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  1. 11 hours ago, Fortune Runner said:

    New Years as a release date would be  awesome if they can.

    Great way to bring in the  New Year.

    If it's not ready i'd rather be patient of course so there aren't major problems but there will always be bugs so even when we get it I know to report them.

    But New Years would be a great way to celebrate the New Year with Little Orbit

    Seriously i actually don't mind if it comes this years.

    2k19 January or February would be fine tho.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Ketog said:



    I mean every single player in apb has been complaining at the game's performance for so much years of course that is something we all want to know !


    Plus this engine upgrade will just clean up the game so much . it will basically open new doors to the future of apb .

    The only thing i want to hear from Matt is, "Yes, UE3.5 will be on OTW end of this year".

  3. So..

    Since a few patches back, i'm experiencing issues i never had befor. (Especially since the Halloween patch)


    First of all the FPS problem, after the Halloween patch came out,

    i couldn't run more on 125 FPS stable (Mission Districts/Fight Club), literally my fps goes down every 25 seconds to 45.

    Even after each kill it drops down to 35/45 (Fightclub sided).


    Then the hitreg problem, i actually have no words for that.

    Since.. i don't know.. almost 3 weeks im getting extrem poor hitreg.

    Exponentially increased since the Halloween patch.

    No matter which gun.

    Never experienced this kind of hitreg even in G1s time.


    Last but not least, ms/packet loss issue.

    I seriously, never had perma packet loss in my whole APB time.

    Since days i keep getting 1.00/2.00 PL.

    No it's no my connection, i've checked it already.

    Better proof, i can run all other games i have with a perfect connection, just APB not.





    Another thing.. BattleEye.

    I keep seeing the same cheaters for month with the same blatant cheats.

    They are even streaming with the cheats (Everyone probaly knows who i mean).

    So the question is, is BattleEye even working properly? (Fun question, everyone knows the answer)



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  4. 3 minutes ago, kurbstomp88 said:

    I don't play cs:go but I also agree shaders should be an option in game, since clearly any try hard will use a work around so any advantage they were trying to prevent still exists


    You don't even need a programm for that.

    Gaming monitors have custom crosshair integrated.

    Like the monitor from my brother, in his options you can activate "Screen Custom Crosshair (Gaming mode need to be enabled)"

  5. Rank doesn't matter in APB.

    Everyone reaches R255 sooner or later.


    What so ever,

    yes, matchmaking is kinda broken.

    Everyone had those situation like, matching up against the same players/groups over and over again.

    Though in this case, the matchmaking (backup system) needs a rework.


    Things i've notice

    Example: 3 Golds vs 4 Golds, the 3 man team is able to call backup.

    Chances(backup): To get a gold (let's say 30%), To get a Silver/Bronze (70%) (if there is not a group player outside the mission)

    Info (Might be not true): Obviously i think it depends on the District Threat population as well (Like how much golds/silver/bronzes are in the district).

    Of course the chances for the backup starts variating by this.


    Solution for a new Matchmaking which i've heard


    !! WIT = What i think !!

    • Rank based matchmaking, means R0-R100, R101-R195, R196-R255.
      • WIT: This is a pure potato idea.
    • Threat based matchmaking
      • WIT: More potato.
    • Skill based matchmaking.
      • WIT: Nah, wouldn't recommend it. Though with this APB population it wouldn't work anyway.
    • Remove threats and let the ranks.
      • WIT: And then what? More potatos?
    • Create new districts for Beginners, Newcomer, Experienced, Professional.
      • WIT: That's what the threat system contains...
    • Rework the threat system to make threats harder to achive which makes the matchmaking easier.
      • WIT: In which way easier?
    • Brainstorm with the Devs including the Community.
      • WIT: Agreed



  6. 8 minutes ago, Kadama said:

    Compared to G1 8 years to make some progress with the game, I think LO has been doing a good job so far. I am going to stick around and see how this goes, I will be optimistic but cautiously so. If I was willing to wait for G1 all these years to turn the game around, I can give LO some time as well. 


    This changes which have been made due LOs time now here, wouldn't happend if G1 would still have the lead.

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