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  1. rtw allowed crim vs crim missions, so idk about that
  2. no need for anything so complicated, slapping hs3 on the fang instead of ir3 would have solved that particular fiasco but people spazzed out about “paying money for an rfp with extended range”, so orbit didn’t do it
  3. fairfight also did nothing to block cheats, which is why i think it will never work on its own
  4. i think presets are kind of a trap for new (lets pretend they exist for a second) or inexperienced players looking to spend money - the lower price and access to level 3 mods are pretty good lures but presets are usually not the optimal setup, and modification and/or weapon balance is subject to change and render presets worthless presets also lead to stupid situations like the rfp, where people whining about "paying real money" for a preset stopped orbit from doing the easy balance move and instead they ended up nuking the rfp
  5. i personally think all weapons available only as presets need to be turned into open slot variants, and preset weapons shouldn't be sold on armas at all
  6. i guess its an interesting idea but i don’t think it would be all that entertaining, the cheesiest strats are generally the ones that remove the most risk - it’s not very fun to watch a four man push spawns with pioneers and pmgs, or run overlapping hvr cover on a sidewalk objective, etc
  7. seems to work now, altho it didn't prompt me to complete any capcha
  8. anything not meta essentially - misery, norsemen, shredder, oblivion, even the star would work removing the safety net of a faster ttk means you have to make every shot count and always be aware of your positioning i don't know of any free aim trainers off the top of my head but there must be several out there, a quick google search would suffice
  9. if you really want to force yourself to aim better, any gun with a higher than average ttk will do im not sure that's really the best way to go about improving your aim tho - something like kovaak would probably help far more, although i dont think apb is worth the effort
  10. seems to work fine for me, annoying capcha and all edit: actually spoke too soon, something is busted armas brings me to the login page and allows me to log in, but upon returning to the armas marketplace i am not logged in
  11. legendaries cannot use any purchased or unlocked weapon skins afaik you’re limited to the default skin (some legendaries also have a single alternative skin) that the gun comes with this is a pretty widely requested change, would have been nice to see skinnable legendaries come out alongside the joker store revamp
  12. the advanced launcher has been officially allowed until the full engine upgrade release at the very least, it’s safe to use
  13. i wouldn't mind that either but i'd like to see individual icons for each mod - spotter, flare gun, tagger (maybe even the custom ones from legendaries)
  14. should fit nicely right next to the "witnessable" indicator under the radar
  15. proper balance doesn't require 2.1 to do, although frankly i don't believe orbit is capable of doing it on either engine
  16. the shield is already meta, not like there would be any difference other than getting rid of a pointlessly complicated system
  17. how about we just make consumables permanent mods so no one has to think about this again?
  18. im 99% certain you can't get any 3slot weapons from gold boxes, altho there are a few permanent 1slots available iirc
  19. but we're right in the middle of a 4th of july event, that was posted on the blog and on the forums?
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