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  1. Lol dead game can't die. Psst i heard rumour that on October 28, 2024 will be launch of APB2. Trust me bro i has insiders
  2. Never gonna get it this way. Just add Valentine's Weapon Skin to Armas. Or for JTs.
  3. Marketing picture (and just 1 low res picture at that) with the car painted black and taken against the sun wasn't already telling about the quality work?
  4. Wow so this year LO finally reset pumpkins. Just finished hunting 150 purple and 50 red with one char and... nothing? No rewards? Not even JTs?
  5. Here we go again. Lemme guess, if i finished pumpkin hunt years ago then it's still 0 left?
  6. Yea nope. We don't even have enough ppl for 2 financials. facepalm.jpg
  7. Only 10% off? Or is it additional to premium 20% off? So overall it's 30%?
  8. APB is not worst game ever made. It's game with most wasted potential ever. Simple cops & robbers premise + amazing customisation + style = what could go wrong?? Welp...
  9. So yeah Heartbreaker in inventory is weirdly listed under ALL and not RIFLES. At first i thought i got scammed by Armas
  10. What? Already? What's the sudden rush O_o
  11. Meh logged in and all my characters still have 0 pumpkins left. Thanks LO. Didn't even bother to make it repeatable each year for JTs or somth.
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