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  1. People ingame keep saying a few different things. They say shit like "mattscott said it was ok and you just have to worry about BE". I didn't ask for YOU to give me anything. my post CLEARLY says i wanted a STAFF MEMBER to clarify. you are not a staff member and as far as I can tell, you don't even play the game anymore. Regardless, I talked to mattscott and he said that he DID NOT say it was ok to put a xhair in.
  2. can a STAFF MEMBER please clarify, is a shader dot against ToS.
  3. the fact i cant grind it out makes me not wanna even bother
  4. haha jk it was just a prank =P (delete post i cant)
  5. I have been locked out of my account for 5 hours now, I have restarted game, restarted pc and restarted my internet. None worked, I dont know what to do now. 5 hours
  6. ixn

    CRASH/Error 10004

    same here, had it for 5 hours