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  1. Ah it's that time of the month again.
  2. Yea 3.5GB limit means 3,5 legged horses. And we don't want that.
  3. Only tryhard golds play with configs. And we don't like them here anyway haha
  4. Ahahaha they decided to nerf snub!! Oh boy... Hope you have older balance backups going back in time. Cus you gonna need them if you keep on like this. Better don't touch anything - just revert back to before your time. And finish engine upgrade, armas-joker changes, anti-cheat first. Can of worms and all that...
  5. Sorry my fault - still haven't reinstalled after upgrading hdd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Besides it started crashing in launcher after some update right before that.. And after reading about all the nerfs of my issr-b, volcano, pioneer, vegas, consumables etc have even less desire
  6. Omg finally death themes can be disabled!! Most of them are garbage and earrape anyway. And ignore list can be cleaned again yay!
  7. Same. My premium codes was about to expire next month - now it shows 5 years 0 months. Thank you LO!
  8. So that's why APB screen freezes (sound continues playing) from time to time on my 1660 Super and only fix is ctrl+alt+delete and clicking back... And i'm not lowering any settings. Fix your game kthx.
  9. Optimisation and bugs yes. Everything else no. You are new, i get it.
  10. Yay Halloween back already?? I'm reaady for another pumpkin hunt!
  11. There was a time when APB was only game i had 100% done... and then they added those stupid event achievs...
  12. Yay my favourite pumpkin hunt is back!
  13. Don't see any hookers in there. One is character from MK and other one is just posing. Just social dist things. Social is like a VRChat but without VR.
  14. So they finally buffed Talon range? Glad i bought it and not Fang
  15. Temporal

    Cyrillic is a problem

    I'm amazed at why our APB even has cyrillic supported. This is western game, made in west, for the west. Cyrillic should be simply not supported like in some MMOs. No more russian ignorance there. Still has russian guilds and if they want to chat with everyone else outside their guilds, they use english.
  16. 100-200 is actually crazy good. I got achiev many years ago with 25-30 cars per hour at most. Was pretty relaxing, tho.
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