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  1. we already have 40 threat levels (green 1-10, bronze 1-10, silver 1-10, and gold 1-10), adding more will only make it harder for people at either end of the curve to get opp
  2. at best these are two separate issues tho, why are you mashing them together? for weapons that “came nerfed out of the box” you don’t really have an argument to stand on, if you purchased them knowing they were bad (and we’ve had a trial system for years) then that’s all on you tbh for weapons that are changed after you’ve purchased them, i don’t see the issue - can you name a game that does not balance paid content and the playerbase is happy about it? if you want examples of games that rebalance paid content, i’m pretty sure almost every moba tweaks characters each season if you want strictly shooter examples, i know rainbow six siege has had several massive overhauls and countless minor balance changes, i’m also fairly sure warframe offers paid content that undergoes balance changes as well
  3. matchmaking theoretically works fine, it’s the limited amount of people it has to choose from that results in problems this is why no segregation is a problem - because we still have the same limited pool of potential players but now there’s even more variation in threat levels for a simplified example: if you have 10 golds in a district (segregation) it’s far more likely that you will get a balanced match than if you have 3 golds, 4 silvers, and 3 bronzes (no segregation) this is not an issue for most other games because most other games don’t limit matchmaking to players currently in a specific instance/district/lobby, which is what apb is moving towards with the eventual addition of phasing but until phasing happens no segregation will continue to be a mess
  4. i fail to see the big deal, it’s just an initial testing change yeah it sucks that it got pushed to live for a few days but it’s not permanent for live or test districts
  5. halo where am se prem for compnsaton for serve down?????????
  6. there's a difference between the one or two bronzes who got accidentally shunted to the silver district and the 15-20 bronzes that join the only full server (on na at least)
  7. i don't either its not fun for me to babysit them and its not fun for me to stomp them, as far as im concerned as a gold player i should never see a bronze in a mission
  8. try not missing edit: i stand corrected, looks like the showstopper changes were pushed to normal districts regardless, no one deserves a refund because their weapon was balanced
  9. i wasn't getting matched up with and against bronzes on a regular basis with segregation, gonna disagree that it's better chief
  10. i enjoy using hb2 on nssw for the full auto cheese, but you're right the mod could be deleted tomorrow and there would be very little effect on apb
  11. matchmaking has never worked correctly and it will never work correctly as long as its limited to 80-100 players per instance it wasn't working back then, i remember getting carried to high gold in a group of 4 and waiting for hours to get opp sometimes back when we had pop and "15 full districts" you could jump around in the hopes of finding one with a more equal threat distribution, or another group of high threat golds edit: occasionally higher threat players would get matched against significant numbers of low threat players as a sort of quantity vs quality thing, perhaps that should make a return if no segregation is made permanent
  12. in process, there's a thread updated weekly linked above we're right in the middle of rebalancing, if you want to contribute there's districts available ingame where the potential new balance changes can be tested by players currently shotguns and the ntec are being rebalanced orbit just changed network providers and a server change, going forward we'll have regional servers in order to help with latency aside from issues getting everything running the servers seem to run fine, at least for me this requires the engine update, and even then there's so many other things that need to be fixed before we add major content like this haven't seen any cheaters in a while with EAC, but na also has pretty low pop new contacts are coming with the engine upgrade, in order to give returning (and current) players some content to tide them over while orbit goes all in on fixes half of your complaints could have been answered if you'd just glanced at the pinned threads in the very forum you've posted your own in
  13. the old glory pricing was weird, but there have been like a dozen forum threads asking for a sale in the last month or so, can’t really blame the company if players want to be milked development isn’t a linear process iirc that 10% included the entire customization system which was all custom code that rtw devs cobbled together and set on top of all the other custom code apb has but now that a lot of that custom code is redundant (e.g. a day/night cycle system doesn’t have to be created from scratch because ue3.5 has native support) little orbit has to rebuild the customization system on top of a different set of code - i imagine its like trying to take a brick house and move it to a newer foundation in a different location plus there’s probably instances where an issue with the last 10% requires the devs to go back and change/update/undo something in the already finished 90%
  14. that doesn't solve anything since you're still mashing two different threats together, each of which have their own massive skill gap the average gold will wipe the floor with the average silver - maybe it's just me but going super easy on opp so they don't ragequit and stomping opp into baby powder i can use to absorb my sweat are both just not fun apb gameplay
  15. why not just make it exactly in line with the price balance? edit: and is there an actual reason it needs to be a limited time sale?
  16. if by "works" you mean "has no effect" then you are technically correct, but really you're just wasting a mod slot
  17. i finally did some solo missions today on jericho, i think i had about 4 missions (out of probably 20 i think?) where i didn't have to put on kid gloves to knock around silvers, bronzes, and even greens - of course those 4 missions were the ones where my team of silvers (and sometimes bronzes) were placed against other golds putting on kid gloves, so not really much better i eventually just force closed the game when i got matched against 2 fresh r9 trainees who didn't even know what objectives were no idea why anyone thinks no segregation is better, and if you do you lose all rights to complain about matchmaking tbh
  18. its probably the different NA locations (ny and la) spinning up instances, since there's no ui functionality to choose an instance hosted in a specific location yet people end up with suboptimal latency
  19. the temptress is being held back as f2p content for the next contacts last we were told
  20. nice to see little orbit digging through g1's old playbook of scummy sales tactics, just in time for the holiday season the old glory is $10 more expensive than every other weapon with 3 preset modifications, and $6 more expensive than any gun with 3 open slots doesn't even need to be a limited time offer afaik (not like the old glory is going to destroy apb weapon balance), its just another attempt to cash in on an overpriced armas addition i get that once the sale discount and premium discount are stacking correctly the old glory will only be like $18 dollars, but i'm mostly just irritated about the principles
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