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  1. 3 minutes ago, Lily Rain said:

    @Dasimoge The following is what I could think of on the spot, see if it works well with your plans for the design:


    1 » This is not critical but it would be nice if the launcher would show the currently selected region.

    2 » Perhaps "Advanced Settings" should be inside "Settings", so Advanced Settings shouldn't be an option in the main screen.

    3 » Move the "Repair" button to where the "Advanced Settings" button was (this is my opinion/preference, but currently the Repair-button is in the spotlight next to region and start buttons. Repair should NOT be in the center with these two. This step should fix that as well as the cavity left by step 2).

    4 » Looking at "Remaining: 0mb", "mb" should be in uppercase letters (MB). Also add a space key-stroke before it (don't let the number hug the letters).

    5 » The in-game currency is still G1C (plus websites), so there is a chance Gamersfirst's Logo should be included in the Launcher, but I am not sure.

    6 » I personally don't mind this, but having buttons stand out from the background would also be nice.

    That's what i want to hear! 😉

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  2. 1 hour ago, WhiskeyTangoFoxX said:

    Gonna be blunt, but it looks pretty bad. If you've only designed it for 2 hours you really shouldn't post it yet. The status texts are hard to read, download bar is hard to read, you have a whole bunch of dead space, the Han sever doesn't exist anymore, you lost the news panel, the 3 buttons in the middle seem randomly placed.


    Personally I think the launcher is pretty much fine as it is, if anything I'd make it larger with a readable patchnote window and keep everything else mostly the same.

    I've posted it due to see what peoples would like to have on the launcher.

    Obviously as well to collect opinions to make it better.

    Though no i've not lost the news panel, i just didn't added it yet.

    I'm thinking about to make my launcher concept as a HTML version, so you would be able to test the panels.

    If ur a good designer, i don't mind sending you the PSD file.


  3. 6 minutes ago, myrothas said:

    i think it would have been easier/faster to just rewrite the whole damn thing to UE 4 or whatever engine.

    No. UE4 is a such a complett diffrent engine style compared to past UE versions.

    Means, LO would need to recreate the complett game in UE4. They can't just rewrite the game to it.

    Let them do UE3.5. That's a way easier.


    Edit// Though i think you don't want to wait another 2 years.

  4. Total costs of APB from 2010 to 2018 (With inflation)

    112 million dollars.

    UE3.5 need to be a success, in order to gain more players and to make the game great again.

    At the moment i only can say.. the 112 million dollars has been thrown into the air.

    Of course APB has a huge potential, even a bigger potential then GTA 5 in my eyes.

    But if the performance/server/content still goes potato like atm, it will be a flop.


    Yeah i know... APB is a real survival hero.. we will see what happens.

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  5. Title says all.




    Sadly in the past this ability has been removed and turned into the "Armas Weapons Skins".

    Why it has been removed, i don't know, profitable things, server issueses.. who knows.


    If it would have been removed due to profitable things, why not just adding a "Customizable Weapon skin" to the Armas?


    Obviously this thread could be an actual suggestion for the "new" APB (If UE3.5 comes out).

    Edit// Title changed

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