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  1. i hate that game anyways
  2. give me my freaking witch hat halloween reward :(, it's literally the only thing i was looking forward to this halloween. its cool that you guys made new rewards, and dont get me wrong, i like some of them, but they're not items id spend time grinding for because they just simply dont fit my appeal or my outfitting choices. all i want is the witch hat, which i waited an entire year for since my current main character was created during christmas of last year. please and thank you, ily.
  3. ok give me my witch hat though bro Halloween Bats
  4. ok cool, but when are we realizing the whisper's(Kris included) ttk is lower than the currently nerfed oca.
  5. 800 dpi, 8.5normal, 0.328 marksman, no mouse fix
  6. yawn alright, how much longer until the ursus gets addressed as a result of n-tec changes
  7. it makes your nickname whatever you had before and puts a bunch of random numbers that exceed the character limit, because your name isn't valid at that point, you get a namechange. At least that's my understanding of it but I'm pretty dumb so
  8. no, it doesn't, it implies that they're bad changes
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