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  1. You only have to recolor the cigar's ash to green, then it's a blunt xD
  2. I ignore people just because of their themes sometimes (For obvious reasons) but i think a possible temp-ignore would also work, for situations like the themes and for district spam - you could set to ignore someone for 1 hour-1 day-1 week ect.. and wouldn't have to manually remove it later to make room for more people
  3. The vanity link broke so our symbols are pretty much useless BUT you can still join through https://discord.gg/Tag675c and become one of the 88 current traders using the discord! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. That's how it was when the first round of these prototype servers released, and everyone left right away (Mostly due to already knowing that the guns were already going to be in a bad place, so now that there's a little mystery i'm sure they are hoping that will entice a few more players to try it out - since the first round died out instantly)
  5. Now up to 43 members! (Including bots) tracked by https://disc.gg/apbtrading
  6. But it's not really an effective money sink with better alternatives readily available... But i would agree if they added the timer, then it'd be much more understandable.
  7. Hello everyone! A few friends and i have been discussing how to make trading easier for everyone, and we believe we've come up with the solution! Now it's not a perfect solution, as i know the community discord does have a trading section in it, but this is more focused on trading specifically (More conversation about trading, the economy and so on) instead of an all-around discord, that way we can talk about the prices and whatever else we may feel is on our mind! Come hang out, post your trades and see what kinda offers you can get! We have many features planned for the discord, such as a spreadsheet of common prices that will be updated but that is far into the future, as we want to get everything setup and everyone onboard with a trading specific discord first. If you have any suggestions on how to make the server better, feel free to contact one of our moderators and we will fully consider every idea! (If a trading discord isn't your thing, we totally understand - but if you'd like to come chat anyways with a bunch of traders, that'd be alright too!) JOIN TODAY!: https://discord.gg/Tag675c EDIT: APB:R Trading Discord symbols are now available! Message Authorize on discord to get one, or if you see either Authorize (NA) or Entitled (EU) msg me in-game!
  8. Hello everyone, i've been trading for a while and have gotten pretty used to the system that is currently in place but i do think there are a few changes that could make trading and life as a whole with marketplace easier: 1. Extended marketplace timer - the 24h marketplace is not helping anyone, if we could list our items longer we could have a much more stable economy than items changing in price literally daily (If you follow marketplace prices directly), if there's some sort of issue that arises when the market timer is above a certain amount, maybe set it to as high as it can go - 48h, 72h, A WEEK would be great. 2. Lowered marketplace tax - This is also an issue, because marketplace selling(Legendaries) has pretty much become obsolete unless someone sells something on the marketplace for extremely cheap, and if you're selling you have to sell extremely high to get even close to the value of the weapon, a good fix for this would be lowering the marketplace tax to either 10% or 5%, 0% would be great but i doubt that'll happen especially if my above suggestion is considered.
  9. - Remove personal loadouts. - Remove respawns. - New uses for money (Buy randomly generated guns from joker vending machines, sabotages possibly (Kinda like ults in other games) or some other mechanic that could take money) - Automatically release gas if players aren't able to get to it fast enough, restricting the amount of money your can earn balancing not making as much money for the 3 plans above.
  10. But i have seen my brain, digital scans and recreation? O.o
  11. It works if you close out of the game then try right away, it's happened every time i try to switch districts from one to another so i've done this a few times and it works about half the time.
  12. There's also the achievements you would earn by getting the contact up to 5 - 4 achievements 100 JT each so you make around 800-900 overall
  13. Have you even tried RIOT yet? XD Riot Tokens aren't out yet and yes there is a RIOT contact that gives rewards, they are talking about this (4 wins and like 7-10 matches and i just hit level 2): The social contact you're talking about is glitched, or just doesn't show the rewards - but this is the contact actually in the RIOT district.
  14. When you die you drop your weapon in mission districts, it seems to be un-intended since you can't drop the weapon unless you die (Doesn't drop when switching, seems like a RIOT mechanic that leaked over)
  15. The third one was documented when they first started talking about RIOT, not sure why they didn't add it in the actual patch notes though...
  16. Everyone is having mixed feelings about it, i've seen a few people just instantly out-right hate it just because they don't like the idea of battle royals. My opinion is that it's a lot of fun, the only things i'd change are not being able to buy your primary loadout whatsoever, i think this would be great cause then you'd actually have to get lucky with what guns you find right away - and what legendaries you can pickup throughout the matches. More importantly if you are unlucky enough to spawn directly in the gas either it be early game/late game the game should give you the hazmat suit for free without using a charge or setting the cooldown, i've already seen quite a few people just rage quit due to spawning in the gas on a respawn then running over hazmat suits but not being able to use them and die right before they get to the safezone. Besides those points i believe it has potential.
  17. I don't think those are getting transferred either (Hence the G1c compensation) but i could be wrong.
  18. "The plan is to migrate mail as well" 1. As stated previously there are certain mods that don't exist on Citadel/Jericho - I believe "Piercing" was one of them, not totally sure what else there were but if they were to transfer things such as guns players could just put the illegal mods on said weapons and have them transferred over. As far as the rest of your questions i can't really help you, sorry.
  19. I wouldn't really call what i said arguing but i see where you're coming from, i was just trying to answer and clear what i said up as there might be other people that could be confused why i brought it up. x3
  20. It's clearly more than just one account bound gun, and better than nothing given the situation - they could have given nothing seeing as how they weren't the ones that received the money, and make the players rebuy everything if they still wanted to play (Not as good of an option, given the context it's in.)
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