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  1. So that's why APB screen freezes (sound continues playing) from time to time on my 1660 Super and only fix is ctrl+alt+delete and clicking back... And i'm not lowering any settings. Fix your game kthx.
  2. Optimisation and bugs yes. Everything else no. You are new, i get it.
  3. Yay Halloween back already?? I'm reaady for another pumpkin hunt!
  4. There was a time when APB was only game i had 100% done... and then they added those stupid event achievs...
  5. Yay my favourite pumpkin hunt is back!
  6. Don't see any hookers in there. One is character from MK and other one is just posing. Just social dist things. Social is like a VRChat but without VR.
  7. So they finally buffed Talon range? Glad i bought it and not Fang
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