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  1. I don't have any such issues. 144 FPS constantly.
  2. same. servers down I guess.
  3. In fact, it does look like that. BUT, it doesn't have to be. it's obvious that I am playing on very low on everything
  4. I wanna buy a 5+1 joker boxes package, can I mail that to my account? I've never bought anything on this game so idk
  5. To the performance tab: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz i5 8600K 6x 4,9 GHz GTX 1060 6GB running the game on an NVMe SSD no issues, 200 fps constantly, no crashes, nothing. Game running very good for me even tho my PC ain't insane ^^
  6. all I need is a G1C Transfered to my main account. xd Would do it by myself, but for whatever kind of reason you cannot send G1C. I would gift my account the item I would have bought, but that doesn't seem too work apparantly.
  7. I just share my content, it is ok if people don't like too watch it.
  8. Same problem, but first one created on the wrong account. It's been hella buggy for me in here recently. Even tho it said it was my main account, the ticket got posted on the other account. I cleared my cookies and things work fine now. ^^ Never dealt with this support here before. I am used too 2~3 days usually.
  9. I got 200 FPS constantly. I rather have FPS>Game Looks ^^
  10. Playing on all low / off. No advanced launcher. Brightness is full Idk I joined this game 1-2 Weeks ago. got 70 hours playtime now Playing on all low / off. No advanced launcher. Brightness is full. sorry not sorry it's 1440x1080 Enjoy playing with 5 FPS, sir. xd
  11. Doubt. Payment issue. I went to ARMAs marketplace, checked top-left if the right character is there, right char was there. as soon as I went to the payment page it showed another account/e-mail on the top right that I created(noticed that after I paid) cuz I lost my main accounts info cuz I came back to the game like 1-2 weeks ago. So basically the item I've bought is on the wrong account cuz I was logged in with 2 different accounts(?) somehow. Weird bug tho but tyyy ^^ it's frustrating too see the G1C on an account that I can't use and now I gotta wait 1-3 months for a simple G1C transfer xd whole lotta 1st world problems that's insane, I gotta wait for a G1C transfer (as I said above) xD GGs tho Thanks, Mina.
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