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  1. Q1. & Q2. I'm Mr. Sadira because my wife is Sadira. Q3. I don't really remember names after a mission and I normally don't play missions. I got nothing.
  2. Neonis

    So this event ehh?????

    I don't see whats so hard about winning the skin, and then just stick to 2nd Place for your oh-so precious JT. Maybe the best thing would have been to have kept the 1st Place prize as only the skin and make JT the reward for everything else to prevent this, but I'm sure they didn't think about the usual APB "want the best prize? git gud" way of thinking for this event in particular. If you can't give up 1st place after winning once, it just sounds like greed with no thought for being considerate to others in an event where the important prize (the skin) is from being 1st place. They made their rules (stated in the districts to allow others to win 1st place and have a chance at the skin) and then they eventually chose to actually enforce it. If you have the skin, and either win again or still keep making it to top without stopping right before you win, then my opinion is that you fit into the category of people able to be removed to give others a chance. Now, if you don't have the skin, or didn't win again, and you were kicked then there is a problem, but according to the conversation on Discord this is not the case and you did win the event.
  3. I'll look into getting something like that when I get out of work, and after eating dinner.
  4. Does this paved path stop once it gets to hell or does it continue on through and out the other side? Could be like when you have to go through a period of torment and pain before you can return to a more peaceful time?
  5. USPStyle gave them the source code because LO did not know if BE would detect the advanced launcher program as harmful. This was just a precaution since most players use the advanced launcher to edit their config and start the game, and they did not want BE to give false-positives for it. What the advanced launcher does, though, is just make .ini edits easier with a GUI. You do not need the advanced launcher to change the config files, and as far as we have seen, BE does not detect harm with certain changes to user-editable config files. I could be wrong, so correct me with proof if I am. There are other config files that you can change for aesthetic purposes that are not included as part of the advanced launcher, and these do not trigger BE (as of right now at least). To make it easier to understand, you can do the same thing that the advanced launcher's main purpose is with Notepad, Word, etc. and it is not adding any additional files to the game. Crosshair shaders add additional files to the game which are not normally a part of base APB. This is technically considered illegal game modification, since APB was not built with modding in mind.
  6. I would assume there is a line between certain types of griefing and what is, or is not, allowed. Until we get an official statement though, I would take it on as per-case basis and probably a decision from individual GMs to give a warning or not.
  7. Neonis

    Joker Box

    RNG is RNG. There are JMBs that I spent $100+ before I got a legendary. There have also been JMBs where I just spent $5 and got two of the associated legendary.
  8. I do believe that Matt's response was that they are looking into ways to add crosshair options built-in to the game. They just don't like people using 3rd-party or edits because it should not be needed and is just bad game design to not have that option for your players. I could be wrong, but I have a memory of something like this being said.
  9. I use Advanced Launcher to increase every setting so my game can look the best it possibly can because I'm a man of aesthetics. (Put slider on Ultra, and the customize to increase everything else.) Since the days of RTW I have always had a rather beefy computer and played APB at "Max" settings. I'm just like most modern gamers who want the game to look the very best. I've been playing video games for almost 3 decades now (first video game I played was 27 years ago) and I'm not going back to playing them with "Low" settings. I still play at ~100 FPS with my setting choices and rarely experience any stuttering with the game (which, when I do, is easily fixed by restarting the game; it is also not a problem with APB alone but a problem with GPU drivers and certain games.) There was a time that I used a crosshair shader when I felt I needed learning assistance when I first started running with shotguns a lot back around 2012-2013, and my recorded videos from that time show the crosshair in full view. I do not need one now because I've learned how to keep my aim mostly on point through practice and muscle memory (except for my random hand muscle spasms that cause me to fling my mouse a few inches off target, but that's a medical thing).
  10. People need to understand that different tax laws where the company is located and where you live affects how taxes, etc. are handled on your purchases. Some people who have posted don't get taxed when they buy through Steam. Well, I get taxed when I buy through Steam. Some people here get taxed when buying through PayPal. I do not get taxed when buying through PayPal. PaymentWall charged tax when I used them to make a CC purchase. I'm switched to using PayPal exclusively now because I do not get charged tax as long as I go through them. Doesn't matter if I used Debit/CC or bank withdrawal so long as I go through PayPal to do it. This will obviously be different for others due to where they live and their local tax laws and how PayPal has to abide by those laws.
  11. Neonis

    Surveys for G1C Removed?

    Eligibility wouldn't be an issue for me if it didn't decide I wasn't eligible until 10-15 minutes into the survey. I managed to get two surveys to work properly and get the G1C awarded, but getting 2 out of 20 to actually work and not waste 2 hours on two different nights is not my idea of a good solution to get that 20 G1C you're short to buy what you need. In the end, though, I guess it's a small price to pay to get free G1C instead of spending $5 to get <20 G1C. I've decided it's worth it to spend the $5 instead of having to sit through that crap again. My free time is valuable and $5 is a much cheaper option. The worst survey was the one that didn't kick me out right away but kept giving me different surveys back to back for 30 minutes and then decided that I wasn't eligible.
  12. This might be a request that not a lot of people want, but is there a chance we could get a subscription option added just for Premium? This of course should be added to the current list of Premium options, just to give some of us who want it the option. Personally, I just prefer to set up subscriptions so I don't have to keep track of things. One less thing on my already extensive list of things to remember monthly would be a nice thing. Or have I been dumb all these years and missed the option? lol
  13. Neonis

    Let's talk about FC

    I have a much better description I was working on for my own post in the future, but I think there should be 2 threat levels of districts in place. A quick breakdown for current threat system would be essentially a district for Green/Bronze (Bronze if you get rid of Green), and a district for everybody. This way you can have a "new player/casual" district and then a "normal" district. I really need to finish writing up my post so I can actually post it. My idea would be much better understood with everything else I wrote.
  14. Neonis

    Let's talk about FC

    Open Conflict should be taken out. I can agree on that point. Fight Club is my bread, and the main reason I still play APB. I've been playing since RTW, I have no max rank character (R217 highest) and Fight Club is my favorite part of the game. Even most of the money I've spent in Armas (Thousands of $) was spent to improve the levels of fun I have in Fight Club. I'll wait another period of time (6 months, 1 year, etc.) to see how all of this goes, and I really hope the new mode does a good job replacing the amount of fun that Fight Club brings to me. I don't want to quit APB, I still have so much money to spend in Armas , but Fight Club (or a game mode similar and of equal, or more, fun) is the only enjoyment I currently have in the game. Please let the new mode rock. Thank you. Edit: Let me say some more things to explain my position better. I'm all for doing missions, but the way everything is right now just feels so boring to me. I did missions up until around 2014/2015 and finally made my switch to exclusively play Fight Club. I currently see mission districts as a means to unlocking game content to use in Fight Club. Maybe this means that I feel mission districts need a huge makeover before I will feel comfortable going back to them to play missions. The only time I go to a mission district right now is so I can casually drive one of my cars around and relax while playing music. Either way, here's hoping a to a bigger and better future for APB.