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  1. I'm most surprised that this isn't an announcement about how you are abandoning the IP. But I guess that will come after struggling with this plan in a year or two. APB has always been a mess, its the concept that everyone wants. The solution has always been to build a new APB from scratch. Maintain the customization options and some of the comic book/anime feel(like the ragdolls and over the top city theme) and just redo everything. LO has had APB since 2018, add a couple more years for this roadmap stuff to be done and that will be 6 years. 5 of those years could have been spent on this. Ultimately with nothing to show thats playable and done, and starting a new direction now that is basically "we will reshape the turd!" it feels like more of the same. Wasted time and overpromised updates/plans. Been like that since RTW. But hey if this roadmap fails you could always consider making an APB mod for Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. Since you have an nvidia card, you could set Vsync to fast mode in the driver settings to reduce tearing if thats still an issue you have, its similar to having it off.
  3. Keep it, people must remember what is truly terrible.
  4. Good thought, keep thinking like that. We've had enough silence, so even if its a lot of "not yet" thats fine.
  5. Ya cuz the cheating only just became a problem in the last couple months... Sounds like you need to take a break, and I doubt spamming the report feature is helpful.
  6. Why is it that every time this type of thing happens, it happens to someone that doesn't know how to use punctuation? Maybe we can set something up were AI will predict who will get hacked based on grammar and punctuation.
  7. It would just make the upgrade take longer. Even back in the G1 days they said there was only like 1 or 2 people that knew how to use the world builder/map editor, and that it was a buggy mess. The best solution is just for them to keep working on the engine update and leave the current crap alone.
  8. It'd be kinda funny if they let players quit whenever they wanted for a week, then shared the results.
  9. Probably cuz when they were made, it was a design choice to allow for that, and they made equal cosmetics for both genders.
  10. Thank god, the blog page doesn't look like some geocities garbage anymore.
  11. THe people wanting to advertise their real money sales obviously.
  12. Running at 1920x1080, AA forced on from the graphics driver options 16x AF.
  13. I hear this a lot, and while the GPU load does vary, if there is no bottleneck then it shouldn't be stuck under 50%. It is very CPU heavy though. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X and a Nvidia 970, GPU usage fluctuates between 70-90% On my old system with an i7 2600 and the same 970 it would range from 45-55% GPU load. I would assume the OPs system would do better.
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