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I miss Riot

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no joke.... was a nice change of pace from fightclubs and missions imho.
My only gripe with RIOT was when they made everyone appear on the radar during final stage. (all survivors re-spawning would end up fighting and killing off each-other, as opposed to pushing the team actually camping and winning the objective)

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Approve, it wasn't perfect but at least something different and unique.

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You got me there, fam.


But honestly there was no good enough content for years, that some people litteraly search salvation in shit one...

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Good idea, horrible execution. Shouldn't have made it a BR.

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it was a bad idea, bad execution
should have made it like any other br but then again, the market is full of those. just dont do br

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8 minutes ago, Yeedman said:

it was a bad idea, bad execution
should have made it like any other br but then again, the market is full of those. just dont do br

Would actually help to bring some new players from the BR playerbase

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haha yeah man riot was great, no issues at all

On 6/20/2019 at 12:34 AM, Solamente said:

would have liked for this

to actually have happened but whatever


finally got around to making a semi-proper write up unnecessarily detailed list about riot, altho i probably could have just reposted my otw test feedback and it would still be 95% relevant 

-some images taken from streams, because i was too lazy to get my own footage and now jericho riot is a ghost town


this is going to be long and boring tbh, you've been warned


to start off, i'll just go through a riot match

  • entering the district

the first thing i see when trying riot is the district select screen


[image courtesy of kempington - twitch.tv/kempington]

  • there are no advanced district select options for riot instances
    • this makes joining someone already playing riot difficult - joining via the friends list or the group list results in frequent crashes, you're left with cycling through the available riot instances (which also involves unusually high numbers of crashes) and hoping you're placed in the same instance together
  • "Last Team Standing" seems like an incorrect way to describe riot, as eliminating all teams is both A) not required, and B) not a guaranteed way to win
  • im not sure if its an intentional teaser or not but "Financial - Riot" is kind of redundant, as there's only a single riot district
    • ideally "Last Team Standing" should be replaced by "Riot" because riot is the mode, similar to how "Social District" or "Mission District" is used above
  • regardless of whether its "Financial - Riot" or "Riot" or "Financial", theres a lot of dead UI space around the district name
  • the description text for riot district suffers from the same dead UI space
  • within the description text - not sure why "Weapons", "Get Cash", and "Take out other Players" have odd capitalization
  • the text "Total PvP" is slightly cut off when riot district is selected on the UI
  • there's no warning for new players that this mode is not for new players (sparse tutorial, no matchmaking, necessary knowledge of other apb mechanics for optimal performance, etc)


next is the riot loading screen, which i honestly like for the most part - it manages to be "entertaining" and also functions as a mini-tutorial


[images courtesy of explosion - twitch.tv/exxplosion_]


  • no mention of preset loadouts



  • this is the only place "emitter" is used, everywhere else i can find uses "devices"
  • no mention of the access codes that are needed to arm emitters
  • no mention that arming an emitter will close down a block 



  • no mention of why cash is important
  • getting cash is listed after closing down a block (arming an emitter), which usually isnt possible



  • i feel like a new player wont be able to understand anything on this map other than maybe "skulls are bad"
  • the player character and the zones also quickly change places, probably causing even more confusion



  • no mention of why the truck is important, even though its shown both with ingame footage and as loading screen art
  • no explanation of how the truck works (why its there, what the orange circle is for, etc)
  • the player character actually runs into the toxic gas with no apparent concern in this clip, which is pretty misleading



  • im undecided on this screen - on one hand there's no need to replay the previous riot tutorial (since it replays every time you switch instances), but on the other hand nothing about this screen really has anything to do with riot other than the text



  • initial spawn/pregame "lobby"

i've made it through the district select screen and the loading screen, now im in a riot instance


