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  1. @MattScott take that gamemode down please.

    Get first UE3.5 out. I rather play on a bugged 3.5 version of APB than

    farming joker tickets or ingame cash on this crap developed gamemode.

    I seriously don't want to be negative, but this here is just a no for me..


    Though where are the 3.5 photos/screenshots?

    For me it feels like your just hiding between "new" content to prolong that the Team is probaly not even near to finish 3.5.

    If im wrong, then please give the community at least a little update about the current development situation of the engine upgrade.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, Goldtiger said:

    Terrible idea for many reasons. Although I hate playing against cheaters, I don't want to worry about getting false banned again. Before I was banned by Fairfight while G1 was running the game, I was cynical about Fairfight's accuracy when it comes to banning actual cheaters, and people would tell me in response to my concerns that I should trust in FF, and that if I'm not cheating I won't ever have to worry about getting "false-banned". Obviously, that turned out to be wrong and I did get false banned. This is further backed up by Matt Scott literally saying that FF did make unjust bans and that he doesn't want LO to hold onto that burden. Though yes, FF banned actual cheaters, but it also banned legitimate players. Sorry if I upset anyone, but it is really annoying to me that people think that bringing FF back is a valid option; that ontop of broadcasting banned players' names -- which is an entirely different matter that it not really necessary to talk about in this conversation.

    Did you really thought i ment this seriously? Haha 😄

  3. Join Riot, play one game and join a normal district.

    What's going to happen?

    • Your able to pick up guns from your opposition/team such in RIOT (Though only for peoples which played RIOT befor)
    • The green fog still going to be on the map (Sometimes)
    • You won't be able to change your weapons from Ammo boxes etc


    Solution: Restart your complett game

  4. 12 hours ago, _chain said:

    out of my league

    That shouldn't be a obstacle.


    12 hours ago, _chain said:

    is more attractive

    Look attracts, Character holds. (The first point don't have to be always true, a real girl would definitly look on the second point 😉)

    If your friend is attractive, but got a bad character. You can be sure it won't work for him then.


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  5. 3 minutes ago, MartinPL said:

    removing the bounty system

    I guess this is a thing, which almost everyone wants.

    It is a annoying/stuiped system. (Not for everyone maybe, but definitly for me 😛)


    5 minutes ago, MartinPL said:

    "Realism" or "Hardcore" District/Ruleset

    I don't know i mean,

    it would be easier to discuss this thing in a new topic,

    the whole community including the LO team can maybe throw all ideas together,

    so we can sort some things out to find a golden middle.

  6. 1 hour ago, MartinPL said:

    Add a health bar to the game.

    Health bar should be available in Bronze and mabye in Silver districts

    Gold districts or Gold players should not have this option, unless tryharders going to tryhard more.

    Means the "Is he now 75/85 or not" thoughts gets "removed", so tryharders always know/see if ur heavy damaged.

    Obviously all this will work if the threatsystem gets a remake.


  7. 3 minutes ago, Leefekyn said:

    Forums are 13+, the game is 18+.

    "Our terms of use prohibit users aged under 13 years from accessing the Game."


    Edit// Can't find anything about that the GAME itself is 18+ in the privacy.

    ////// Well the last update on the privacy was in May 2018 so. I guess LO should update it.

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