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  1. I ended up switching to EU due to lack of population. Nonetheless, there is no way to stop people from dethreating and going nuts on new players. The best option available in my opinion is to cut the available resources players have to their availability to cut down on the sheer cliffside that is entry into progression.
  2. Where there are good options for free to play users, not a single one can stack up to the URSUS. In addition, most of the options that are competitive are locked behind months if not years of progression for a casual player. Someone who is just getting into the game; sure they don't have the knowledge of maps, locations or what weapons to use to counter what, but it is incredibly one-sided to say the URSUS is fair compared to any other option available to the free to play user. You can't gain experience if everytime you win a gun fight, they switch to an URSUS and just plow you over. Let me just start by saying that I respect your playstyle and not many people utilize something similar. Using an N-TEC, Sword or CR-5 takes practice to utilize. I understand there's a learning curve, but simply saying any gun being allowed in the Trainee channel is somewhat rediculous. All of the mods and comparable features are locked behind a redonkulous amount of grind, so even the basics like Happy Landings or Clotting Agent are difficult to compare against. Much less a car surfing OSMAW. I honestly feel that they need to make it much less of a wall and add steps to the districts instead of just allowing anyone with any loadout/amount of progression to just roflstomp anyone in the channel.
  3. Heyo! Long time player here and before anyone says anything; yes I do have some pretty "pay to win" guns such as a Patroller. That being said; I made a new criminal character to play with two friends who had played the game very limitedly if at all before, and upon entry into the Bronze District, we got completely decimated by URSUS users who dethreated to reach the "newbie" levels of play. I don't have any account wide weapons aside from the special ones from spending too much money on the game, so it was super demoralizing and they both promptly uninstalled the game. Instead of relying on the whales who throw money at Joker boxes and get weapons that really should be nerfed to begin with, I would like to recommend something. Restrict the available weapons/mods per district depending on the threat level. I.e; Bronze should only be allowed up to Tier 1 mods, Silver 2, and Gold is free for all. Joker Box weapons should be restricted to Silver+ so you don't have a completely ruined new player experience just because some people want to troll the new players. I feel like this would drastically change the new player experience, letting players actually have a chance to learn and understand the game instead of dying every two seconds to weapons like the Volcano and URSUS. These are just my thoughts on the topic though, and seeing as we have little to no new players despite the hype that is the updated engine, I feel like we need a change.
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