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  1. I genuinely wonder why half of you people stick around if all you're going to do is berate Little Orbit and say how trash this game is. Great, we've all known how trash it is for the past fucking 6 years at this point. We've all been waiting since "Q4 2014"(lmao). Why're you people so impatient now? Making APB 2 isn't going to solve shit. No, it wouldn't be easier, and it amazes me that it's still even a discussion.
  2. Man you've always got something to complain about don't you? "You think to make the community happy? 2/3 new rewards for halloween?" I don't know about anyone else but I'm happy we're getting new content at all. I'm also happy it's headless horsemen and not epidemic.(no offense LO but that wasn't the best event) "- No any bug/glitch fixes; - No any issues fixed like RTX ones etc; - No any interest regarding support tickets; - No any interest in catching cheaters or improve the "Anti-Cheat" feature (if it is really active, but i don't think); - Crashes and disconnects regarding servers. More, of course" 1. Not much they can do when the code for the game is hot garbage. (Engine Upgrade) 2. I haven't looked into the RTX problems much since I don't have RTX but from what I've seen it's mostly due to APB being 32-bit atm. Once APB changes to 64-bit *hopefully* most of those problems should be gone. 3. There are plenty of posts mentioning why support tickets are slow, etc. 4. As someone who has cheated in the past (ffbans.org) it's pretty easy for me to tell when someone is cheating. I personally haven't seen a cheater since Battleye, am I doubting they're out there? No, especially since we have EAC now(EAC is a good anti-cheat but it's easier to get past than Battleye, plus EAC doesn't require a bypass so alot of websites can start selling there APB cheat again for pretty cheap) Here's a thought, maybe your just bad? Lmao. 5. Server merge. "The Only thing could make me happy is if (IF) you guys are going to put the LCR back into the ARMAS, or should i be happy for the Same Halloween "Event" with glitchers going on rooftops or brake the rules without being punished? NO, THANKS LO." Didn't know LO needed to cater just to you. "PS I will give it 1 match, not more, if i see Anything out of the ordinary, like.. Glitchers for example, or other shit, im OUT." Trust me, this game would be better without you. Bye.
  3. Matt has said it will be headless horseman.
  4. If you're asking what it is, it's the headless horseman. If you're asking why it's not out yet, bruh it aint even Spooktober.
  5. As much as I'd like a Hoplon server so all the BR's can fuck off they make up too much of the NA population right now to justify it.
  6. Well I'd like APB to be stable first, I love this game but it's not exactly known for being stable. I'd like some more contacts so I actually have a reason to play again (other then spending way to much money on this game for me to stop playing) I agree with most of Lily Rain's ideas and something I would want in the far far future would be motorcycles, however I feel like this would be quite a challenge to implement correctly. But here's some ideas for it: Not much use for carrying mission items, perhaps a 2 slot trunk (I'm still on the edge for this one)Shooting a SMG or Pistol while on a motorcycle Obviously different bikes need different speeds and accelerations And that's all I can think of for now.
  7. Except you can, just press enter it'll put you in the game before your character is loaded. I've been doing it forever, works great.
  8. I'm all for a good civilized argument but these posts just make me mad, Battleye is easily the strictest anti-cheat out there and for that it's one of the best. Battleye requires EXTENSIVE testing as many other people have said and chances are they're in the testing phase at this point, as much as I'd like a patch for Battleye to come out tomorrow so I can get my account back I'm perfectly fine with waiting another few weeks on a polished Battleye.
  9. A few questions, Queue for full servers? Will you be increasing the amount of layers we can use to make symbols?
  10. This is a very rough estimate but LO bought APB roughly 3 weeks ago let's say that the first week was entirely meeting everyone, reorganizing them, and rehiring some old people; the second week is when the work starts so, they start working on the TOS and anti-cheat the TOS came out last week and from what Matt has said the anti-cheat is roughly 3/4 done (again this is a very rough estimate) at the pace they seem to be going I'd expect the new anti-cheat in 2-4 weeks.
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