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  1. 1 minute ago, DiBBz said:

    all those options kinda dont line up with what majority have in mind. the threat system needs an overhaul badly along with matchmaking. so it properly matches those with the appropriate skill.


    and the threat districts need to GTFO. instead replacing it with much like open conflict. but bronze and greens will have their own private districts so they can learn and adjust accordingly to the games somewhat demanding learning curve.

    Everyone got his own opinion.

    I know that my "Options" are not lining up to 100% with all.

    Of course you can add ur options which you would prefer. I gotta add them to my thread.

  2. 2 minutes ago, gdfgdfgfdgfd said:

    yup that's right...in 2011-2012 before the districts threads change the gold districts was full and nobody didn't tried to de-threat only if they wanted to farm in bronze district with criminal

    Exactly! But you see, over the years it was like a Domino effect.

    First the one does it, then a group, then more groups, then a whole clan etc..

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  3. So i realized, that kinda many Silvers are complaining about, that to many Goldies joining the Silver Districts.

    Like i seriously understand you guys, but the main problem why acutal some "Gold" players started to play on the Silver districts in the past is,

    that they hoped to face silvers to farm them instead of getting hardcore/good Goldies.


    But what's about the good Goldies, why they don't join the Gold Districts atm? An simple answer, they are forced to join the Silver districts because the Gold ones are just empty.

    Gold Districts are giving more EXP/Ingame Cash or not? Yes, though i would appreciate it, if the one person who made the % [How much you get] tabel, could post it here.


    So, they are 3 options from my side.


    Option 1: Everything gotta stay as it is (Simple one).

    Option 2: Removing the ability to join lower threat districts complettly.

    Option 3: Rework the matchmaking / threat system. | By TheOppositePolarBear


    [Removed]Option 3: Change the abiility to join lower threat districts only for GOLDS


    All options colliding with the dethreater problem and the "Threats are to easy to get" one.

    Of course there have to be many changes befor this may works.

    !!This thread is for the future!!


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  4. LF Clan

    11 hours ago, DiBBz said:

    its also sad to hear you left midgard. im not currently sure of midgards current activity as i know they where very inactive from me talking to lisa pre battle eye announcement/patch.


    other than that its really just wasp or 8bit or resistance. all superb clans with great previous track records.


    its your choice after all.


    ps. did you check with Mullemeck or lisa/alex in determining if midgard is brimming with activity again ?


    WASP hmm, not sure about that at all.

    8Bit (BitFenix) is an acutal "Friends-Only" Clan as i remember or may im wrong. Though i don't really want to be in that upper circles.

    I didn't asked Alex yet, if he gotta bring back the activity to Midgard.


    Though such 2-3 weeks ago, a Member of Carte Blanche whisperd me, to join 8Bit950.

    I was kinda confused after he whisperd me that lol.

  5. 7qidZcr.jpg


    Monitor: Asus 27inch 60Hz (Sadly 😞)

    Headset: G430

    Keyboard: Parthica Gaming Keyboard

    Mouse: Razer Deathadder
    Roccat Taito




    CPU: i5 4750 3,20Ghz (Soon i7 6700k)

    GPU: ROG STRIX 1060 6GB OC

    Mobo: Maximus VII Hero (z270 Asus Prime soon)

    Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 (DDR4 16GB 2333Mhz soon)

    SSD: 120GB (For windows only)

    HDD: 1TB (For my gud gems)

    Cooling System: Watercooler for CPU, 2 Fans front Cold in, 2 Fans up for Heat removal


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  6. 1 minute ago, Ken2 said:

    There are plenty of ways to hidde yourself and you know it... if there is that easy like you say... we wouldnt have cheaters rerolling.

    I have multiple pc and isps...


    A probably solution would be not to load dislikes or likes to the profile and just limit it to the posts with emoticons, just like right now. The reason is to prevent what we already see, and with posts to see people reactions towards them, just like any other social media.


    People could receive rewards to their profiles by the CM by their good behaviour (wont say moderators because they are allways biased, i expect a cm to be more neutral).

    A Multihunter is not similar to an IP-Hunter 😉

    A Multihunter checks a way more things then just the IP.

  7. 1 minute ago, Ken2 said:

    That will barely work, and i never hidden myself. There should get ride of likes or dislikes, it can happen anyways but limited to 10 per account...

    Barely? From my own experience i can tell it will work. I used a Multihunter plugin on my own Community Project in the past and it worked really good.

    But yea, it's my opinion.

  8. 10 hours ago, etucat said:

    Gold threat should be harder to achieve

    Removing the "Green" threat

    if it be harder to achieve, we need more threats, not less.

    Just look at other fps games, in all of them a large number of ranks (threats for us).

    In my entire APB time (5 Years), i only saw one time a Green-District online.

    Though in the time where i was new to the game and was playing in Bronze districts,

    i did only saw around 10-15 greenies.

    Like seriously, if ur are a greeny, you can achieve the Bronze threat just by winning 1-2 missions and killing 4-6 players.

  9. 1 hour ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Ogre is fine though. It has its very tiny niche and is otherwise useless apart from that.

    Depends on. Corner camping and sprayin.. 😛

    • Trading system (Such on steam or similar to it)
    • Gold threat should be harder to achieve
    • A "Join as soon as a spot is available" option for Districts
    • Weapon customization
    • Increase the layer limit for NonPrem users just a little bit
    • Nerf Yukon/Ogre
    • More diffrent symboles
    • Crosshair customization (Dynamic/Static/Diffrent Crosshair options/Colors)
    • Removing the "Green" threat (By experience i can tell, this threat is acutally useless)
    • More ranks
    • More maps/New Missions

    Edit// Maybe as well a small Team of Players for bug/glitch finding ingame. (Lets say the join requirements would 1,5k houers APB experience)


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