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  1. mpuone

    We need...T R E N C H C O A T S

    With the engine upgrade, it be a good time to add simple clothing physics. Maybe a bit of bounce in the hair.
  2. mpuone

    Ultra wide

    Are there really issues with playing ultra wide? I haven't experienced the FOV thing, and I haven't noticed anything else. Not even any competitive advantage.
  3. mpuone

    Questions for LO

    Spotify integration would be a neat feature.
  4. mpuone

    Rate The Music Above You

    8/10 I'm not a fan of the vocals, but definitely not bad overall. (My fav from them is definitely Laser Raptor 3D, but that video is more fun)
  5. Name: Wargasem From: Canada Preferred faction: Crim Likes : Music, Cars, Black and Red Hates: Unfair fights, shotguns Phrase: Sorry...
  6. I'm running the game on max, plus AA, with a 980ti and a i7-4790k with 8GB RAM. The game play's smooth, but it still stutters occasionally, or straight up freezes for a few seconds. But until this thread I thought it was just server lag.
  7. This is my feeling as well. G1 didn't do a good job with the visuals, but there are some improvements over RTW. But with that being said, G1 did not keep the APB feel. That's what I want Little Orbit to look into, what RTW did and go from there. So that the game looks nice (dynamic lighting please), but most importantly, keeping the APB feel.
  8. I'm native French, so I demand.... Just kidding. I wasn't aware there were so many issues with the translations. So yes, a crowd sourcing method could be a solution. I know of another game that use Crownin, and it seems it was very successful.
  9. mpuone

    Kicked for Inactivity

    Well this is frustrating, being kicked out of the server for inactivity. No warnings that noticed. I know the importance of this feature, but I feel it should be adjusted a bit. Maybe less sensitive. I was guarding the briefcase in the Asylum district, I hit 5 Star bounty and so I stayed around the briefcase for my own safely. I kept moving side to side while guarding an entrance, but apparently this wasn't enough to not be kicked.
  10. mpuone


    Since the developer and publisher technically haven't changed I don't think it would be rebranded. Once the game is updated to Unreal 3.5, and the consoles get a patch, that be a good time for a new marketing campaign. Personally, I'd like Reloaded dropped from the title. Have it just called APB, like before. But all these name changes could just confuse people.