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  1. Says that Alec Masters is initialising. So shouldn't be long. I'm not on the LO discord, so I'll check there. Thanks Rovol
  2. Seems to be down again, for me. Login works, but the I get the old original login page which says Alec Masters is Off-line.
  3. Same for me, in fact, just posted about it. Phew, I was starting to think it was just me....
  4. When authenticating, no matter which account I try (3 currently), I get a "invalid Account or Password" error. As a test, I tried to create a new account, and received an error. Logging into Gamersfirst to check my accounts, had "Error occurred" message. Is there a wider issue, or is it just me?
  5. Love to be able to use my G1C credits still on my old accounts in-game
  6. And it's been running like a dream for me. Awesome.
  7. Same here, 11:50 gmt. The game wasn't lagging at all before I got kicked, so that's a shame
  8. Just got kicked, lost connection. Tried to get in, and got the usual message about check your internet connection. Which means the game is down usually.
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