  • initial district spawns are apparently random, for no reason as far as i can tell
    • this makes it annoying for players (who don't know the old 'double click the contact icon on the map'/'double click the contact in the progression tab' tricks) to access the riot contact since they'll likely have to run several hundred meters - worst case scenario, the match starts before they get there and they're teleported away again


this is the optimal riot pregame spawn - the match countdown is already started, there are lots of teams/players, everything is working smoothly


but i'm not going to talk about optimal, i'm going to talk about this


  • as a consequence of not having advance district select options for riot instances (or if your server can barely top 200 people), you can get placed in an empty district
  • there is nothing to do in empty riot districts: no damage, no vehicles, no mods, nothing to interact with except the chat and the riot contact - its boring as fuck, fix this


  • the map

so whether i have 3 minutes to kill before the match countdown ends or im stuck forever in "waiting for players" riot purgatory i decide to check out the map, which i've masterfully marked out with my expert paint skills


  • the actual map changes are actually pretty sparse and kind of random - there are multiple blocks with no changes whatsoever
    • this results in less incentive to explore the map because most of the mission district "spots" are more effective than riot additions
  • map changes are clearly a little overbalanced towards the center of the map, even though in my experience the final block is rarely in the central park area
  • map changes almost all exist on or next to a street leaving huge portions of the map feeling and looking exactly like they do in mission districts
  • i really can't overstate how bland most of the map changes are - they have a negative effect on gameplay ("perfect" cover overlooking open areas is bad), they fail to "balance" any number of base map problem areas, and don't open/add new areas of the map to explore



  • very common
    • indestructible 
    • provides full standing cover 
    • provides full crouch cover (players can sometimes stand on the red line)
    • can/cannot be jumped over, depending on whether orbit fixes the red line inconsistency


  • less common
    • indestructible
    • does not provide full standing cover
    • provides perfect crouch cover 
    • can be jumped over


  • very common
    • indestructible
    • provides full standing cover 
    • cannot be jumped over 
    • can be shot under (marked with red line) 


  • less common
    • destructible
    • provides full standing cover 
    • cannot be jumped over 
    • can be shot under (marked with red line)
    • can be seen through 


  • less common
    • indestructible
    • provides no cover 
    • can be shot through 
    • can be seen through
    • can be "jumped over" (opened)


  • rare af
    • indestructible 
    • provides no cover
    • can be shot through
    • can be jumped over


  • given all this, i'd personally like to see the concrete half-wall replace most of the concrete full-walls, and more use of the double-wide gates - i feel this would provide better gameplay, as currently a majority of cover is both indestructible and provides perfect/near perfect protection




  • i dislike the excessive use of ladders
    • too much vulnerability
      • difficult to attack upwards, easy to defend downwards
    • slows down gameplay
  • some of the scaffolding leads to alternate paths and some new areas, but there's still some that just exist on their own and are therefore useless





  • grey prefab trailers are basically useless, they're just large blocks of uninspired cover
  • red trailers are pretty well done imo (lots of variation in stacks, open/closed, contents, etc - but there could always be more) but they only exist in 3 places
  • red trailers also have an overuse of ladders imo


misc - construction site


  • easily one of the best map changes
    • provides effective cover
    • provides balanced cover
    • adds to overall district vibe


misc - planks (not marked)


  • these are all good, as far as im concerned there's no such thing as too many alternate movement paths
    • add more though


misc - lmao (not marked)


  • seriously wtf
  • these statues (afaik there's only 2) should be claimable, so anyone can have a giant version of their character that looks like a moron
    • alternatively use orbit staff characters, preferably whoever came up with riot


misc - vehicles (not marked)



  • i didnt mark vehicles on the map above because there are so many, although as you can see they are not evenly distributed across the map - in my opinion this is a mistake as vehicles are often the only cover provided for the wide open streets of san paro
  • a majority of the vehicles seem to be randomly placed leading to an amateurish and sterile feeling environment, there's no sense of any rioting and there's very little indication of a mass civilian panic/evacuation
  • almost all vehicles are in the street or on the sidewalk bordering a street (similar to other map changes), furthering the bland environment feeling
  • the fact that all vehicles are all already destroyed further even reduces environment impact - forcing players to be more careful around functioning cars that can be blown up, having vehicles blowing up during firefights, and opening up av weapons as a more viable option all add more engagement and depth to gameplay
    • abandoned vehicles should be largely undriveable but still damageable, similar to the way an enforcer can shoot and explode a criminal objective car but is not able to actually get into the vehicle (and vice versa)
  • there should be a small number of vehicles that can be driven
    • these should be indistinguishable from normal vehicles, the only visible difference being the "press F to enter" prompt when aimed at


