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  1. Maybe add a RP server without any customization limitations for the time being. edit: strictly 18+ lol
  2. !! Just to be fair: I kind of liked the description of the EMP grenade although a bit messy. Always liked the idea of placing anti-vehicle mines as well for example. And new vehicles, absolutely ... but please when they have time because, well... get that EU pushed out! None of these will really do anything for a good US/EU population experience; - Names of characters and clans? I just made several new ones on return, yeah still have my old ones as well but just having fun. Including clan names. You have your eye on a certain name or what? Silly. Maybe think about it a like a year after the EU. Or a couple of months after the EU at least. - People with more different languages and even more lag won't really be a solution. Never has been in any game. They need their own servers for a reason. It just does not help. - New weapons / vehicle.. ugh really? For new population? ------------- Here's an idea: let's get the Engine Update pushed out. To be fair I just got back so it's at least one more now
  3. Kevlar would be fine (again) if people missed some shots now and then (again) lol. It's still fine in bronze! lol And yeah it's better with certain loadouts obviously, most people like to play fast so CA was always more popular anyway. Make it viable again, the less and less people miss (or not at all) makes Kevlar help the enemy team; moving behind or between cover / running towards cover - then CA is way better. Taking position and trying to be a turret is more the Kevlar idea ... but kind of useless if only a couple extra hits still kill you while not being able to relocate lol. Maybe make movement / armor almost normal when not crouching and make kevlar kick in with a little improvement and slowdown when you do? lol
  4. APB was big at the beginning, you wasn't there at all for saying such things. As a matter of fact it was so huge their earn-rtw-currency idea broke the whole thing. But ignoring that part the population it was, well you cannot even imagine it today. I'll always be happy I was a part of that time and maybe, maybe the EU and future idea's might bring a part of that experience back. But if you missed it you missed it, don't talk that silly because there are still people around who were part of it at that time. Makes you look like a fruitcake. APBr had some good and some debatable updates, and many obscurities added which I personally wouldn't mind to see revamped or even removed. tl;dr your whole comment is backwards and see you next week :)
  5. Afaik for full RTX feature support you need windows 10 version 1809. For example ray tracing features will only load in 1809 or higher. However from an absolute tryhard I know that he got testing done on Windows 10 1709 (= RS3) on his 2080 card. Just installing the official (older) turing GPU driver makes it run. IIRC he used 425.31 but maybe even 417.61 would make it run on 1709. And just for your information Nvidia does not give any tech support involving anything below Windows 1803 with RTX. tl;dr become a trihard and try using your brand new rtx card on the old Windows 1709 with the old 425.31 drivers (or even older?!) and see if it makes any changes for APB before the EU. probably not, but hey if nobody ever tries it lol edit: oh and block updates, obviously, lmao
  6. Gee I always pick the right days to check back But it's fixed so, ok ty!
  7. It's still better and always will be better that a few players won't get quick matches or matches at all, than the entire game no new population. Teehee 2005 comment
  8. As long as cheaters live stream and troll-post I'm gonna say nothing much changed since this post. Oh well soon right?
  9. About as hard as not listening to the ffvet people that are completely done with APB and should just be ignored no matter how high their little inner circle jumps around you. Don't listen to them Matt.
  10. You guys lost it. You have been here for so long doing your thing you want something else. What are you even talking about, read these posts of the daily puffers again? NO. Go play these others games if that's what you want, if that's what you crave. You want to change APB into something the few of you self entitled ffvets would like and then wonder why the game is falling apart around you -why don't other people like these changes such silvers they are-. Here is the big news for you, ready or not; you are done with APB and you should take a break, at this point APB and its future would be better off without you. Take that pill preferably standing up.
  11. I kinda miss the old muzzle flash tracer does that count?
  12. I do care a lot about how the game looks. I know some tryhards disable everything possible, up to animations / player customization / default characters etc. No I want it to look as good as possible even if that means their screen has a slight / debatable advantage over my screen. Same for shadows. I don't want to play something that looks like 8bit in 2020 on my 2019 hardware. Even the current APB can be tweaked towards pretty nice visuals if you are willing to sacrifice some performance, even more when shaders were allowed. But again other people used it to gain advantage instead of graphical quality. Anyway, I do like such looks and I have the opinion that a screenshot doesn't fully resemble what this look is like while actually playing the game. I know how that sounds but really it is different while playing. Then again I do play those other games as well so I might be biased. What I personally would like to know is how it runs in 4k, but I'm sure there are more pressing matters for now.
  13. Tried it and the weapon is actually pretty good. Thought it was fair to say that.
  14. It has been forever but LTL was also stronger in the past, in the sense that you had to equip something to protect yourself from it. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if LO crafted an APB:classic server with the original setup. Even if only for us to remember again what changed down the road.
  15. Real golds have been camping in the silver district since forever!!!! Golds that DO NOT belong in the silver district have been playing there for so long it's hard to remember what it was like before this mess started. This is not LO's fault in any way, shape or form still what we have now is half-assed segregation that isn't valid for a low population; one time the true segregation-button got pressed and the true golds cried such a flood on these very forums that it had to be reverted. MANY manyyyy true golds QUIT the game over having to play in the gold district!!! Which led to the golds that were left having barely any opposition in their gold district. Meanwhile gold-plated silvers became real silvers real quick in the silver district and both bronze and silver district were doing good. No, GOLDS have almost never played in their true district and therefore true silvers like to play in the bronze district. Get your facts straight say it how it is; both are doing the exact same thing!! Pointing at what silvers are doing in the bronze district while golds are doing the exact same thing is so two-faced it's just sad to read this crap again, it comes back each year and again and again, on this very forum. So here we go once more: "we need segregation". Ok fine, get out of the silver district as a gold. Come play with me in gold. I'm not talking about gold plated silvers, they will be silver in the silver district once the real golds are gone there. And at the same time we remove the silvers from the bronze district. >noooo we don't have enough pop for that TRUE Finally you finger-pointing never-playing-in-gold-district golds get to the point; the pop is way too low for this half-asses segregation or full segregation to be applied. The MAIN reason silvers play in bronze is because golds play in silver. If you truly wanted segregation you'd be gone from silver and that won't happen and is understandable with this low pop. But don't start pointing fingers at muppets for doing the exact same thing you are doing. No, the only way to fix this with the current pop is either random mm [you'll have crap, normal and good matches] ... or some type of balancing system that can transfers people and / or groups of people towards the district they can have an appropriate fight in. Which sounds amazing but won't be possible without the EU. It's really sad to read all the crap towards the silvers in bronze while the one time we had true segregation it was the golds who quit in anger. Let's wonder why. >ooh i got punished for playing good No you didn't you got placed where you belong. I was there as well but you still didn't want to play in gold. No you like to shout at silvers for avoiding you in the silver district instead. Grow the hell up.
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