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  1. little orbit is a front for the cartels :^)
  2. these were some of the old weekly rewards from fight club before we had joker tickets iirc
  3. the fc maps have always had better performance for me (altho asylum seems to load the physical map much slower on startup), i kind of assumed it was because they were smaller and had less players in them than action districts
  4. pmg just needs a range nerf, dunno why you brought up its pretty average ttk
  5. people downvoting your specific suggestions or feedback does not mean they want the entire game to stay exactly as it is, why are you pretending this is the case? i feel like it will be lost on you, but complaining about people ruining the game while spewing toxicity at anyone and everyone who disagrees with you is some top tier hypocrisy lol
  6. g1 sold the console publishing rights to another company (deep silver), who contracted out the console engine upgrade to another dev team (the workshop) that dev team didnt or couldnt complete the console engine upgrade, and g1 was forced to step in and attempt to finish within essentially an impossible timeframe (something like a year iirc)
  7. its all rtw trailer footage, which is why all the guns have the snub sound - they probably didnt have audio set up for the alpha stuff and the video uploader is just some random youtube account, just the video being titled "unit game" doesn't seem to mean anything
  8. consoles are what g1 had years ago, comparing the last beta to console gameplay there's a very clear difference
  9. the economy is fine lore wise not that unrealistic really, even heavily violent cartel areas in mexico have civilians on the street trying to go about their lives plus there isnt really a war going on in san paro yet, if you take the gameplay into account there's only 100-ish people involved in violent crimes at any given moment across a city the size of LA we were mid-escalation when g1 decided to pull the plug on the first dev team, so canonically were still right on the tipping point lore states that the rest of the country is almost as bad as san paro, and the feds have no interest in coming down hard on the city
  10. its likely the intent was to discourage fringe abuse (repeatedly parking det vehicles on objectives, repeatedly spawning det cars while camping near a vehicle spawner, etc), wothout overly affecting gameplay the mod itself is balanced just fine, but the lack of a cd timer allowed for undesirable behavior a player being forced to consider where and when they use an item to get max effectiveness sounds like a pretty basic apb building block to me, not a negative
  11. judging from this thread plenty of people think det is trash too, but idk what that has to do with similar vehicle mods having similar cooldowns unless youre implying meteor is trash because it has a 90s cd, when its really just that it has more downsides and less versatility than remote det, as well as only being available ona a single 10k jt vehicle
  12. its the same cd that meteor has, glad to see some consistency from orbit
  13. i dont think anyone is suggesting that players should be able to max rof every gun and still have optimal performance - im pretty sure you know that, so can we maybe skip the part where you pretend thats what "reducing rng" means?
  14. moirai needs a weight/mass buff as well its knocked around far too easily for a vehicle that's based on two different full sized sedans and it has pathetic ramming power, increased weight would probably make it a little less flighty around corners
  15. the lack of a borderless window mode like we have on live is frustrating and i would like to see something like that available on 2.1, alt tabbing to use other monitors sucks
  16. what's the square root of a lightly toasted kiwi slice? asking for a friend
  17. seeing the state of the engine upgrade we're looking at months still and threat inflation would start immediately, by the time we got the engine upgrade/phasing/matchmaking reworks the game would be an awful mess well, more than it already is
  18. the "simplest" ways to fix the dethreating problem would be: fix the surrounding issues - players no longer getting screwed over by rng, players getting fairer matches, players perceiving less cheaters, refining the elo calculations, etc, all contribute to making players feel more comfortable where they are placed consistent policing - proving someone is dethreating can be almost impossible, but people not satisfied by the above changes will continue to dethreat as long as it appears there's no widespread punishment obviously neither option is a quick or easy fix i don't think any kind of threat lock is a good idea, its just going to lead to massive threat inflation which will increase dethreating
  19. the biggest reason players dethreat is for easier matches, regardless of the form of the excuse - too many cheaters, bad matchmaking, tryhards, "playing for fun", etc while adding rewards for playing better might encourage some players not to dethreat (as well as reward players who play as intended), we've already seen a similar system where taking away rewards for playing in the wrong threat district had no real effect on the majority of people trying to join bronze instances to curbstomp - rewards alone are not going to meaningfully impact the dethreating issue
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