  • riot match

however long it took, there are enough players in the instance and the match is starting


first spawn


[images courtesy of explosion - twitch.tv/exxplosion_]

  • the initial spawn is completely random as far as i can tell, this actually eliminates an important mechanic of most BRs 
    • the ability to choose a starting point allows for more gameplay diversity - do you choose a good map spot (location/pickups/riot devices) and risk fighting other players early, or do you choose to start in a more remote location to avoid other players and slowly build up your character? the presence of groups expands on this - does everyone stick together and pick between busy/remote? does the group split up?
    • removing the initial spawn choice almost certainly eliminates early conflicts and causes slower gameplay overall
  • the rng locations of the initial spawn also have a ripple effect on the rest of the match - cash, hazmat suits, weapons, and access codes are not evenly distributed so anyone with a lucky spawn is going to get an advantage over others





  • groups as a mechanic need to go, they cause too many balance problems
    • either remove them entirely and make riot solo only or create separate riot instances specifically for 2s, 3s, and 4s
  • if you remember earlier during the match countdown teams were 27/27 but now once the match has started they're 10/10
    • math geniuses will note that 27 does not evenly divide by 10, so there is at least one group that is missing a person right from the start
  • money sharing leads to groups making double/triple/quadruple the cash off every pickup compared to a solo player, leading to:
    • way more flexibility with bribing
    • easier respawns
    • easier preset loadouts
    • less risk allows for more aggressive play
  • groups can revive dead teammates by collecting enough cash to pay for an extra life


initial map


  • a little less than half the map immediately gets gassed at the start of every match, normally i'd say this is too much but even with only 50% of the map riot matches still feel frustratingly empty most of the time
    • the gassed section does rotate (north/south/east/west iirc) which forces a little variation into each match
    • id like to see various individual blocks get gassed instead of one large chunk


starting weapon


  • why?
  • new players arent going to be able to use the fbw any better than the snub
  • veterans will most likely get tons of mileage out of arguably the best secondary in the game
    • fbw as starting weapon gives a passive $500 bonus to anyone decent with it, since they no longer have to buy a preset secondary
  • im honestly not sure how to fix this, since most BRs start off with melee which apb doesnt have, my choices are:
    • start with blowtorch permanently equipped as starter secondary
    • start with nfa9 as starter secondary
    • start with no weapons but have bricks equipped in grenade slot, then disabled once any weapon is picked up




