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  1. So..

    using Kevlar 3 + Med Spray is such an abusable setup.

    It's legit giving you "God" mode.

    When the opp tags you 85 and you use the Med Spray in that moment, it seriously almost instantly recovers you back to full HP..

    Making it almost impossible for the opp to kill you, especially if ur using OP guns.


    Should it be fixed? Definitely


    Sorry in advance for the good Players out there, if now more peoples gonna try this setup and you gotta deal with that crap.

    Maybe LO will notice it @MattScott. 🤷‍♂️





  2. CPU: i7 7700K 4.5 GHZ

    GPU: 1060 GTX 6GB

    RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz


    !Game settings setted to minimal!


    Social District

    130-144FPS stalbe after everything loaded. Some FPS drops after 5-10 mins.


    Fight Club

    110-144FPS depending on where you are.

    Huge frame drops after every 5-10mins.

    Multiple explosions on one place causing freezes.



    While being in the Spawn selection (After getting killed),

    pressing POS1 to open the chat or O to open the Options menu will give you just a grey screen.



  3. 31 minutes ago, WorldDominator said:

    Your ip changes every 24 hrs but still remains in your country, if you're friend accessed your account from another country it gets suspicious especially when he logs in alot, yet there's no prove you're not using a vpn.

    So if they really just randomly decided to check your account's login history they still have no solid information on whether you really shared your account or not.

    Which isn't enough of an evidence to ban a player imo.

    At this point i strongly believe you haven't told us everything. 

    My IP is changing EU wide 😛 

  4. Hmm..

    My IP changes every 24h, so i should have been banned tho then (If the IP logs get checked automaticly).

    Even if you would share your account with ur friend, it shouldn't be bannable..

    Since it's your decision if you give ur login details to someone, why would they mind about it.

    If the account gets stolen it's ur problem then and not theirs haha.

  5. 16 hours ago, ComFeyer said:

    the eu servers are currently spun up in our new york servers while we are working to get the eu servers fully sorted out.

    they were stuck in customs, as mentioned by matt previously.

    once those servers are all sorted out we will be bringing citadel back to the eu servers and then jericho should have both of the na locations available.


    video evidence can always be sent in, preferably via the support reports.

    keep in mind that any evidence needs to be verified and fully investigated for actions to possibly be taken based on it.

    @ComFeyer aiaia Senior GM. You're to old for this! 😉

  6. Heya guys,


    for that who want to join us, please directly contact us here on the forums or DM us in Discord.


    Note// Discord -> You have to join the server first to contact us due to the settings


    Forums (REZ Officers):

    @_Avanth (Avelite)


    Edit//: I'm not a Officer anymore, i've headed up to the Mod position.




    REZ Officer Team

  7. Another "add it to the pile" topic yay..!

    But what so ever, uhm.. yeah title says it actually.

    Is the population dropping due to that cheaters ain't getting banned?

    Is it dropping because we almost keep versing 24/7 the same peoples?

    Is it the communication between LO and the community?

    ..or just cause of that the "Eninge Upgrade" is not getting live.

    (Who cares about some graphical issueses or bugs.. Me definitly not, i finally want a 64Bit APB version)


    I guess that was all what got in my mind while being bored ha ha.. ha..



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