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  1. So happy to be able to play this game again. Just wish they could really revert it to Classic times before GamersFirst period. GamersFirst made so many bad changes to this game. Removing "certain" tradeskill items from terrain salvage tables. Removing "certain" salvage refinement books. Changes to the faction system that were not needed. Etc. Merged. I had some high level characters too, but I hope they never bring it back. So many bad stuff with exploits and duping happened in the live game. I don't see how they will ever be able to fix that mess. To be honest, it would be such a waste of time with the limited resources they have right now. It would make no sense at this point. Resources at LittleOrbit are that limited now, that FE development is on the back burner at the moment. So that should say everything you need to know at this point. When ever the game re-releases on the new engine, it would be nice that everyone just starts with a clean sheet again. New experience for everyone. Last thing we need is a poluted / broken start of the re-release with the server full of broken high level characters with fat bank accounts and inflate the market from day 1. I mean, just look at the current Classic Server. Within 2 days I already saw max level characters driving around on vehicles. They are just using the old exploits/dupes again. It's really sad, but it just shows the bad nature of gamers and why we can't have nice things. People always try to cheat and exploit if they get the chance. /shrug
  2. Server down again today without notification? Seeing the later time in day than usual, did it crash?
  3. Your gamersfirst account is based on email and password. So if you have your password, just use your registered email address as login name.
  4. The server is now back online. It's a full wipe, as it was too much work getting rid of all the dupes people did with duped/duplicated data, etc. So everyone has to start over now in Fallen Earth Classic. They not going to do much further with this, so its just free to play without Cash shop (thank god) and that's it. Their focus will remain on the reworked version of Fallen Earth that will most likely release alongside it and as long as Classic has an active community it will remain up me thinks. As the rework will be a different game and different experience. So both versions should be able to live alongside each other as long as there is a healthy population.
  5. As long as you stay away from the Discord and Steam forums that is.
  6. Thank you! Lets hope you manage to get better control with the lag today after this maintenance, as it was quite extreme yesterday with lots of freezing up in the game ( 15 - 30+ seconds at a time ). Really enjoy being back in Fallen Earth, but these lag spikes / game freezes are killing the fun a bit at the moment.
  7. No worries. Better late than never. Lets hope you manage to get these long lag spikes under control today, as it was quite frequent yesterday where the game keep freezing up from anywhere from 15 to over 30 seconds at a time.
  8. Hmmm. Taking the server down without warning and then no communication for almost 2 hours? I know its a free service now, but it would still be nice to have some notification warning and communication around server downtimes.
  9. Yes lets hope they managed to find out how to fix these horrible lag spikes.
  10. Unfortunately the 15+ second lag spikes are still there. Was fine for about an hour after maintenance, until the lag spikes started again. Game becomes practically unplayable at this point. Hope they manage to figure out what's causing this and fix it.
  11. Not really. FE always had a bit of a niche population and most stuff was really overpriced on the AH back in the day. So I definitely avoided the AH most of the time and so did many I played with. Most of the crafting mats on the AH were always silly priced, as if you knew your way around you could easily get it cheaper from NPC vendors (incl. faction discounts, etc). That is, if you had a hard time finding certain resources yourself. Major part of this game is that you can just craft everything yourself and when you were in a nice Clan, you just traded rare(r) resources amongst ourselves to help eachother out. Maybe this changed in the later years of the game, when I lost interest and pretty much stopped playing after 2016.
  12. Ehh yes it is. The old servers were ancient and were forced to run 32bit OS. Now with the recompile they can use more modern hardware with 64bit OS. This would have a big positive impact on performance. The issue is most likely elsewhere. It could be anything. They basically just recompiled to 64bit and since its a very old engine beneath, unexpected issues can and will arise that will need to be ironed out. They reported that they saw 100% CPU spikes, which is most definitely the cause of those 15+ second lag spikes we experienced yesterday. They just now need to find out what is causing them. It doesn't mean the CPU is too weak, but rather some process that is wrecking havoc in CPU consumption. It can be as simple as a bad unoptimized query or a missing index on a database (example).
  13. The game always had this since day one, plus a much higher population back then as well. So I don't think a bunch of NPC corpses in the game world causes these 15+ second lag spikes. Like one already said above, it's part of the charm of this game.
  14. You download the installer right from GamersFirst website. I did that myself. https://www.gamersfirst.com/download
  15. Yeah I never thought about the Auction House, as I never really used it all that much back in the day. It was just too much fun to craft everything yourself. The old community was also very different back then, as we organized many ingame gatherings where new people could tag along and get stuff, etc. Traveling also becomes less painful later on when you get some good vehicles / fast horses and use the garage and fast travel options.
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