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  1. everyone against the change, to be brutally honest are old school silvers that dont know their head from their pleasant fellow in game that like to bully new players. non segegated threat allows people to play against people better than them and learn how they play if they have the mental attitude to try and get better. 4 trash silvers spamming volcanos isnt quite the best way to learn the game by any means.
  2. for the first time in like 3 years i dont have to play the same premades or wait 20 mins for opp, its nice
  3. my ping doubled on NA after server change this is silly
  4. As far as macros go with shooting a carbine and other semi auto guns, if you set your macro to click to fast you cant aim, if you make it too slow its pointless. tbh if you're fighting people that are doing that they either just learned the cycling rate or if they are cheating its a triggerbot etc. macro not really as useful as people think. trust me i tried it when i first started back in 2013. Sincerely the best carbiner, tranQuility
  5. you're living in a fantasy like the people that think vanilla wow is better than current wow. open your eyes.
  6. everyone wants to crucify LO but real talk LO is the reason this game has a chance to be decent to good again. G1 woulda just milked everyone for money and never done shit, yall gotta chill and ride it out as the changes happen. i know thats hard for some of yall ADHD kids but in reality LO done more in the time they have had the game than G1 did in like 4 years. i been here the whole time ive seen it.
  7. NTEC becomes slightly slower shooting but pretty close to a railgun at range, obeya shoots slightly slower but becomes the samething, the biggest changes to guns it effects really are oscar and carbine. hipfire medium range guns that can compete with oca and shotgun in cqc. now you cant use IR3 with it and lose medium-long range fights against most guns if the opponent has bad aim. the ROF decrease isnt a bad idea, it has a perfect functionality. the only issue with it is the ttks of the cqc guns being really fast. However because of the ROF nerf it makes the HVR viable against other medium/long range guns with the new change, thus causing this to not break the hvr dominance of long range. the change is fine.
  8. the IR3 change isnt an issue by means, it makes the mod better for long range and not as versatile for CQC, this creating a meta that sustains CQC medium and long range guns specializing in their place. the change itself is a huge difference in what the game has been but it makes for more specialized game play based on what you do and how you play. thus making the game more diverse when it comes to premade groups.
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