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  1. It just simply baffles me that it could go unanswered for a month. Through out I did poke and bump it. Multiple times. Eitherway. Suppose I've got to tag two support tickets into one. Anyhow. Thanks for the poke.
  2. Not sure if this is human error. Or just stupidity. But I still have not gotten an awnser on my support. Which I made weeks ago. Are you guys planning on doing something? Or should I just consider to be my paid sh*t to just be lost to incompetence. Thank.
  3. Support is just horrible. Plain as that. I doubt anyone has been helped since day one since the issues. I've not even played the game since then.
  4. I've never experienced such bad support. Aaaaaa.
  5. Subscription wise so far. Feels like I've been effed with. If it was still possible I wouldve asked for a refund because this is ridiculous.
  6. @chriskrypton Not important enough it seems. We'll have to wait a week more or less. At least as I'd suspect. --------------------------------------- Ps: And seems like loss of money and contribution gets dislikes. That's quite surreal. First and last time buying something from here though, lol.
  7. Hey ugh. Does support even work for anyone? I've got two tickets up and NO ONE has replied so far for 7 days. My mail is even poking me that it's a inactive. I'd like to get someone on that. Though. I'm well aware theres more people needing support that purchased something. But still. That's horrible. And VERY frustrating. Fix your support. Jesus.
  8. A boost wont really compensate for all hard work and many hours put into the game. Smh ¯\__( . _.)_/¯
  9. A lot of items and actual purchased items are gone. Along character level. Skill. And other progress I've done. This is actually killing my mood permanently to even play this game anymore.
  10. Since I couldn't edit my message. I'll just double post. I wanted to add - what happens to those that already had subscriptions from the commander edition? Do those days get compensated aswel that we've lost?
  11. 2 weeks of commander subscription huh? It's better then nothing for sure. But it was definitely a long time this had taken. Support itself is unresponsive I guess. I still havent gotten my monthly reward points lol.
  12. Sheesh imagine it was a wipe, That'd loose my interest entirely for this game. Especially the purchases i made. Would obviously rub me in the wrong way. Besides. So whats going on now? I wished there was more indepth detail on whats going on with the game. As its still saying there's no connection. Yes, i read the dev messages. But those are days old now from making this message now. Is it going to be available soon? Thanks. -Ryan.
  13. I guess the lack of news isn't worrying i noticed? I guess i'll remain patient then. Like most say. Many people have a lot of things up on the market. And hear there's going to be compensations? Or did i just read it wrong, If so. Thats my fault. Can't wait to hop back on i suppose, whenever that may be.
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