  • pickups (cash/weapons/hazmat suits/access codes) are not evenly distributed across the map
    • the sparse map additions aside, the lack of pickups further decreases any reason to explore or make use of the whole map
  • ease of access - too easy
    • running over a pickup while spamming F (or whatever key a player has bound) is dumb
      • perhaps add the small item animation to all pickups, or have all pickups be in riot containers that have to be interacted with (similar to a break in objective) or destroyed to get the contents
  • cash is uncommon but too easy to get
    • the rarity is decent, but it could be made more common if need be - this is the item that basically powers the entire mode after all
    • force players to expose themselves or waste time if they want cash pickups - put them on rooftops, at the top of ladders, on spray points, anywhere that requires players to go out of their way
    • add more ways to spend cash (ammo machine resupplying, hazmat suit vending machines, legendary/meta weapon machines, etc 
  • weapons are too rare, but they should be fairly easy to get
    • increase the amount of weapon pickups
    • increase weapon diversity, ideally to valentines/xmas box consumable levels - wacky mod combos included
    • weight weapon spawn odds so that more effective/meta modded weapons are rarer
    • limited ammunition to encourage frequent pickups/resupplying
    • add grenades 
      • 1 grenade per pickup
      • make them very rare, 1 of each grenade type per instance
    • legendary weapons arent actually legendary (they should be renamed to 'uniques' or 'exotics' but thats another discussion) and should not be labeled as such - no map markers, no yellow glow indicators, etc
    • current legendary indicators should be used for meta weapons, or perfectly modded weapons
  • hazmat suits are fucking everywhere
    • given that we have extra lives, hazmat suits are way too common - having 5 or 6 per location is ridiculous
    • having so many different locations is also ridiculous - there should be 10-20 per match
    • closing down a district should be a valid way to eliminate players but hazmat suits make this almost a nonissue
    • as far as i can tell there's no limit to how many hazmat suits a player can collect
      • i'd suggest 2 or possibly 3
    • have the (now rare) hazmat suits marked on the map, to encourage players to fight over them
    • lower the cooldown - ideally if your hazmat suit runs out the cooldown should last just long enough to put you at rock bottom health (starting from full hp) before you can activate another
  • access codes are also too common
    • make access codes rarer, something like 4 or 5 per match
      • this should also help with hud markers popping in and out due to shitty UI issues
    • the timer should be removed, once a player has a code it should be usable on all riot devices
    • players carrying an access code should be visible to other players somehow, either:
      • change riot device activation UI text to include the character name of whoever activated it
      • make any player carrying an access code ping on radar every x seconds if they're within x meters 
      • make any player carrying an access code ping the vip marker every x seconds if they're within x meters
      • system messages in chat whenever a player carrying an access code enters a block
  • riot devices - not really a pickup but related to access codes
    • rewards should be increased for activating riot devices to encourage conflict over access codes and conflict while chasing access codes
      • possibly increasing rewards for each consecutive riot device a player activates without dying


preset loadouts



  • honestly just delete this whole mechanic its complete shit
  • no reason to worry about finding a decent weapon pickup when i can buy my own perfectly modded weapons
    • anyone with armas weapons has a larger pool of preset loadouts to choose from, adding further imbalance
  • no reason to worry about spending cash on preset loadouts because i now have a perfectly modded ntec/obir/hvr/whatever and i can kill 10 people and steal their cash




[images courtesy of explosion - twitch.tv/exxplosion_]

  • its basically all horrible tbh
    • unnecessary notifications for everything
      • large UI text for teammates unlocking primary and secondary weapons
      • large UI text for teammates getting enough money for an extra life
      • large UI text for the current location even though thats shown on the radar
      • large UI text stacked for RIOT DEVICE ARMING and riot device armed
        • seriously why
      • large UI text that the area is gassed even though the air is literally green
      • large UI text to remind you to use your hazmat suit
      • large UI text to inform you that gas is harmful
      • large UI text after death to inform you of respawn
      • large UI text to inform you of player kills, even though there's already a UI element
      • large UI text to inform you of picking up a hazmat suit, even though the consumable slot is used for the same purpose
      • large UI text informing you to find a riot code, even though there are hud markers
      • pop ups for access code spawns even though they're marked with hud markers
      • hud pop up for cash pickups even though theres a sound and a UI element already, above equipped weapon
        • also cash pickup pop ups seem to get stuck on screen rather often, the only way to fix it afaik is to pick up more cash
      • pop ups telling you to arm riot devices (including a timeframe) even though the hud markers for riot devices pop up and there's already a timer on the main riot UI element
      • pop ups when you pick up a weapon even though there's already a UI element for that
      • pop ups to purchase weapons
      • safe area hud marker that appears and disappears 
      • im sure there's more that im forgetting
    • system message spam in the chatbox
      • crushes any chance of text communication between PUGs
      • difficult to follow 
    • the scoreboard is bad
      • not available until either the round ends or your entire team is dead
      • doesnt show anyone else's information
      • once dismissed for too long, its gone




