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  1. Well, this hurts. After over 10,500 hrs in this wonderful game, the lights are going off. After joining and leading one of the oldest in-game clans, Drifters, I've spent time and toons in Rage, Smokers, Oblivion and Guardian (to name a few). Met so many good people, and made so many good friends. I've joined some of those friends in Destiny 2, but I really hope that eventually the hamsters start running again, and those lights come back on. I remember my first day in this game so well - starting up in Zanesville. Watching people run around, shooting mobs, and thinking "this is weird". Then after completing that starter town, walking (yep, walking) all the way to Embry in the dark, I started to feel that this was a game I really wanted to play. And now it's all over bar the shouting. Such a shame. I love this game, and I so hope that it comes back. If it does, I'll be there for it. Farewell friends, and keep safe.
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