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  1. Jahola

    Flaws' Ultimate APB Guide

    Great job! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this.
  2. Jahola

    Some Delay in work maybe..

    Oh thanks for the clarification, I didn't read it properly
  3. Jahola

    It has been 3 months.

    Tell Matt to hire me real quick and I'll take a look at your ticket
  4. Jahola

    Some Delay in work maybe..

    Some of us (me included) have been waiting for months to get a reply, you'll have to be patient as there's about 70k+ tickets at the moment.
  5. If I'm not out Saturday night then I'll be there!
  6. Jahola

    The State of APB

    Any of you tried bloodrush?
  7. Jahola

    The State of APB

    Discount code Alpha btw
  8. Jahola

    Clear all button (Mods)

    YES I will add that to the original post, brilliant idea!
  9. Jahola

    Clear all button (Mods)

    Bad idea? or can nobody be bothered to reply? haha
  10. Jahola

    Clear all button (Mods)

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but having one single button to clear all mods from a weapon would be much nicer than having to clear each mod slot individually. Mod presets which you can save as loadouts would also be great. (suggested by AAMSS) Thoughts?
  11. I think it's down to the fact that shotguns now function how they should have from the beginning, and as a result everybody is very excited to use their new toy.
  12. Did you not think to watch your video before uploading it? lol
  13. Jahola

    Help me

    Sounds like an issue with the BattleEye client, have you tried re-installing BattleEye?