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  1. The Fallen Earth Servers are back online as of 11:51pm PST. Have fun!
  2. As we all know, the server was shut down at approximately 12:30am (11:30pm PST) for what we expect to be an early reboot. This thread is simply a method to keep current on what's going on until it comes back online, or until official information is released. For now, maintenance seems normal.
  3. Often times they'll get to an official announcement within half an hour after the game goes fully offline, just depending to. If it is piggybacking APB's server in some way, then that would explain plenty due to synced maintenance times, which would also explain why server countdown notifs may not sync based on the old FE maintenance schedule, which was weekly. I'm sure we'll get some sort of news within the next 20ish minutes.
  4. Don't forget that Clan Vault was already disabled.
  5. [UPDATE] The official Forum thread for the Maintenance on 11/3/2021 (today) has been published: Please reference this thread for future information on this maintenance, as my post is not official and does not reflect any insider information. Happy to be of community service.
  6. Clan vaults are already disabled as well. Mail right now has honestly been crucial for people to help each other progress at the moment, and seems to be working wonders for the new market. It'll take some feeling around to see what's best.
  7. You have to consider server hosting isn't the greatest right now, and it was ported to 64 bit, so the PNN (Player News Network) says, so it could be old formatting attempting to communicate with newer server methods. Either way, I have a feeling that it's not just a dupe thing, considering duping was so rampant before that there were thousands and thousands of pieces of skewed data. Nobody's duped millions of items yet, if even close to that. They'll work out the kinks.
  8. I try to be proactive, since not everyone gets discord notifs, or the brunt of the initial tidal wave of gossip.
  9. (UNOFFICIAL) Server Maintenance began 1:55am PST - [Undetermined] Official information undiscovered. Stretch, snack, hydrate, rest. Health is wealth.
  10. Unsure why, but I've been having a critical crash every hour or less that shuts down the game and asks to send an error report. I'm sure it's on my end but I'm not sure why.
  11. I think most of the issue that people were having is that they took down Fallen Earth as if it was time to get to work, and then spent a bunch of time on everything other than Fallen Earth. Taking it away should have been done when progress was going to be made in my general opinion.
  12. Hi Matt, I'm wondering if that would be the easiest way. Put the game online on a 5$ rough subscription as a Test Access Server, and implement what you can, and then you have an infinite number of bug testers and glitch seekers to help with general feedback. I know I'm more than willing to go through some tests as things reopen or progress. I would personally offer my direct assistance but I don't have contact info right off hand since the Discords went private.
  13. Bring our game back... just saying... If you're not gonna actually work on it for however long it takes to get APBs linear garbage taken care of, at least let me pay something around 10$ a month just to play it. Or whatever, 5$, 4.99, 10, 15, I'll pay it... Just let me come back, craft and chat.
  14. Curious, which is better between the two. Equal hitboxes based on slider position (equating to the male body as to not create a visual cluster bomb? OR just mess with the male slider limitations so that you can make the lollipop guild remastered?
  15. Thanks for such an awesome video! I'll be eventually doing one of these for Fallen Earth as well! Ultimately, I can't ever be fully welcoming to Tiggs, but as for all of you folks from LO, as well as the other devs from before who showed me courtesy and respect prior, and are yet to be spoken with later on, I thank you, and welcome to our games!
  16. I get the feeling that this is the wrong forum, on top of the fact that I'm not quite able to decipher what you're saying.
  17. I do apologize for the inconvenience there, as a fellow player. It takes time, as they had to catch up with the intense quantity of tickets prior to the initial purchase and transfer of everything to Little Orbit. I had tickets from before LO that were never answered so it's all just a matter of time. If it has been weeks, send another ticket with the #ID of the prior ticket, in order to properly "bump" the ticket. That's what I always ended up doing.
  18. 8:00AM PST - Severe Server Lag, no response time to team or character load screen, shortly after maintenance.
  19. Daily Maintenance is Over 5:34 AM EST
  20. The whole world is full of C O L O R S. "Turn that light off, it's too d*mn loud!"
  21. Bug Report _5/27/2019_ --------------------------- Issue experienced at 12:36pm (PST) Me and a spontaneous dome partner entered in at Round 1, and easily without flaw demolished up to Round 7 in moments notice. During Round 7 / at the start most likely, my dome partner's damage output failed, and it seemed as though bullets were being wasted but not functioning with any connected values. The guns were un-equipped, re-equipped and still did no damage (no markers, values or indicators). The weapons were swapped with an entirely different set of weapons, and round seven was repeated, with no avail, same result. We let the Lady and the Panther kill us and tried again, attempting to reset the values multiple times and re-initiate the damage we needed to press on, but no matter what is done, there is no damage, and no function of the multiple tested weapons. This, of course becomes fixed after leaving Dome, but somewhat stomps on progress.
  22. Time: 4:28 (Login Successful - Characters Loaded [7.24 second delay] - In Los Alamos 4:29) LAG REPORTS| ---------------- Chat - Instant Mail - Instant FT - Rapid (Regular expected delay (1s) Auction House - Delay of around 10 seconds more than typical for the auction received mail, 5s delay on purchase notification Level 55s online (as of 4:36am PST) - 11 ---------------- STATUS REPORT - END Update ~ Daily Maintenance began (delayed start) 4:37am PST ~ Update ~ Daily Maintenance Ended (proper ending) 5:30am PST ~
  23. Taking words out of context isn't right, and isolating one person's remarks over another is slander for one, and two, blatant injustice of the situation. Now it's over. I let those who would rather bash and instigate something stay there, and I left. I don't sit in a room with poorly parented children and listen to them scream about their internet privileges, just like I'm not going to let a bunch of childlike adults sit there and sexually harass and cyber bully a bunch of people in my presence. I got my piece in. I'm not a staff member so it's not like I'm confined to being some little angel when it comes to voicing my opinion. Even if it was gruff, and came off sharp, it's because it was meant to. I don't know some of you personally, especially in the Discord, but stop flexing on everyone with your brash comments, when you could contribute something, in plain English, that is relevant to the game. Half of you in there haven't said anything that isn't already a well known fact, you just take those plain facts and turn them into a wildfire of systematic abuse and harassment, the reason I don't respect half of you. It's only when I respond to a bunch of garbage that everyone gets salt in their diaper rash. Step off, grow up, grab a bowl of lucky charms, and put on a big ole smile, champ.
  24. It's okay. I'm 20 and I'm already senile as heck. Long live Fallen Earth!
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