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  1. On 6/13/2018 at 7:21 AM, Scra4P said:

    So basically i think that we can all agree its pretty annoying spamming the join district button when its 40/40, I really think in my opinion that we should get a new Que System that will just let you chill instead of monitoring the join district button, Somthing like BF4 style.

    Hope to see that feature soon or once more people will pop into the game

    I've already suggested that, but the main problem of it is, Stream snipers can easier join by this.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Lign said:

    There're no cheaters at all atm, just google for popular cheat sites and you will that all of them stopped supporting apb. BE games don't have cheat problem. They still exist but it's very small percent of playerbase. For example you can buy PUBG's cheats for 60euros per month however there's still a high risk of getting banned. Fortnite has even better situation. There's no paid cheats and those who makes cheats for this game give it only for closed friends privately. So I doubt there're still cheats for apb after 2 days BE got released

    We'll see.

  3. 6 hours ago, Thelnformer said:

    Remove district selector.....


    Make it auto join available instances....


    Thats it... GREENs/Ts can get their own instances and any player under R 80 n BRONZE also goes into that district..


    Silvers+golds should be matched together, i mean yes some silvers are plain poop, but silver isnt THAAAAAAAAAT below gold.... Also we need threat levels ranging from 1 to 10

    Removing district selector would be probaly a solution against Stream snipers, but as a normal player you probaly going to have a chance of 75% to join a complett empty District.

  4. Obviously they're less cheaters now.

    As well Ex-Cheaters which tryin to play legit the first time in their APB life. #SkillDropLevel1000

    Though since BE i've still versed blatants, they are not unknown.. known "Closet" cheaters.

    Like i even expected that, that the most Closets from the past still going to continue the cheat life.

    It's not even a wonder, one time cheater always cheater.

    But i guess that most of the unbanned cheaters not going to stay this #TryToBeLegit life long enough, sooner or later they gonna toggle.


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  5. 36 minutes ago, Gizzly said:

    Personally feel like option 2 is the best, wanna play with your lower threath friends either they join you on gold or you play open conflict. I honestly think that people who'd complain about threath locked districts forgot about Open Conflict.


    I only think option 2 will be a good solution for short term, I'd like to see a complete rework of the threath system over time.

    Option 2 has been tried once as i read it correctly and killed almost the game.

  6. Just now, Strado said:

    I mean like. 1 player has let's say X amount of ELO, 2nd has Y and 3rd has Z. The MM would try to get opposition for them that's as close to X+Y+Z as possible. Actually, I don't even know. I just wish to take away the placebo effect of ranks and threats.

    Yea like CS:GO actually

    The ELO System gives you an OPP with the nearest ELO.

    Like there is a tolerance about +-200 ELOP

  7. 9 minutes ago, Strado said:

    Well yes, sort of. Have the matchmaking match teams based upon a group's cumulative, hidden ELO. People just assume somebody is better simply because somebody has a different icon next to their name, even before the match starts. 

    Another thing that needs to change is the community's mentality. People start calling out others as cheaters after losing one or two missions.

    Instead of actually playing the game and learning on their mistakes, they just accept the outcome "because oppo was gold or high rank.", so maybe hiding everybody's threat and rank in the missions would work out better and people would concentrate on the game itself rather than flaming and bashing eachother.

    A ELO Skill system like CS:GO?

    So you mean getting ELO to get into a special "skill" rank?

  8. 1 hour ago, Dopefish said:

    This was attempted in the past, and which was led to the massive dethreatening, and consequently why gold districts are empty nowadays. It felt like a punishment to be locked away, and be the only ones that were restricted.


    I'd disable the normal districts and go for Open Conflict only until they had time to rework the threat and matchmaking systems.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  9. 2 minutes ago, KurtKlops said:

    I wish this would work. But to me  de-threating is the single biggest Problem (now that cheating is attacked) in the game allready and it only would get worse. 


    I hope LO is more creative than me because i dont see a solution to the problem. 

    I do hope that the LO Staff or even Matt is going to state their facts and options in this thread!

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