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  1. Hitreg

    How can it be, that this hitreg is so bugged out, while i've heard "It's tweaked".

    Example: Today i've had multiple CQC shotgun fights.. i seriously had to hit over 6 times just to kill one.

    Those shots were body pointed, please comon. Same with the RFP, the opp was standing AFK on the road,

    the first 3 burst shots ghosted complettly out. Still had to fire another 5 bursts to kill him on 14 meters.. Ha Ha rofl.


    Bugging names

    Opp drove towards me and jumped out.

    His name disappeard complettly.

    Happed kinda alot to me since the Server restart from 12.10.2018.


    Hitbox didn't exist for a moment[Not confirmed at all]

    Same situation. Opp is standing AFK on the road.

    I've jumped out, but when i aimed on him, my crosshair did not even turn red.

    I could not even hit him. It's like his hitbox didn't exist in that moment. (No he was already out of the spawn protection)

    !!I could have proof it with the screenshot, but somehow the game didn't create it.!!


    Car hitbox

    Self explaining.

    Everyone had this situation. Jumping away from the car,

    but the opp still kills you without actually hitting you with the car.



    In the past days, i've got them hitmarks rarely.

    Same that the crosshair just don't turn red if ur aiming on someone.



  2. Ayo,
    i'm not sure if i'm the only atm,
    but i have noticed since the last patch kinda extrem hitreg issueses.
    Especially with the Carbines/Shotguns.
    Same with some secondary weapons (FBW/RFP).

    Though the OGRE needs a fix (In my opinion and from my experience with it).
    The OGRE is an actual hitreg killer against SMGs (Obviously only if the OGRE is on full fire in cqc | Extrem worse with a cj3 setup).
    As well it's an FPS killer for some players doe.

  3. Ayee o/!!
    As you guys know, APB has the lovely great Bounty system.
    Like the problem of it is, that it is annoying if own faction players hunt you everytime you get bounty. (Bounty-Sniping)
    Though most of the players know, how trash it is to get bounty around 10 other players and your trying to defend the mission,
    but you have no chance because everyone around tries to kill you.

    Though my own opinion is, this bounty system never made sense.
    It just can destroy a good streak/run or what ever and annoys players.
    Of course it makes the gameplay harder, but it does still annoying if you reach P5 every mission around 2-4 times.
    Obviously there are players who love to get bounty just to destroy other players missions.

    Maybe just payoff?
    Yea why not, but does it makes sense for good players which will reach P4 just within 1 min?
    Though you just need to overdrive some pedestrians and you will reach P4 fast enough. (Criminal sided)

    Comment ur opinion! 🙂

  4. If there would be a ban list made by LO,
    you would have no ability to comment under any bans.
    Though ban list or not, who cares about it?
    Of course some players start feeling better after they see a special name on a ban list,
    but after some time they will catch another cheater and will be mad again.

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