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  1. I mean, it's cheap and all but why are you all wasting time on making presents? One of the main appeals of this game is being able to make your character look however you want. People don't want presents, they want more base clothing to design themselves. If someone really wanted to they could just make the design themselves and slap it on anything without paying any g1c. Please actually put work into new cosmetics next time instead of pumping out stuff that can already be made by the players in game. It's just lazy.
  2. Feelsbadman, I'm an OBT only pleb. Why live.
  3. I mean the game was hardly ever p2w. But yea, this stops the braindead idiots that never played the game from using it as an argument.
  4. I mean we can use what ifs all you want but LO said they "built it from the ground up". I doubt anyone would even think of the other weapons since LO decided to put that part in (which they just took an old model anyways so didn't really build it from the ground up lol).
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