[image courtesy of explosion - twitch.tv/exxplosion_]

  • the concept of extra lives sounds good but i feel it quickly becomes tedious in actual gameplay
    • everyone has to be killed at least twice due to one free respawn
    • the larger the group the more likely they are to have several extra lives due to increased cash gains
    • respawns are generally far away from the action, 200m or more in my experience
    • teams can revive dead teammates by collecting enough cash
      • all of this combines to drastically slow down every match
  • respawning often places players in toxic zones or zones with activated riot devices
    • this leads to wasting hazmat suits - one is automatically equipped (if available) when spawning in gas
    • often players are respawned so deep into the toxic zones that they cannot reach a safe zone before dying - wasting lives, money, and time
    • players exiting toxic areas are often at a disadvantage vs players already in safe zones
      • its easier to see into toxic areas from safe zones than it is to see into safe zones from toxic areas
      • players may already have taken damage from gas
      • players usually cannot afford to take cover or find an alternate route in toxic areas due to time constraints
  • possible solution to respawn issues would be to copy apex legends' system, with an apb twist
    • teammates have to have enough cash
    • teammates must go to one of several ambulances that spawn around the district (they could be static spawns, but i'd prefer them to be random each match)
    • teammates must interact with the ambulance (similar to a break in objective) to deliver cash
    • once enough cash is delivered, dead teammate revives
      • the ambulance is destructible, so people could potentially hunt these down and blow them up for spite - perhaps ambulances only show hud/map markers if you have a dead teammate
      • revived teammates should have no spawn protection and no gear


the truck


[images courtesy of zeals - twitch.tv/zealslive]

  • it just appears out of thin air
    • i find myself curious what happens if a player is standing in the exact spot the truck would occupy when it spawns
  • the large orange circle for cash bribing is bad
    • its visually distracting
    • it allows players to fight at the same time as they deliver bribe money
      • delete the circle and its dropoff mechanics, instead force players to interact with the truck (similar to a break in objective) in order to deliver bribe money
  • the top half (red painted part) of the truck can be shot through
    • im split on this tbh - i understand that having the truck act as solid cover makes it too easy to just hide behind it and deliver bribes, but it also feels very unnatural shooting through what appears to be a solid object 
    • its not explained anywhere that the truck can be shot through
  • in fact the truck mechanics arent explained anywhere other than some UI text at the very top of the screen and the purple hud marker, and these only appear once the final block "round" beginsfdef2045eb1ebca6b8479982eb1d6177.png




  • getting the same amount of cash for a riot match as i would for a mission is disappointing
  • receiving consumable pack emails is irritating
    • more irritating, consumables can't be used during riot matches
  • standing rewards are bugged and don't show up on the end-of-match scoreboard, but they're also equivalent to mission rewards


swapping instances


  • feels clunky, at best
    • loading into another instance adds even more time, on top of potentially waiting for players and the match countdown
  • the group leader is the only one who can swap the whole group
  • no prompt to swap instances until the entire team is dead
    • if you switch instances before that, you don't get any rewards afaik


  • final impressions

final thoughts on my riot gameplay experience, complete with not-even-being able-to-play saltyness

