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  1. Quite a few veterans are still active, and there were improvements made by the new owner Little Orbit. Including but not limited to, new anti-cheat, a bunch of different events, ARMAS prices rework, weapon balancing, network migration, code optimization and work done on engine update.
  2. Why not just add channels? Like in most other MMOs, we can have an English only channel and Russian, if needed, as well as other major languages. There would be no Cyrillic allowed in the English channel etc. And obviously the player names would be in Latin.
  3. While you are right, threat segregation does make it more playable for bronzes, and yes, it is a temporary fix. Even Matt Scott has said it himself, he intends to revise the matchmaking after threat segregation is in place.
  4. I have major drops during my play too, as you said, lasting around 3-5 seconds. But those are rare, what I often have are micro drops, the game will skip a few frames and by then I'm pretty much dead.
  5. Has anyone else noticed an increase both in quantity and frequency of FPS drops? Specifically after the un-christmas update. And especially when in a firefight. It's really getting on my nerves, the screen just freezes for a fraction of a second but when it's back I'm 1 shot away from death. And it happens pretty much every single time I engage in a firefight, mostly when it's CQC. I hope Little Orbit takes notice and tries to fix it, it's just incredibly frustrating.
  6. This. LMGs are certainly not relevant to the game as it is. They take way too long to blow up a car compared to an explosive weapon (grenades, OSMAW, OPGL, the legendary rocket launcher). The only upside they have is you can keep sustained fire on a vehicle that's moving, but you can easily have that by standing on a car following the target with an OSMAW. LMGs are terrible at close range, and most of them suck at long range too, at least compared to assault rifles/rifles. They are not viable in any way, because there are tons of guns that could fill in the gap. I thing LMGs need a buff in their ttk or at the very least a buff to their hard damage so they can at least be an alternative to the OSMAW. What they lack in mobility certainly is not made up for in any other way. Perhaps a bipod mod could be added so that they can be used crouching with no recoil or simply anything that would make them more usable and a solid alternative.
  7. To be fair, GTA online too has horrendous load times, but of course its map is much bigger.
  8. It would be pretty awesome to have random world events. Like a money delivery truck breaking down and everyone in the vicinity fights over it. It would also be really cool to have criminals fight other criminals for the money, or turf wars. Or new missions such as stealing a gas truck, haha. Maybe spikestrips that slow down the vehicle that goes through it for 10-20 seconds. An EMP mod for vehicles that disables all modifications in a vicinity for 30 seconds,
  9. Well, SPCT was going to be given a new build around this time, according to Matt, so it is likely that it's soon. But you never know, lol
  10. Just yesterday I was put against two gold players, while I was given a trainee and a rank 40 silver player on my team (being a silver myself at the time). The trainee wouldn't even come to the objective and the silver did nothing but die, eventually giving up and driving around after 3 deaths. So I was forced to fight two high rank golds on my own, with no option to remove my teammates or call backup, barely kept my K/D near 1, and eventually lost. Both matchmaking and the evaluation of players' capabilities needs a rework. A trainee should not even count as much as a green player, and players that are 300+ meters away from the objective for ~3+ minutes with no damage given or received should be given demerits for not participating. And to add on the topic, perhaps an incentive can be given to lower threat players to play against higher threats, maybe higher rewards to experience and APB$ to get them to actually play (Of course, with an improved matchmaking and skill evaluation in place).
  11. That is a shame, since I was hoping to buy the micro bundle, available to both factions.
  12. That is both relieving and confusing. I can't seem to find the vehicle bundle I purchased in the store, so how am I supposed to upgrade it?
  13. I doubt that's hard, that's freshman level in college in programming classes.
  14. Is such thing possible at the moment? It would go a long way in terms of upgrades and player satisfaction. I'm certain many of us would like to upgrade their character permanent weapons/vehicles to account wide permanents. Is it doable?
  15. Okay so, the only thing I want from this pack are the shoes. Nothing else. But it appears the only way to get the shoes from the "Urban Strike Clothing Set" is to buy this gigantic package. Why even name the clothing set differently if the only way to acquire it is through buying the Juggernaut Strike Pack? And if people want the clothing pack only, they have to buy the whole darn thing? It's pretty absurd, and if the goal here is to make the player spend more money on stuff they don't even want, then that's a pretty bad business model.
  16. They may be late on some promises, but they've come a long way. They've brought their support response time down significantly, added events (although many hated it) and brought us closer to the engine update than anyone ever has. I think they deserve to be appreciated, because I can tell that they really are trying. And I believe they will get there soon. They've added many great things, too. Examples being, ARMAS discounts, fun items, new anti-cheat system, support responsiveness, communication with the community, and many more.
  17. Update: Lowest ping still at 120ms, nothing has changed as far as I can tell.
  18. Good point.. I wasn't expecting anything and I'm still let down.
  19. Could the migration be finally happening? Fingers crossed.
  20. As far as I can tell, it is being tested by the SPCT right now, so probably in a month maybe?
  21. To be honest, I don't think they're even checking the forums these days, and maybe until the 2nd or 3rd they won't. So I'd save my breath until then
  22. A harmless prank haha, but also a criticism
  23. Judging by my join date I must be a platinum by now
  24. They should hire Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish employees so that no religious holiday can put such a big hold on all services.
  25. Perhaps you can try one of those services that re-route your connection to the shortest one? Normally they don't help much but if the issue is caused by the long route your ISP gives you it could be quite beneficial
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