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  1. What in the nomenclature is this?? A re-roll isn't necessarily a cheater it's someone who max out the levels and start all over again so eg. You max out pick up a star556 and trashing everyone who you can and automatically you being called a cheater who low rank. I do it when I use to play this game often now I just mostly lurk on forum back when bloom was present because you learn something new everytime and you need to learn the game one account or character isn't going to cut it you need more than that. With that said hope it's more clear.
  2. 8GB ram, i7 3770, GTX1050ti...on windows 7 64bit...80-100 fps...whats your specs? If anything this could be a big help with is the new call of duty battle royale(WARZONE)for 97GB file size. Hell to run that game with my specs for what i thought I had future proof system. I can run Bf3 and 4 Ultra at 1080p Max with over 60 -100 fps. I managed to get war zone stable with 60fps lock using page file extension, bit NVIDIA 3d settings sweet spot and some config file With 8GBRAM and Win7. I really don't understand how APB can run bad for you, Maybe you should watch warzone performance fix videos and apply it to APB. For a game that requires 16GB RAM WIN 10 64bit. I'm not straying off topic about another game just to let you know.
  3. That PMG have tooo much range. I Agree, However you can use the environment to your advantage with any weapons once used properly...
  4. Little Orbit will do no such thing.. Bro you mad? When the Atac first came out it was considered OP and it got nerf... already. Its people like you why guns get nerf.. because when you learn how to use the weapon...you master it and gain a bonus by owning with it. The Atac is actually the closest to a normal weapon as other games and special in its only way just like the oca nano hold and spray. Once used the ntec properly you can outgun it, However be in the open and you are going to drop. May I add a but....every mission and environment matters in APB, so you will find that at some point you have to keep switching weapon to counter the enemy's weapon or suitable for the environment.
  5. The registration date on his avatar is 2012, asking a question if he is new is somewhat ignorant? I'm not a forum warrior as you can see my number of post and the reg date. That said I don't think he is newbie, but i understand what he is implying
  6. Well hmm The GTX 10 series works good with this game..yes its old 2016 but still strong.
  7. utonn nnnnuuuuuuu???ouuuuuuuuunnnnnaaaeeeeeioooouuuu
  8. Its good they delay the release 1)Implement patch and lots of bugs and errors - community complains LO dont know what they doing and not testing properly before release. 2)Roll back and delay until everything is sorted out and ready for roll out - community still complains Cant please the community huh. Typical people.
  9. to be honest some weapons in apb takes time to learn longer than any normal shooter because of controlling bloom and recoil, bullet spread its retardedd but its apb.
  10. I think is your cpu or gpu i run i7 3770 with 8gb ddr3 ram and gtx 1050TI 4GB ddr5 with graphic settings high and i maintain stable 60 fps average 80 fps even when driving but not driving max 100 fps
  11. People still ranting about this seriously guys and writing essays and paragraphs ? Well I replied to this topic earlier seems no one cares read it and understand. I may not be having big reputations or be a forum warrior like you guys. I keep to myself most of the times, I don't have time for that - see my joined date 2013 only 500 post. I have been here long enough and saw what this game went through. Anyhow Some things op mentioned are true maybe it was called for attention I just find it came across insulting to the company a more polite thread could have been understandable. But LO has just taken the decision to bring this game back from the dead and into the future. People want RTW versions back in 2019? Are you even serious? The graphics looks like an 80's game and the bloom oh hell no put some oil on your screen and you should achieve it. On a serious note though the unreal engine 3.5 has its own unique graphics/ bloom that is comparable to today's time not to mention the optimizations/ performance. The bullet tracers were somewhat cool? The updated ones even better. As for the weapon balancing that will take time and I do hope LO gets it right this time. Complains about certain weapons, its what we have to work with so probably learn it or use another gun. But give the company time to make these changes do positive feed backs. Have some patience yo play something else don't express your hate towards the new company at least not yet. too much time on hands -complains about essays and paragraphs look what i just did
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