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    This scope looks goods i would see it on ntec or issr, Why clothing have better texture than normal ntec wtf that was made in same time probably
  2. Mayby some boxes with all contact guns with some slots like JMB but with other content
  3. Yea, idk why only ATAC "watchman" have normal holding animation also they should change it for all smgs like pmg,oca they should change animations like running with weapon, who run like that holding smg in one hand and wave it up and down LOL they shoudl make player hold it in both hands close to chest like all eols with grip but still its shold be near ur chest not stoomach And they should make misery,curse bigger its look normal only when u play as female also Obeya broadside,Shredder/VBR Temtress looks too big, Vbr have too long barrel they should add silencer instead of barrel no its looks riciculus.
  4. i want to say that SBSR(sniper rifle,rifle) Anubis,,EOL's, still suck and ATAC its still op xD And adding this new legendary with this old ugly model its not good idea
  5. Im playing on low setting and i see that Barrel and flashlight have other color than rest of gun, its little transparent. Anyway this gun model sucks its have been made years ago i dont belive that they add so shitty models to game lel
  6. Specnaz Helmet with visor Helmet with Googles/Googles gign Helmet with glasss visor Helmet with night vision googles Police vest config with radio on arm, carabine,pistol magazines and granades Police vest config with pistol hostler on chest and magazines,nades Boonie Hat Talibs face mask
  7. We almost have armas version of all weapon in APB i wish to get new version of NFAS-12 as ORIGIN-12 like this https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n6o89
  8. Please add to armas new weapon, im sure that this weapon is in game files ;D you can see it at 3:12
  9. Awesome, pls make something with EOL "Hammer", and Change mod or mod color in DOW "Thumper" becouse its useless. Would be awesome if u add alternative skin To NCR (And rest of legendaries with only basic skin like nano or make it skinable)
  10. PonuryZniwiarz

    Skin Request

    Please add basic skin like in medusa or jersey to all weapons (legendaries too) like nano,anubis,ogre and revelations pass pack, not all players like to looks sweet or swag.
  11. Today i have mission 2vs2 i had gold in team and he have teamleader he start to killing me probably to dethreat, I cant kick him or even request teamleader, pls punish teamkilling players for doingh that by -$ like first kill -100$ then -200$, or do anything with that cuz its annyoing...
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