  • bland map
    • while at first i was excited for new map changes, once i ran through a few riot matches the shine quickly wore off as i realized how little the changes actually do anything to truly reshape the district or alter gameplay
  • a majority of the gameplay is boring
    • the incredibly slow start of every riot match where everyone is spread across the map gathering cash is boring as hell, further compounded by the lackluster pickups (that are almost always in the same places every match) and the bland map (that offers no incentive to explore)
  • there are fun moments
    • the final block/bribe stage is chaotic, dynamic, and usually a lot of fun - the only problem is its preceded by 10-15 minutes of Running Simulator: Reloaded
    • there's just not enough payoff for the buildup - i could get the same chaotic, dynamic, and fun gameplay from fightclub over and over and over and over, without any of the bad elements that come with riot
  • rewards are trash
    • i understand that this is a "beta" but a single skin for 5 levels of progression isnt enough
      • at least throw in some exclusive titles or preset clothing to encourage people to take part
    • the daily rewards (5 day leases of various guns) after maxing out the riot contact are pretty worthless
      • if preset loadouts are removed (as they should be), then players will be winning rewards that they can't even use in the mode
      • why are the leases so short? other f2p leases (purchased with apb$) are 10 days and 7 days - was there really a need to add more complexity to f2p players' lease renewal schedule?
    • the minimal amount of JTs awarded throughout leveling and from achievements are just that - minimal
  • performance
    • lots of crashes
    • minimal fps stability improvements over mission districts - likely only because there are typically less players and less player vehicles per instance
  • visuals
    • a very personal opinion, but all the glowing pickups and the tall toxic "clouds" make the already dated game look even worse
    • its very obvious that a lot of the "new" UI features were shoehorned into existing UI elements
    • the loading screen is a decent attempt at keeping with the existing art style
  • replayability
    • for citadel - very low, riot just doesnt offer many positives that can't be had from other modes
    • for jericho - zero, the population is so low that riot instances have remained below capacity for a majority of the last few days
  • overall
    • too many problems to be worth playing, and even if all issues are fixed (if thats even possible) i worry that its too late for second impressions


  • miscellaneous

random shit that i don't like in no particular order, this section is going to get whiney




  • this is the only place the radar/map icons are shown



  • the starting handgun (fbw) is very good
  • "dark blue" text isnt actually colored dark blue
  • "large numbers" means maybe 4 weapons, usually all the same



  • the starting handgun (fbw) is very good
  • the "light blue" text isnt actually colored light blue
  • "large numbers" means maybe 4 weapons, usually all the same
  • from my experience, secondaries tend to spawn less frequently than primaries



  • hazmat suits have a "dark blue" radar icon, but have a "purple" glow effect ingame



  • access codes arent all that contested because there are just so many of them



  • cash glows "green' ingame, this is not mentioned
  • cash pickups award $250
  • arming riot devices awards $300
  • there's no mention of needing cash to bribe the truck during the final block


riot contacts



  • who designed these awful characters?
    • they're almost as boring as the map changes
    • this would have been a perfect opportunity to hold a contest for the community to create these contacts
  • my mans holland is in the floor
    • where is the quality control?


contact icons



  • these really stand out, which could be good or bad depending on your preference
    • i hate it
  • why do these contact icons not look like all the other contact icons?


block visuals


  • i realize this is a super minor issue that would require crazy amounts of work to fix
    • but it still looks bad
  • this also results in weird borders with the toxic gas itself (not the same location)


car spawns


  • car spawn icons still show up on the ingame environment


vehicle props


  • some float a little



  • some sink a little



  • some sink low enough to sneak past all the testers



  • honorable mention to this unreleased content


missing prop


[image courtesy of explosion - twitch.tv/exxplosion_]

  • there's a vending machine prop missing from this corner in riot instances


nametag bug


  • dying and respawning occasionally results in your player tag getting "stuck" in place even while you run around like a mong


city hall



  • this awful spot is back for no reason other than to further fuck up map balance




  • its now possible to get to the very top of the church building
  • a weapon will spawn on the back corner, which is basically useless to most players


uneven pickup spawns


  • idk it just triggers my ocd, there are a few of these


ok im done, finally


tl;dr - riot sucks, what the fuck are you doing little orbit?




i still think riot should have been anarchy/chaos districts but with randomly generated objectives 


this would have allowed orbit to push out riot super fast, and given them a solid base to “test themselves” on by adding content (new objectives, new mode variations, new weapon balance, etc) over time, as opposed to spending a year developing riot only to delete it within a month 


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I honestly kinda of do too but with how shit the pop is on NA it would be pointless to bring it back.

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On 12/1/2019 at 3:13 PM, Lato said:

Yikes this bipolar community

God forbid a group of individuals with each having unique preferences and opinions.

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