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  1. CandyStripper

    Joker CR-5 skin

    wrong skin map on Casino-Money Also Handgun Holster Config's always unequip without intent if i enter Wardrobe every time
  2. Thank you for the Answer, will wait for the fix
  3. Hey Both Thunder and default ShowStopper are taking 5 shots to kill, wtf, worse than most pistols, Whats going on? used to be 3 Making the Snub revolver slightly better than a showstopper, this must be a joke Merged. Ah, forgot to mention, in prototype A the showstopper is 3 shots to kill, guess you guys made a mistake
  4. Pretty sure the only reason it didnt become popular it was because it had no Joker tickets Rewards /weekly
  5. 40/50.... 0 red pumpkins left on both districts, destroyed 10 wen i was doing the headless horseman.. now its bugged
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