortunately, i hear they are hiring at tasty burger, maybe that's your type of thing, eh? <3
  4. last thing a forum spammer should do is try to belittle a game that has actual player retention. Please don't bore me with your own self-entitlement and hypocritical assumptions, spitting out baseless claims when you can't even detect a personality to match the the essence of "memers". The fact that you cannot even consummate the usage of popular Twitch Emojis shows me you have little-to-no connection to current societal norms, even within the own game you seem to defend (poorly, I might add). The writing quality of my replies is a testament to the state of the game. We are not in an age of professionalism or constructive criticism. Gone are the days where players can legitimately have game discussions that are not constantly bombarded by gifs and nonsensical/non-contributory responses which we all agreed to. To me, you come across as a White Knight hiding behind a facet of higher-authority who has no recollection on how well the forums used to function before this. I don't even think you are even old enough to have a discussion regarding the absolute basic social studies. tl;dr - do u even lift?
  5. warframe? you know the game that has over 100x more players than this? the game g1 even used to host when it was at a rough spot at the start? sorry, i have 200iq insane FeelsWeirdMan
  6. The power of assumption is strong with this one. no one knows who i am. no one knows who you are. however lets both assume that one of us actually browsed the forums prior to this new pointless system that promotes easy abuse and spamming. truth hurts, sorry. i come from forums that actually has a population that can utilize the same system, have an actual quality filter, and decent structure. this forum used to be able to less edgy responses (before the reign of mod squids) with actual discussions. this is an off topic post and im treating it as such. trust me i know. yes na, anything else would be shaming. i never posted this much before, but as anxious as i am to hear new apb news, all this spam needs to go. @Lixil used to refer to the rules at the start, now its just a madhouse here again. you seem to know much about him, whos to say you arent assuming or are you going to conveniently switch over? most of it was already exposed before, im sure you can post all his spam in one consolidated post for me and try to defend it.
  7. congrats? still dont know who you are is past just being a near-zero quality spammer. id estimate a majority of your playtime is in fightclub and you have almost no real-life responsibilities. the upvotes you give yourself on the forums is the only respect you have of yourself and if it were not for the pointless reputation system, you probably have a just as much of a "talented design" career as fleeting. :)
  8. enough with the loyalty weapons, give us loyalty clothing.
  9. what's that thumbnail from? i hope it isn't one of those BR circles..
  10. seems it's true that the best talent is found in game or word-of-mouth. better than most (if not all) in the current showcase. that's real quality work, well done Blackmoonlight!
  11. obviously anyone can say "so and so is griefing" out of context. similarly, support is not saying excessive griefing is okay. its the same as telling others to stop making dumb posts/threads then you go about doing the same.
  12. Actually effect would've been more effective. But I see where you're coming from. The two words are certainly an annoying feature of the English language. yeah. i know its getting off-topic, but what i meant to do was join these two: "... current state and the affect they have." (ongoing developments) + "... current state and the effect they had." (what has already been done) ____ = "im discussing them and their current state and the affect/effect they have/had."
  13. hence why i used both, two different use cases in my statement
  14. i want you to reread exactly what i said and understand that these are not my complaints, these are examples of stigmas that people have about the game that prevent them from returning i know what you said. im discussing them and their current state and the affect/effect they have/had.
  15. they are aware of all those issues. 1. they implemented battleye immediately, the industry leader in anti cheat. if battleye 100% fails to do its job, all those triple A companies also bare that burden. 2. while they haven't completely separated themselves from g1, they already did more than they did in the last 2-3 years. most vocal gaming journalists have already reported on little orbits acquistion 3. players will come when server issues and actual content gets added, lot of players are aware of this and waiting 4. balance will always be a topic of discussion.. still, it's being worked on and discussed already. 5. there's a good and bad to this but most of this is related to matchmaking.. also something they are working on. of course none of this matters when there are threads and troll responses are the ones being favored. the same questions/complaints they have (no matter how stupid or repetitive), you still lose a player's opinion with the current forum system. i dont think these forums serve much purpose for anything but a circle jerk of edgy replies.
  16. reputation should be removed completely. the only thing it did was get more people to troll posts hoping someone else is as edgy as them to get an upvote. it literally has not led to anything beneficial, ever.
  17. yes, actually. i have had this issue with the retail scout and some armas weapons (i recall the cr5 being one). i made a ticket to g1 about it years ago, they said something like there was something specific to certain items that cause the items to not be recognized as account bound anymore. they essentially readded the item on the account so it trigger again and corrected the item. probably happening to you as well. id report it in the bug section as well.
  18. to bolster the p2w stigma of course..so the bozos at watchmojo can be remotely correct.
  19. but why does a moderator have the ability to play around with a live armas version.
  20. my thoughts are: the idiocy in calling it Google Authenticator and then selling your soul to the company to nearly freely advertise that. if you aren't being paid by google to specifically use it on your site, then don't. there are so many services out there that use 2FA and they call it their "google authentication" code, then you reach out to them and ask "is google sponsoring your site or something" and simply say no.. it's not unique in anyway and doesn't provide any more security than any other Authenticator that reads a token or QR code. Just call it 2-FA and let the user decide what application they want to use to read the token code (as there are many out there). obviously, you shouldn't trust EVERY provider but Microsoft Authenticator is just as good as Google. but yes, have 2fa. can be as simple as sending a code to your email or even sms protect.
  21. so you decided to try to trust someone in the game when they announced they'll implement a trading system. bye.
  22. i expect to see no server merge issues...again...like the last two times..with older players..
  23. in the meantime... if you run the game through steam, restart the game. if that doesn't work, manually log in to the same linked account...then log out and sign in through steam. if that still doesn't work, ask steam support to see what's up with the link. if they can't suggest anything but asking support here...continue waiting. :(
  24. in regards to themes: grief themes (and songs) used to be reportable as well as the ones that extend 5s. i don't this video was a good example of them, but i understand what you are getting at. I don't think LO has a policy on either of those yet unfortunately. They should however have an option, instead of having to delete a folder, to disable player themes/songs in the audio options menu. grief themes/songs are usually extremely loud, minimal/single tone; fortunately, for everyone else's theme that is just annoying personally..you should be able to ignore them to stop hearing their theme. in regards to golds in bronze: they are silvers who turned gold in the bronze district. i agree that they should be auto-kicked for being gold on a bronze district. of course, this is another issue that stems from g1's half-arsed idea to segregate servers. it was even asked then to have this check in place.
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