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  1. Yea nope. We don't even have enough ppl for 2 financials. facepalm.jpg
  2. Only 10% off? Or is it additional to premium 20% off? So overall it's 30%?
  3. APB is not worst game ever made. It's game with most wasted potential ever. Simple cops & robbers premise + amazing customisation + style = what could go wrong?? Welp...
  4. So yeah Heartbreaker in inventory is weirdly listed under ALL and not RIFLES. At first i thought i got scammed by Armas
  5. What? Already? What's the sudden rush O_o
  6. Meh logged in and all my characters still have 0 pumpkins left. Thanks LO. Didn't even bother to make it repeatable each year for JTs or somth.
  7. Pumpkin hunt is same years old stuff? Same rewards? I finished it all years ago; is it worth to go at it again?
  8. Ah i see. So that's why there is no EAC popup at launch.
  9. Wait anti cheat is off all this time?? So no threat and no anti cheat... Great combo.
  10. A very very very very very very very very very very very very little hope. Each year adds one more "very".
  11. I think he got wrong address then... cus APB is full of Russians rn. Well, maybe it's easier to fight in there than fight those cheaters in APB.
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